Tuck Shop

No one's P.O.V

Tyler to James "Dude, should I get Miyou Red or Yellow?"

James "Maybe Red because Yellow Doesn't exactly suit Blue does it?"

"Yeah you're right dude!" Tyler takes out a red dress and then walks over to the shoes area and picks really fancy Red shoes.

Miyou-Just so you know we forgot to tell you guys that Tyler and James have been friends since they were Kids and Courtney and Gwen are now friends too.

James then leaves with Tyler with a Purple dress for Sayomi and really fancy Purple shoes.

Duncan talking to Trent. "Yo dude, I am so getting Courtney this short Purple dress that's a little higher than her knees."

Trent "Do you think she would like that? I mean that dress also has an open back that stops at her lower back."

"Ah, she won't care." Everyone then starts to leave.

Mess Hall

Everyone is eating dinner except surprisingly Miyou. Chris must've wanted to talk to her.

Outside on the dock.

Chris "Miyou, just so you know you're boyfriend is going to be joining us on Total Drama Island Once Again. He will be on you're team."

Chris then leaves Miyou and Mike alone.

Mike punches her in the eye and gives her a black eye. He then punches her in the arm and breaks her arm. "Miyou, did you mean what you said when you said you like that Tyler guy or are you guys just friends? And why are you going to the dance with him?!?!?!?!" Miyou "I-I'm sorry! I didn't know you were watching me on T.V. and me liking Tyler is none of you're business!" She yelled crying, she ran away. Mike walks in the mess hall looking pissed off. He gets his food and purposely sits across from Tyler. Then Miyou walks in with a black eye and one of her arms in a cast. She gets her food and sits next to Sayomi and James. Sayomi "Mike again? Or this time was it Santa Claus?"

Miyou-Also James is now friends with both Miyou and Sayomi and Tyler is friends with both of them 2. Also, just so you know back in the city Duncan and Courtney and Gwen and Trent share a four room apartment. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. G&T share one bedroom with one bed and D&C share the other room with one bed.

Miyou "Yeah it was Mike again. He is mad at me because I am going to the dance with Tyler over there. But he wasn't even here so why is he mad at me? I mean the whole purpose of this dance is for the people on this island to get to know each other better." Sayomi "I don't know." James just stayed quiet while Tyler hearing this he gets up tells Mike he wants to talk to him outside and then they both leave.

End of Chapter.