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Bumblebee and Ratchet - Thumb wrestle

"You want me to do WHAT with you?" Ratchet exclaimed, staring at the minibot.

"Thumb wrestle."

"What in Primus name is 'thumb wrestle?'"

"It's where you and I take one of our hands and clasp them together, entwining our thumbs together. Then we try to pin one another's thumb. If you pin down my thumb, you win."

Ratchet stared at Bumblebee. He couldn't be serious. Why of all bots did Bumblebee choose him. He had patients in the med bay, for primus sake. He left the med bay to First Aid so he could get some energon before he collapsed.

"You spend too much time with Spike and Carly."


Snarl and Beachcomber - Gazing

Twinkling stars and the sound of a coyote's howl off in the distance greeted him as he sauntered out of the Ark and into the ever growing darkness. He had to get out of the base before the music and his loud comrades destroyed his vibe. Blaster and Jazz were throwing a party in the rec. room celebrating a battle, the Autobots won.

The Autobots had kicked some major Decepticon aft in a battle an orn ago and since then, no one has heard anything from any of the Decepticons. Probably licking their wounds like the dogs they are, Beachcomber mused silently. Looking around, his gaze landed on the gigantic form of Snarl, whose ember optics glared at him.

"What you Beachcomber doing?"

"Chill man," Beachcomber said as he put up his hands in front of him. "I just came out here for the peace and quite. What are you doing out here? Where are your brothers at?"

"Snarl bored. Brothers in training room, sparring. Party too loud."

Beachcomber frowned. "How come you're not with your brothers? You love fighting."

"Me Snarl want real fight."

Beachcomber knew Snarl loved fighting, that he was only happy when he was in a real battle. He also knew he wasn't good at socializing. Looking up towards the sky he suddenly got an idea. Smiling he walked over to the stegosaurus to stand beside him, hoping he wouldn't mind.

"You know the humans call the stars constellations?"

Nonplussed, Snarl looked down at Beachcomber. Seeing the confused look, Beachcomber explained.

"It's where stars are grouped together to form things."

"What you Beachcomber talking about?"

Beachcomber sighed. The dinobots weren't really known for their smarts but they made up for it by having brute strength.

"Look to the south," Beachcomber exclaimed pointing to the sky. "You'll see a bunch of stars that look like a scorpion. It's called Scorpious. Human legends states that once the scorpion had claws, but they were cut off by a human named Julius Ceasar to form the constellation, Libra."

Snarl made an 'hmm' noise before looking down at Beachcomber. "Tell Snarl more."


Aeiralbots and Bluestreak - Take me Flying

"You want one of us to take you flying?" Silverbolt asked the gunner skeptically.

Bluestreak nodded.

"Why?" Slingshot asked after he took a swig of his energon.

The Aeiralbots were in the rec. room drinking some energon at a table in the back when the gunner came up to them.

Blustreak hesitated for a moment before speaking. "I-I've always wanted to see what it feels like to fly up in the air."


Soundwave and Megatron - Information Required

"You wish to see me, Megatron," Soundwave's baritone voice asked, as he stood in front of Megatron in his office.

"I did," Megatron stated, as he sat staring at Soundwave from behind his desk. "I want you to look in the seeker's processors. I believe they are holding information from me and I want to know what it is."

"Yes, Megatron."


Hound and Mirage - Lust

"Mirage?" Hound exclaimed, startled when out of nowhere Mirage pushed him against the wall outside of his room.

"I want you. I want you to rub your hands all over me," Mirage exclaimed lustfully in Hound's audio.

A shudder traveled down Hound's form.


"Yes. I want to feel your presence inside of me," Mirage said, pressing up against him.


Sunstreaker and Powerglide - Trapped

Powerglide was trapped. He couldn't get away from Sunstreaker. He was pinned against the wall by a furious Sunstreaker.

"You scratched my paint. What are you going to do about that?" Sunstreaker hissed, glaring at Powerglide.

"Um, nothing?"


Skywarp and Huffer - Too late

"Hold on, buddy. We're coming."

"D-don't w-w-worry about it, B-Brawn. I'm n-not going to make it," Huffer replied, despairingly into his comm. link.

Sitting at the edge of a ruined building, Huffer refrained from moaning or yelling out loud. He was still out on the battlefield but somewhere safer from the vicious battle that was still raging. He didn't want a Decepticon to find him. He was unarmed and he knew he wasn't going to make it. His chassis had a huge hole, revealing his spark casing, a busted main energon line, and below his right knee, his leg was missing.

Suddenly the air above him sizzled and popped, making Huffer stiffen. Looking up, Huffer saw the form of Skywarp smirking down upon him.

"Hello, minibot. It looks like your all alone."

"Just kill me now."

Skywarp pouted. "Where's the fun in that? What if I want to... play with you first?"

"I won't let you."

Skywarp laughed before smirking evilly. "You're not in any position to move."

With that, Skywarp pointed his gun that lay on his forearm down at Huffer's chassis. As he did so, Huffer off-lined his optics knowing what was soon to come. Then, of a sudden, they heard the engines of vehicles coming. On-ling his optics, Huffer looked to his right to see his comrades coming. However, in his spark, he knew it was too late. They wouldn't be able to save him...


Twins and Perceptor - Keep Away

"Come on, guys. Give it back! This is very childish of you two," Perceptor exclaimed trying to get his data pad back from the twins.

The twins had run into him in the hallways while he was reading a data pad that Wheeljack sent him. On the data pad, there were some interesting notes on his new project he was currently working on. When they saw him, they immediately took his data pad away from him and ran off with it. Of course, Perceptor chased after them, wanting his data pad back.

The twins led him outside where they taunted him into trying to get it back from them. From then on, they kept tossing the data pad back and forth while Perceptor was in the middle, trying to catch it. It was no easy matter, for they kept throwing the data pad in different ways. Perceptor was getting upset. He had no clue as to why the twins were doing this to him.

"We're just having fun with you, Perceptor. You need to get out of your lab more and have some fun," Sideswipe proclaimed, cheerfully.

"Yeah, what he said," was all Sunstreaker said, but he was thoroughly enjoying messing with Perceptor.

"Alright, you two. That's enough. Give the data pad back to Perceptor," commanded the powerful voice of Optimus Prime.


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