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G1 - Jazz/Hound - Rescue mission

Energon was slung haphazardly all over the walls and floor. The corridor looked like something out of a horror video. What the pit had happened here?

"This energon is still fresh."

Jazz turned to look at Hound who was kneeling on the stained floor looking at the small portion of energon that coated one of his fingers. All around them, bots cocked their weapons, ready to fire; ready for anything that came their way.

What could have caused this? Where were the bots that was suppose to be stationed in the base? A breem ago, Red Alert had received a distress signal coming from here and immediately alerted Optimus Prime. Optimus in turn had quickly asked Jazz to form a small team to go investigate. When Jazz and his team arrived at the base, they found three dead sentries.

G1 - Tracks/Bluestreak - Wax

"Why are you sitting on the floor at my door, Bluestreak?" A haughty Tracks asked, staring down at the gunner, his hands on his hips.

"Oh, um, hey Tracks," Bluestreak said awkwardly, standing up. "I…I…"

"Spit it out, I haven't got all day."

"Sunstreaker gave me some of his wax to use and I accidentally spilled it, so I was wondering if I could borrow some of yours…"


"I wasn't finished, Tracks. I wanted to borrow some of your wax so I can give it to Sunstreaker, that way he won't hurt me. When I get some money, I'll buy you more wax."

Tracks pretended to think. There was no way he was going to let anyone have his wax, including Sunstreaker. The yellow psychopath was his arch enemy in the beauty department.

Movieverse - Ironhide/Sarah Lennox - Step Ladder

"I will not put a step ladder on the side of my truck." Ironhide exclaimed vehemently.

"You will! It's hard for Annabelle and I to get inside your truck as it is. If you don't, I will start driving my car."

"That car can't protect you. It's old!"

"Wouldn't we be targets inside of you?" Sarah counterclaimed.

"Well…yes," Ironhide muttered reluctantly. "But I can still protect you and Annabelle."

G1 - Starscream/Human - Captured

"Please… let me go! I haven't done anything!"

Hearing a small pleading voice, Megatron leaned away from the table he was making plans with Soundwave and Scrapper, and saw Starscream holding a human in his fist.

"What is that flesh bag doing here, Starscream?" Megatron demanded.

G1 - Sideswipe/Ratchet - Saved

As Ratchet caught Sideswipe, falling from a shot to the chassis, Ratchet grabbed the red front-liner's gun and shot the offending Decepticon.

"Hey doc!" Sideswipe said weakly.

"Don't you 'hey doc' me! Look at yourself!" Ratchet retorted, after he made sure the Decepticon was on the ground and not moving.

G1 - Ratchet/Huffer - Getting Fixed

"Huffer, I would be done faster if you just hold still while I work on your leg," Ratchet irritably said. "Torn cables and wires; what were you thinking? You know you're not built like Brawn to carry heavy amounts of stuff."

"Well your not exactly being gentle." Huffer complained.

"Do you want me to weld your mouth plates shut? I'll…" Ratchet trailed off when his comm. beeped.

/Prowl to Ratchet./

/Ratchet here./

/We're bringing in three injured mechs./

/Just what I need. More idiots to be fixed. Who's injured?/

/Warpath, Inferno, and Hound./

"Hey doc, are you going to finish my leg or not?" Huffer demanded, interrupting Ratchet on the comm. line
Ignoring Huffer, Ratchet continued working on his leg all the while yelling for his team of medics to get the medical supplies ready.

"What's happening? Did we have a battle with the Decepticons?"

G1 - Megatron/Autobots - Hunting Starscream

"Don't go hypocritical on us, Autobots. You want Starscream, too! You've been chasing him as well!" Megatron declared.

G1 - Spike/Carly - About to be Captured

"Carly," Spike screamed. "Carly, get down!"

Confused as to why Spike was screaming at her, she stared at him. When he pointed in front of her, Carly turned to look to see Laserbeak bearing down upon them. His feet were jutted out, getting ready to capture them.

G1 - Blurr/Wheeljack - Lustful Gaze

"Don't turn your lustful gaze on me. Not when I'm in my lab."

"I'mdistracting?" Blurr asked.


At that, Wheeljack turned back around to go back to his project not noticing the mischievous grin that appeared on the blue speedster's faceplate.

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