Chapter 4

I simply stared at the girl as she walked in oblivious to the world and plopped down onto my freshly made bed. She was thin, almost a little too thin for her height and she looked like she was in her own world. Who was she?

Did we get a new maid?

No she wasn't in any type of uniform. I tried to rack my brain for the date and realized that this may be the new 'Isabella' my mother and father found. My anger started to grow.

"What, may I ask, are you doing in my room?"

The girl jumped and let out a noise of surprise when she realized she wasn't alone. Annoyed, I tapped my foot as I waited for her to say something. She opened her mouth, but it was too later for her. I was already ticked off.

"Do you even speak?"

She closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes. "Yes, I do speak. Maybe if you had some patience you would have learned that."

I glared right back at her. "Well, forgive me, but you were a little slow getting to the point."

"Bathroom is through there so you better get cleaning." I knew it was more than likely she wasn't working here, but I couldn't help but take out my anger on the girl.

"Clean your own bathroom," She got off the bed, "I'm not your maid and if you treat the poor people who are than my heart goes out to them."

My mouth shut.

"That's what I thought."

I threw my book on my desk with a sigh. "Did you need something?" My tone was careless.

"My name is Isabella and I'm not sure where my room is. I'm supposed to be staying here for, well, for a while."

Wonder how long this one will last.

I hoped it wasn't long so my mother and father could move on in their lives and realize that these ungrateful spoiled brats weren't their friend's long lost daughter.

"Oh, I see. You're Isabella!" I faked my enthusiasm, "Oh, that just changes everything doesn't it. What's your story? Wait, let me guess and please, stop me if I'm wrong. You got tired of your perfect, but boring lifestyle so you decided why not bother the Royal family. Let's go toy with their emotions over their dead best friends and pretend to be the daughter who's been missing for years all the while getting the fame and money you've always desired."

She was fuming. It looks like I hit right on with this one.

I couldn't stop myself and continued, "You're different than the others, I'll give you that. You're almost unsure of yourself. Are you starting to feel guilty about what you're doing to my family? I hope you are and I hope you take this as your cue to go running back to your poor foster parents who probably raised you to be better than this."

Her head was cast downward and when she lifted her head to look up at me there was fight behind her brown eyes. It stunned me for a moment, but I stood my ground. We were both breathing hard, me more so than her, and I waited for her next move.

"You're right," She nodded her head. "I should go back to my adoptive parents, but that might be a bit of a struggle since they're dead."


Shocked, I took a step back. I open my mouth to say something even though I knew no words would come out. It didn't matter, though, because she was already out the room

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