"D-Da-Damn...How...How can he be this strong?..."

The shinigami mumbled as he fell on the floor out cold.

"Hmph...pathetic shinigami..." The person with a black and red cloak turned around and walked away.

Flower petals surrounds the man with the black and red cloak.

"Im afraid I cannot let you continue on any further... Arrancar..." Byakuya said as the flower petals surrounded the arrancar.

"Do you think you can really beat me Shinigami?" The cloaked person smirked.

"I Will defeat you...no matter what..." Flower petals charged at the arrancar at fast speed.

The arrancar sighed. "That cant beat me..." The arrancar stated as he easily reflected the petals and flash stepped behind byakuya.

Byakuya smiled as underground petals comes out of the ground and hits the arrancar straight at the chest.

"I told you... I will defeat you arrancar..."

"Is that all for your power?...You gatta be kiddin me shinigami," The arrancar laughed.

"I thought it would be something stronger then that.." The arrancar stood up and wipes dust off his cloak.

"Now...Shinigami...Allow me...to show you my power..." Black and red spirit energy began to surround the arrancar.

"Conquer their souls...ZETSUMEI!!" The spirit energy around the arrancar formed with him and made an explosion.

"What!? what is this?" Flower petals surrounded around Byakuya protecting him from the high spiritual energy.

The dust began to fade as the arrancar now has two long katana similar to ichigo's except one is pure black and the other is pure red, And countless souls surrounds the two katana's and himself.

The arrancar smirked and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Byakuya's eye's widened.

"Where did h-" An "X" shaped wound appeared on Byakuya's chest. "Wh-What the hell?"The arrancar appeared standing on a tree branch.

"This is getting boring shinigami.." The arrancar yawned.

"BanKai...Scatter...Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.." Byakuya drops his sword.

The sword passes through the ground and two rows of giant blades rise up from the ground.

These then scatter into millions of tiny blades. The arrancar smiled. "Finally...some real strength..."

Byakuya reached his hand out and one of the millions blades comes down and he grabs the handle of the blade.

"Prepare yourself...Arrancar..." Byakuya flash step right at front of the arrancar shoving two swords in both the arrancar's feet, trapping him.

Byakuya points his finger at the arrancar's forehead. "Destructive Kido #4 White Lightning..." a concentrated bolt of lightning comes out from Byakuya's forefinger. The Bolt of lighting goes trough the arrancar's head and hits a building.

The arrancar is just standing there. Byakuya smiled and turns around and walks away. "Pathetic Arrancar..."

A cero goes through Byakuya's stomach. Byakuya's eyes widened. "Wh-What the hell!?" Byakuya turned. "How...can you...be alive?..."

"I gatta admit Shinigami," The arrancar removes the blades from his foot and throws them away.

"I underestimated you...But...I can never die like that..."

"What do you mean that "I can never die like that" Arrancar?"

The arrancar smiled. "I can never die by just a weak move Shinigami..."

The arrancar flash stepped behind byakuya. "This is the end for you Shinigami..."

The arrancar said as he placed his hand on Byakuya;s back. "Gran Rey Cero..." A Big black Cero goes through Bykuya chest.

Byakuya's eyes widened as he falls on his knees. "Pathetic..." The arrancar began to walk away.

"Arrancar...Im not done yet..." Byakuya said as he stood up. "I said Im going to beat you...And i Mean it..."

The arrancar stops and looks at Byakuya. "You're already finished..." Byakuya smiled.

"Final scene..." Condenses every one of his blades into a single sword, drastically increasing its cutting power. The blade is bright white and its aura takes the form of a bird.

"White Imperial Sword.." Byakuya grows pure white wings and a halo-like circle in the back, both made of spiritual power.

The Arrancar smiled. "This is too good to be true..." The arrancar got into a battle position as black and red spiritual energy surrounded him.

Both Byakuya and The Arrancar yelled out. "LETS END THIS!" the both charged with all their strength.

"DIE!" both Attacks collided making a big explosion. After a moment the smoke began to disappear showing both the arrancar and Byakuya standing away from each other.

The arrancar smiled. "Game," A huge amount of blood comes out of Byakuya's chest as he falls on the floor knocked out. "Over..."

The arrancar opened a gate to the real world. "Prepare...to Die... Substitute Shinigami..." The arrancar smiled as he walked inside the portal as the portal closed.

-- Later In the Real World --

"Man...what a pain..." Ichigo sighed and layed on the roof.

"Whats wrong Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime asked as she sat next to Ichigo.

"Man... this Substitute job is annoying..."

Orihime placed her hand on Ichigo's chest and bend down and kisses Ichigo. "At least you're protecting people Kurosaki-Kun" Orihime smiled.

Ichigo smiled and kissed back. "Thanks Orihime-san... I knew I made a perfect decision in my life"

Orihime looked at Ichigo with confused eyes. "What do you mean Kurosaki-kun?"

Ichigo looked back. "I mean that I made a perfect decision of being with you Orihime-san"

Orihime blushed as she giggled. "You're really sweet Kurosaki-Kun" Orihime smiled. "Thanks Orih-", Ichigo paused and his eye's widened as he felt a Strong spiritual energy powerful as an espada's level. "A-An Es-Esp-Espada!?"

Orihime looked at Ichigo. "Kurosaki-kun I think you should check it out while I'll go look for Chad and Uryuu"

Ichigo looked back and nodded. "Ok Orihime-san", Ichigo kisses Orihime. "Be careful Orihime" Ichigo said as he slammed his tag on his chest making his shinigami form come out and flash stepped.

Orihime stood there and prayed. "Please Be Careful Kurosaki-Kun..."

--Later At An Abandon Mansion--

"Hmmm... the real world seems great...", The arrancar said as he leaned against a wall. "He should be here right about now..."

Ichigo appeared right at front of the arrancar. "What are you doing here arrancar?" Ichigo said as he grabbed his sword handle making the bandages fall off his sword, preparing for battle.

The arrancar smiled. "My my someone seems to be in a fighting mood...", The arrancar grabbed his katana's handle. "Thats what makes thing more interesting..."

Ichigo flashstepped behind the arrancar and does a long heavy slash hitting the arrancar straight at the back.

The arrancar smiled. "Ahhhh I got my back slashed... im so scared and im about to die... oh what can i do? can I beat the famous Substitute Shinigami?" the arrancar said sarcasticly.

Ichigo continued to slash at the arrancar hitting him all over again. The arrancar continues to get slashed.

"Kurosaki Ichigo...why not use BanKai?...or...the Vizards mask?" The arrancar asked as he looked at Ichigo with killer instict eyes.

Ichigo froze. "Wh-what? I-I Ca-Can't Mo-Move..."

The arrancar disappeared and appeared right at front of Ichigo and does a quick slash.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he barely dodged. "Wh-what is this?...my speed...its...like its completely gone..."

Ichigo looked up as he saw a the katana piercing through his arm making a huge amount of blood splatter everywhere.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he fell on his knees as he looked up at the arrancar.

The arrancar pointed the Katana's tip under Ichigo's neck. "Use BanKai...and your mask...Shinigami..."

Ichigo's eye sight began to become blurry. "Da-damn it..."

The arrancar sighed. "Shinigami...you're too easy to beat in this form... at least give me a challenge...Use Bankai and you're mask...and besides...if you don't do it... you're dead..."

Ichigo grabbed his sword's handle. "No...", Ichigo looked up at the arrancar and swings his sword towards him.

The arrancar sighed as he grabbed Ichigo's sword with his finger. "You are completely useless...Shinigami..." Ichigo eyes widened.

"He's... as strong as Aizen!?" The arrancar looked at Ichigo. "Use BanKai...And you're mask...NOW!"

Ichigo smiled. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" A blue wave came out of the sword and hit the arrancar directly.

Ichigo jumped back and hold his arm that has been wounded. "That should have finished him..."

The smoke began to disappear. Ichigo looked directly at the smoke. "Where is h-" the arrancar appeared right at front of Ichigo and placed his palm on Ichigo's stomach. "Cero..." A black beam goes through Ichigo's stomach.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he goes through multiples of walls.

The arrancar began to walk towards Ichigo. "To let you know...I'm not strong as that Ass Aizen...but...I'm as strong as the first espada...but...I want you to go at me at full force.."

Ichigo coughed blood out. "Da-damn it..." Ichigo stood up and hold his sword's handle with both hands and puts it at front of him as bandages wraps around his right arm. "BANKAI!" Black spiritual energy burst out of Ichigo.

The arrancar smiled. "Much better..." Ichigo appeared right behind the arrancar and does a quick slash that has black waves around it making an explosion. Ichigo smirked. "Is that all arrancar?"

The arrancar appeared sitting on a roof. "Well...you're power seems to have improved...and so as your speed...I'm kinda impressed..." The arrancar stood up.

Ichigo smirked. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" A huge black wave charges towards the arrancar. "Hmph..." The Arrancar caught the wave with his hand and breaks it in two. Ichigo's eyes widened. "Wh-What the he-hell!?"

The arrancar flashstepped behind Ichigo. "Not good enough...Shinigami..." The arrancar lunged at Ichigo making his katana go through Ichigo. Ichigo's eyes widened. "Ho-how?..." The arrancar twisted the sword inside Ichigo making Ichigo scream in pain.

"Use you're mask..." Ichigo looked at the arrancar. "NO!" Ichigo screamed as he turned towards the arrancar making the sword go in deeper his stomach. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" A black wave hit the arrancar directly at the chest sending the arrancar through multiples of walls.

Ichigo began flashstep towards the arrancar faster and faster. As soon the arrancar landed on the floor Ichigo appeared right at front of him. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" Another black wave hit the arrancar making him go deep underground. Ichigo jumped up and aimed towards the ground. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" Ichigo kept on swinging making millions of black waves hitting the ground where the arrancar was at.

Ichigo landed on the floor and began to pant. "I...beat him..." A hand comes out of underground and points a finger at Ichigo.

"Cero.." A big black beam hit Ichigo straight at the chest sending him through trees.

The arrancar stood up and began to walk towards Ichigo. "You can't really beat me with that useless attack shinigami..."

Ichigo panted as he stood up. "Da-damn it..." Ichigo placed his hand on his forehead.

The arrancar smiled. "This is going to get better..." Ichigo moved his hand downward forming a mask on his face making the arrancar feel strong spiritual pressure. The arrancar laughed. "Much better!"

Ichigo looked at the arrancar with murderous eyes. "..." The arrancar smiled as he charged at Ichigo at fast speed.

Ichigo just stood there. The arrancar appeared right at front of Ichigo. "DIE!" The arrancar smiled as he swinged his sword down making a big explosion.

The arrancar eyes widened. "So...you're were able to stop my normal weak strike...impressing..." The smoke disappeared showing Ichigo block the attack with his sword. "Getsuga Tenshou" A black wave hit the arrancar directly sending him high up in the sky. Ichigo flash stepped behind the arrancar. "Getsuga Tenshou..." Another black wave hit the arrancar sending him down towards the floor. Ichigo flash stepped again appearing right at front of the arrancar. "Getsuga tenshou.." Another black wave hit him making the arrancar fly towards the right. Ichigo slashed the air making a red line. "Cero..." A Big red Cero charged at the arrancar hitting him directly at the chest going through him.

The arrancar smiled as he hit the floor. Ichigo landed on the ground. "...speak if you're alive Arrancar.."

The arrancar stood up. "Hmph...seems I underestimated that mask of yours Shinigami..." Black and Red spiritual energy began to surround the Arrancar. "Conquer Their Souls...ZETSUMEI!" An explosion occurred around the arrancar making smoke surround Ichigo and the arrancar.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he hold his sword at front of him blocking the strong spiritual energy from hitting him. "Wh-what is th-this!?" A blur of lightning charged at Ichigo.

The litghning stopped right at front of Ichigo. "DIE!" The arrancar slammed his katana towards Ichigo making a big explosion completely destroying the area around them.

The arrancar appeared standing on a roof. "Are you alive Kurosaki?.."

Ichigo appeared behind the arrancar. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" As soon the arrancar turned the black wave hit the arrancar directly. Ichigo just stood there in the air. "...Done already?..."

A big black and red dragon came out of the smoke charging at Ichigo at fast speed. "What The Hell!?" Ichigo blocked both dragons with his sword.

The arrancar appeared behind Ichigo. "This is the end...Kurosaki..." Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt an arm going right through him. "Wh-What?...N-no...", Ichigo tighten his sword's hilt. "NO!" Ichigo turned and swung his sword at the arrancar as fast as he can making A big black wave hitting both of them causing a big explosion.