Ryo looked at the eight people. "Get...out.....OF MY SIGHT!" Ryo screamed hollow-like as he sended them back. One of the man sighed as he looked at Ryo. "5th Squad Captain....Hirako Shinji..."

Another man with a afro wearing glasses took his sword and pointed it to Ryo as well. "7th squad Captain..Love Aikawa.."

A young girl with a pink scarf with goggles on pointed her sword towards Ryo as well. "9th squad lieutenant...Mashiro Kuna.."

A man with short light gray hair pointed his sword towards Ryo. "9th squad captain Kensei Muguruma.."

A man with long, wavy, blond hair pointed his sword towards Ryo. "3rd squad Captain..Rojuro Otoribashi.."

A man with hair shaped like horns resembling the kido corps pointed his sword at Ryo. "Vice Kido Captain...Hachigen Ushoda..."

A blonde haired girl pointed her sword towards Ryo smiling. "12th squad lieutenant...Hiyori Sarugaki.."

A woman with long black hair pointed her sword towards Ryo. "8th squad lieutenant...Lisa Yadomaru.."

Ryo looked at them and screamed hollow-like as he charged towards Shinji and the others. Shinji smiled. "ATTACK!" All the nine people charged towards Ryo as they both clashed making a

big explosion.

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Ryo jumped out of the smoke and screamed as he slammed both fist towards Shinji.

Shinji smirked as he jumped out of the way. "that aint ganna kill me ya kn-"

Ryo screamed again when his fists hit the ground caused a fire and dark dragon come out of underground and bite on Shinji's leg and arm cslamming him against a wall.

Shinji spat out blood as he hit the wall. "Damn it....", Shinji's eyes widened as he saw a fist right in front of his face. "Shit...!"

A sword cut Ryo's fist in two as he cut the dragon's heads off releasing shinji.

Shinji sighed as he gripped his blade's hilt tightly. "Thanks Aikawa..Let's get back to our original mission and end it already..."

Ryo's body began to glow as he let out a scream causing an explosion of spiritual energy making all seven of them jump backwards.

Hiyori's eyes widened as she was able to get back to her balance. "Heh....this ass is tougher than i thought......Lisa!"

Lisa nodded as her and hiyori charged at different directions towards Ryo.

A burst of spiritual energy came out of Hiyori and Lisa as they both flashstepped across Ryo's chest leaving an "X" mark on his chest as they both turned aorund quickly and lunged their swords in Ryo's chest making it go through him and made it get stuck against a generator.

Lisa looked at Hiyori. "Hurry hiyori!" Lisa jumped backwards behind Hachi.

Hiyori sighed as she jumped behind him as well. "Fine, fine....Now...Hachi!"

Hachi made multiples of hand signs and closed his eyes as spiritual energy began to surround him. "........Now!...Kido #87, Kuro Shin'en!" A small black vortex began to form on Ryo's chest as Hachi's spiritual energy began to get sucked into it. "........Kido #87, Kuro Jikoku!" the vortex begins to grow bigger and begins to rotate rapidly looking like a black orb as it begins to slowly sink in Ryo's chest. ".....Now.....Kido #87, Kuro Shuuryou!" The orb sinked in Ryo's chest deeply as it broke into millions of pieces. "Everyone!, Behind me!" Hachi formed a orange like barrier around the group as multiples of huge explosions occurs from Ryo's body destroying the generator behind him making an even bigger explosion.

Ryo flew out of the smoke as he jumped onto a pillar, clenching his chest.

Two figures came out of the smoke from the impact. "Let's finish this already!, Mashiro!"

Mashiro nodded as she put on her goggles. "Get Ready!" she began to flashstep around Ryo everywhere making it look like a lighting flash as she took out her blade and began to cut Ryo everywhere on his body and did a final slash across his body. "Now Rojuro!"

Rojuro closed his eyes as spiritual energy began to surround his sword, as he then opened them again and slashed at where Mashiro is at leaving a huge star looking mark under where Ryo and Mashiro is at, not hitting her at all. "Mashiro get out of there now."

Kensei smirked as his hand began to glow with blue light. "TIME TO END THIS!" Kensei punched the floor as the blue blast went underground and came out of the star mark under Ryo hitting him directly sending him upwards. "Heh....Shinji, End it."

Shinji sighed as he jumped upwards. "Why does it always have to be m-"

Love charged at Ryo going through him with one slash leaving multiples of slashes everywhere as his foot began to get surrouned by pink spirit energy as he kicked Ryo sending him up higher.

Shinji's left eye twitched as he stood there. "Damn it....Aikawa why do you always have to steal my spot light!? Now how am I going to be able to get to him!?"

Love smiled as his leg began to get completely covered by pink spiritual energy. "Come on Shinji!, Jump!"

Shinji sighed. "Damn it...from all the asses out their why did i have to be with this one...whatever.." Shinji jumped towards Love as he passed him. "come on!, get it over with!"

Love smirked as Shinji's feet landed on his leg. "Finish him already!" Love kicked towards Ryo launching Shinji towards him at high speed.

Shinji looked at Ryo with a serious expression. "Heh...can't let them down after all this....now..", Shinji gripped his hilt as a huge spirit energy explosion surrounded him. "Take...", The shattered dark orb inside Ryo slowed down time giving Shinji more power. "THIS!" Shinji qucikly went through Ryo as a big final explosion occured from his body. Shinji turned around as his eyes widened. "Ai-AIZEN!?"

Aizen smilled as he flash stepped through Ryo and stopped right in front of Shinji. "For a captain....your useless...Shinji..." Aizen moved his hand towards Ryo as a barrier surrounded him and Gin. "...3.....2....1....Now" Ryo's eyes widened as he became a bomb itself and exploded hitting everyone at that area.

Shinji's eyes widened before the explosion occured, he looked at Aizen. "........Aizen....AIZEN!!!!"

-- To Be continued --

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