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Toph poked at the campfire with a stick. She couldn't see the flames, but she enjoyed pushing the heat towards her and away from her. She liked to imagine what 'Fire' looked like and people used it so often and, at the same time, were very afraid of it.

Buh-bump. A light pair of feet touched the ground next to her.

"Hi twinkle toes." Toph said.

"Hi…" Aang sighed and sat down next to his earth bending master, on the same stone bench they had built the night before. Through the stone, Toph could feel the stress in his shoulders and anguish in his voice.

"What's up with you?" She asked, as gently and nurturing as she usually did.

"Forget it." Aang said.

"Fine." Toph threw the stick into the fire and heard it snap. "But I'll listen if you…ya know…wanna talk about it."

Aang sighed again.

"It's just…" Aang hesitated. "…you're a girl."

"Really? Thanks for noticing." Toph said, sarcastically and angrily.

"Sorry. But…" Aang paused. "Is it just Katara, or are all girls…I mean…girls are…"

"Just say it already!"

"Katara is such a…tease."


"Yeah. She does things that make me think that she likes me, but then she…pushes me away. Like it's a game to her or something."

"Really. You don't say." Toph regretted offering to listen to Aang's problems. She was not in the mood to hear about how much Aang loved Katara, not after a thousand times of hearing it before.

"Yeah. It's so unfair. Like, we were waterbending today…and she was…ya know. In her outfit." Toph felt Aang's heart speed up and she grew even more annoy with him. "Anyway, she said that she really loved training with me and that she really loved now I've grown. She even told me that I looked good with all the exercise I've gotten. I felt…good. She made me feel really proud of myself."

"A-hem." Toph said.

"What?" Aang said.

"Aang. Last time we had an earthbending lesson, I told you the same thing."

"You did?"

"Yes! I said you've grown a lot stronger and I loved training with you. And I said something about you being able to have any girl you want…if you tried hard enough."

"Oh…oh." Aang got sad, worried that he had completely misheard Katara's message. "Then…never mind. But listen to this! You know how Katara loves cooking every other night?"

"Don't remind me. I'm getting sick of rice and lettuce stew."

"Yeah, well…about a month ago, we had enough money to buy a little beef for the rice, but she cooked it and gave it all to me! Can you believe that? Sokka said it was just because I was the Avatar and she thought I needed the strength. But…come on! That's a sigh, isn't."

"What about last week?" Toph asked. She sounded like she was getting angrier at him.

"What about last week?" Aang asked, still oblivious.

"Last week I spent the last of my parent's gold to buy you a special, super sized bowl of golden ramen noodles and I cooked it myself. I can't see, you know." Toph tugged on her eyelids. "Cooking anything is really hard! I gave it to you and you barely said 'thank you'."

"What are you talking about? I said thank you." Aang said.

"That's not the point." Toph grew angrier…

"Anyway, about Katara…" …and angrier at him. "…there's one thing that gets me really, really confused. Every now and then, she gives me this look. Like, a smile and a glare at the same time. And then I try to hold her hand, but she doesn't let me."

Toph tapped the stone bench. She felt Aang's hand leaning next to her own, felt his heart beat gently through his thin fingers. She felt nervous, but also thought that it would be a great time to let him know how she felt…and not have him misunderstand her this time.

"It's just…so confusing." Aang kept talking about Katara, not noticing Toph's hand slowly creep towards his own. "How am I supposed to feel? I mean, how would anyone know what to feel in my shoes?"

Toph inhaled deeply. Toph slowly touched his knuckles, then put her thin fingers on his …then Aang lifted his hand away and ruined the moment.

"What are you doing?" He asked her, indifferently and casual.

Steam shot out of Toph's ears and her face turned as red as the fire in front of them.

"You are such a…stupid…dim-witted…why do I even bother with you?!" She yelled and the ground shook with a thunderous rumble.

"What did I do?" Aang asked. Toph grabbed him and pushed him off the bench.

"Forget it! Just forget it!" Toph kept yelling. She stood up, and walked away, not wanting to speak with Aang anymore.