Toph and Aang are older here. Figure about…18.

That doesn't mean it's a sex story, so get your heads out of the gutter.


Yin and Yang describe all things. Heaven and earth, what is above us and below us. Male and Female, the active and strong, the passive and gentle. The elements, the seasons, the way people speak and interact…all is tied in with Yin and Yang. All things have an opposite that they cannot live without.

"Pffft." Toph blew a raspberry. "That's a load of crap."

"It is not! This is ancient airbender wisdom!" Aang moaned as ht put his calligraphy brush down.

"It's ancient alright." Toph teased him.

Finally reestablished in the Southern Air Temple and fully realized as an Avatar, Aang had been desperately trying to rebuild the Air Nomad society. For weeks, he had been trying to remember some of the ancient wisdom of his people. But Toph, who never left him alone since he proposed to her, wanted to give her own two cents on everything he did, including rewriting his history. He nagging duties as a wife had begun early, it seemed.

"Nothing could be truer than this!" Aang pulled out a picture of the liang yi and pushed it into Toph's face. "See!"

"NO! I don't! How many years have we been together?! You still don't get that I am blind?!"

"…oops." Aang put the liang yi picture away. "Well, that doesn't make its principal any less true."

"I don't believe it." Toph said.

"Why?" Aang asked, ready to defend the beliefs of his people.

"It doesn't explain us."

"What does that mean?" Aang grew annoyed with her. He knew where she was going.

"Please. If yin is supposed to be female, gentleness, passivity and all that gay stuff…and yang is supposed to be male, power, aggressiveness…then why is it that I have more masculine qualities than you?!"

"First of all, I am a MAN!"


"Second of all, it doesn't work that way sweetheart." Aang tried to correct her. "It's not that all qualities are in one yin or yang. It's supposed to be a symbol of opposites, not every opposite. Okay look…it's supposed to say that everything in this world compliments it's opposite and while those opposing forces tend to clash every now and then, they need each other. So while women tend to be gentler than men and men tend to……WAKE UP!!"

Aang screamed at Toph just as she began to snore.

"Aahhh." She yawned. "I'm sorry. I spaced out at the boring part. So I missed all of it."

"Why do I even bother?" Aang shook his head and went back to writing on his scroll.

Nature understands this as well. The light and darkness of the sun and moon shows this. While the seasons make day longer in summer and night longer in winter, combining those times of the year create balance. The shadows and light dance with the heat of the earth. The world itself is a spinning liang yi!

"Boooring!" Toph echoed.

"Why do you always have to criticize me?!" Aang yelled.

"Why do you always have to talk when you write?"

"Because it helps me think!!" In actuality, it was that Aang had developed a habit of reading to Toph and couldn't help but speak out loud when she was near.

"That all sounded lame. Spice it up a bit twinkle toes. Make it catchier."

"What? You think you could think of something better?"

"Yeah. Something that rhymes. Like…yin and yang, what a set. Yin and yang, only the best!"

Aang rubbed his eyes. "I think I'll stick to my own style."

"I'm telling you, make it rhyme! People hate poems that don't have a rhyme scheme."

"I'm not writing a poem!!" Aang insisted.

"I know. A poem has to rhyme to it. If you don't put a rhyme in it, people are gonna think it's a bad poem."

"It's not supposed to rhyme!!" Aang screamed.

"Fine. Let the critics judge you." Toph turned away from him and lay down, relaxing. Aang had never felt an urge to hit a woman before, but Toph was pushing it.

Aang had to calm himself down before he could start writing again.

However, within each force…

"I can still hear you talking to yourself." Toph reminded him.

Aang grumbled at her, then put his hand over his mouth.

However, within each force, there is a bit of the opposing. Within every male, there is a feminine side. Within every hot summer day, there is a cool breeze. At night, there is the moon to light the way. This creates the attraction that pulls the forces together. For nature, it creates harmony. For the elements, it creates balance.

Aang looked at his future wife. Even thought she caused him more headaches then he could ever imagine, he still loved her.

For humans, it creates true love. Opposites need each other to maintain each other. That is the secret to all that is.

Aang put his brush down. Toph heard it.

"Finished already?" She asked. "Hey!" Toph felt Aang hug her. Then kiss her gently on her nose.

"I wouldn't want a headache from anyone else." Aang squeezed her tighter, trying to be sweet.

"Yeah, yeah. Quit trying to cop a feel." Toph said.

"I was not trying to…oh, you are so…I'm going back to my poem! I MEAN…It's not a poem!!"

"HA! I got you to say it." Toph giggled.

"Grrrr." Aang grabbed his calligraphy brush and nearly broke it into two pieces.

"I love you." Toph reminded him.

"I love you too, dammit!" Aang shouted without looking at her.