Chapter 4

Gabriel looked at the mirror and smirked. No, he wasn't wearing any glasses. Those glasses were terrible looking, so he threw them away. He was sick of wearing his hair neat and tidy, so he changed that too. He thought he would try the opposite – a little spiky look.

"Hm, I think I need a little more gel." He raised his palm, and the object he needed flown across thin air into his hand. Squeezing a generous amount onto his palm, he applied it to his hair.

Starring at his perfect reflection in the mirror, he imagined hearing a whisper in the air, "A new creature was created here today." He smirked. Yes, he liked his new looks. He liked his new power as well. Smiling confidently into the mirror; most of all, he liked his new name – Sylar.


"Wow!" Peter actually gasped with his mouth wide opened. "Gabriel? You, you look stunning! Good enough to eat! I love the suit…" Peter stared at him and grinned. In a lower voice he continued, "I want to rip it open…"

"Same here." Sylar smiled, eyeing Peter up and down. Peter gave him a lopsided grin.

"Sorry about last night..." Peter started to apologize. "I was with some friends and I got drunk."

"That's ok. Friends from college?" Sylar asked casually.

"Yeah, yeah." Peter shrugged, unconciously avoiding Sylar's eye contact.

Finally tearing his eyes from Peter, Sylar looked around, "Great party." This was a party thrown by the Nursing department student association. Most of the attendees were students. The only outsiders were friends or family of the students like him.

"Hey, come meet some of my friends." Peter grabbed his hand and led him across the hall to a group of people.

"Oh, you're the mysterious guy that snatched Peter off the market?" They all seemed to be good natural people, friendly and welcoming. Sylar put on his charming smile.

"Peter, this guy is not shy at all. Were you just saying that hoping we would keep off your man?" Daniel, one of Peter's friends swung an arm across Peter's shoulder and joked.

Sylar smiled, although his hand balled into a fist, wanting more than anything to use his new telekinetic power to knock the guy's arm off Peter's shoulder. Before he lost control, Peter had taken Daniel's hand off his shoulder and walked to Sylar, laughing, "Shy or not-so-shy, it's handoff for you, Daniel."

Stirring Sylar away from his friends, Peter apologized, "Sorry, my friends are a little crazy sometimes. I know how much you dislike this type of gathering; we can get out of here if you want."

"What are you talking about?" Sylar felt a lot calmer now that he had Peter beside him and nobody was getting too close, "We can stay for a bit. It was actually kind of fun."

"OK, well, let me go get us some drinks." Peter squeezed into the crowd and disappeared.

A man stepped beside Sylar. Before he even get close, Sylar could pick up the faint alcohol smell. The man's unsteady steps also suggested he had drunk more than he could handle. Sylar took a look at that face and recalled this was the guy named "Jake".

"Hey, big guy." Jake got into his personal space, "You're Peter's new lover?"

Sylar stared at him coldly with a slightly arched eyebrow, making no effort to answer his question.

Jake laughed a little uneasily when he didn't receive an answer. "Well, enjoy while it lasts… I wondered how many men he had taken up that sweet ass of his… I hope he share some of his earnings with you…" He started laughing like a drunken fool until suddenly his windpipe is cut off and he couldn't breathe. Invisible force seemed to be squeezing out life from his throat and he clutched and scratched against his own throat, his eyes popping up as he stared at Sylar's hand which was still one foot away and not touching him in anyway.

"Ouch…." Jake nearly doubled over as the force was gone suddenly. He released a series of cough as fresh air rushed into his lung. A hand was patting his back as Sylar bent down slightly to speak softly, for his ears only, "Jake, if I ever heard you even mentioning Peter's name, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

Jake nodded frantically.

At the same time, Peter came back with 2 drinks. He saw Jake next to Sylar, and he frowned.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing. Jake was just leaving." It was Sylar who answered, and sure enough, Jake took off like a frightened rabbit.

Peter eyed his departure in suspicion, then turned around to Sylar, "Did he say any nasty things to you?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well, this guy was after me for a while…" Peter shrugged unhappily, taking a sip from his drink, "I went out with him for one date, before I know you, that is… and he nearly attacked me. I knocked him out but I think he has been harboring some hard feelings since then."

"Hey, don't worry. He didn't do anything to me. Now, let's have a good time, ok?"

Peter smiled.