1The denali air was cold and fridged. The snow was blowing and swirling in all directions, falling in sheets. Edward would be mad at me if he knew what I was doing. If he found out I would never hear the end of it. I suppose I couldn't blame him.

I knew though that Bella was hurting. Just because she wasn't on round the clock surveillance any more didn't mean things didn't slip through. And how could I leave her like that. She was like a sister to me. Each time I thought she would be better. Each time I thought she would have moved on. But no, she just got worse and worse. She looked dead last time I had seen her. Not that she hadn't looked dead every time I'd seen her. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that she looked more dead that normal. Not that he would listen. Convinced as he was that it was the right thing to do. That he was doing what was best for Bella.

He would be back soon though. I could see that. I had to give him credit. Most people wouldn't willing to beg. But Edward was. It was kind of romantic, I had to admit. I wish I knew the out come , but since Bella knew nothing of it she hadn't made her mind up. So that area was blank. Not that I had any doubts. They belonged together. I hoped though that he would hurry I wanted to talk to Bella again. Also I didn't want the separation, short as it was, to create some irrevocable consequence. I could already tell it would have an impact.

But all of this aside. I closed my eyes. Not sure how long it would take before I saw anything. And then I relaxed as best I could.

Then my eyes snapped shut. My body was paralyzed. And the venom in my eyes made a film. So if anyone saw through my lids all they would see was a white abyss . I froze as I let the vison take a hold of everything. Nothing else existed now.

I could see the old Chevy pulling up to some rock and out stepped Bella. She still looked dead but there was a look of determination on her face that I hadn't seen in these visions. She walked up towards the edge of the cliffs. I had to wander what she was doing. This was practically a death trap for Bella. Then it clicked. That was exactly what she was counting on. I wanted to scream. To tell her to stop. To tell her everything I knew. Then she jumped. If it was possible I would have screamed. But I couldn't move, from fear, or from the vison I was seeing. I couldn't tell. Then she was drowning. After that everything went blank. She was gone.

If it had been possible I would have cried. Bella would be gone by the time I got there. It was to late. I wouldn't have time to reach her. Losing her was awful, she was just like my sister. I knew Bella was miss rebel. I knew she was depressed, but never, never would I have thought that Bella was suicidal.

Then I didn't think. I just headed for Forks. The black night engulfing me, as I prayed for a miracle.