Encounter of the Sporish Kind

Chapter 1: UFO Over Miracle City

It was quite an average day for the people of Miracle City, as dawn was approaching from the east, a strange craft appeared not far from the Earth's atmosphere. Up above on the strange ship, a strange cyborged, lizard like creature who was the captain was observing Miracle City. His compatriots on board his ship were also quite curious as well.

"My fellow Grox" bellowed the captain, "I believe we have found the right sort of primitive planet which we can occupy, and be used against our enemies, this tiny blue planet right here."

"But sir, it's not the right sort of planet for us to colonize" remarked one of the Grox technicians.

Angered by being even challenged by a fellow crew member, the large lizard-like cyborg creature marched toward him.

"Are you questioning my authority?" asked the captain.

"Er, no sir, I'm just saying that we won't be able to survive" replied the technician.

"Take this mutineer to the air vent, and shoot him out to space" ordered the captain in a ruthless manner to some of the soldiers.

"No, wait!" cried the technician as he was trying to hang on while the soldiers were removing him, "We can take this planet's resources here!"

"Hmm" thought the captain, "stop, let me think about this. The high command would promote me to an admiral of an amarda for this. On second thought, don't have that technician be blown into space, I got a better idea."

Meanwhile, back to Miracle City, the sun rose from the east. The sun's bright light then beamed down, and penetrated to the Rivera household, to which poor Manny had quite a rough night.

"Hey Manny" said Rodolfo who was in his White Pantera outfit in his usual trench coat suit, "time to get up, or you'll be late for school."

"Please, not now, I had a rough night" replied Manny in a tired voice.

"Oh, did you fight many super villains?" asked Rodolfo.

"That's the point, I'm just bored of doing the same things over and over again, I wish something more interesting would pop up" replied Manny.

But unfortunately for Manny, he was about to get his wish. The ship carrying the Grox captain quickly applied its cloaking device just in case even if the primitive Earth military did manage to detect its presence.

"Sir, we have entered the Earth's atmosphere" said one of the technicians whom was wearing some sort of a mask to breath.

"Good" replied the captain who also was wearing a similar mask, "we're going to make contact with these primitives, and soon they'll be working for us soon enough."

Back in Miracle City, Manny had just finished breakfast and was walking to school when Frida joined him along the way.

"So what's the plan for today, skip school?" asked Frida.

"Been there, done that" replied Manny.

"Oh come on, there must be something we can do" said Frida.

Suddenly, the Grox ship emerged right over Miracle City. It was quite a strange space craft, something for which neither Manny or Frida had ever seen. It was heavily armored, with quite a number of hi-tech weapons even for a mere scouting ship.

"Now let's see" said the captain as he began to observe from below, "which one of these future subjects of our empire shall be the first ones to greet us."

As the captain glared down, he noticed both Manny and Frida, as innocent as they could be, yet as the two continued walking toward school, the two never noticed a large shadow was over them.

"Hey Manny did it just get dark here?" asked Frida.

"No, why?" replied Manny, to which he then promptly looks up and notices the strange object floating in the sky, "What the heck is that?!"

"I don't know man, but I don't want to stick here to find out!" cried Frida.

The two ran for their lives, as the strange flying object followed them. The Grox captain had an evil smile upon his face noticing that he was causing panic among the future subjects of the Grox Empire. Suddenly, a strange light of some sort emerged from the ship, and targeted both Manny and Frida who both found themselves to be levitating in mid-air.

"Manny, what are we going to do, we're going to be abducted!" cried Frida.

"I know what to do, El Tigre!" cried Manny as he changed himself into his El Tigre suit.

But it was too late even for that, the two soon found themselves in quite a smoggy, and nearly toxic environment.

"Manny, I can't breath, who can breath in this stuff?!" cried Frida.

Suddenly some strange breathing helmets came right on them, to which they suddenly could breath. As the two soon found themselves on the strange ship, they both could hear footsteps coming straight toward them, big and loud footsteps. As the cargo hatch doors opened up, both Manny and Frida were shocked to see a strange creature emerging.

"Aliens!" cried Manny.

"Aliens cool, I mean, oh no!" cried Frida.

"Ah, please forgive is for intruding on your turf" said the Grox captain who was trying to trick Manny and Frida into being nice, "we are of a peaceful alien race known as the Grox, we only wish to come to your planet to study it."

"Cool, a bunch of aliens are going to study us" said Frida.

"Me and my fellow Grox comrades all wish to do is really take a few of your resources if you wouldn't mind having us change the terraform of your planet, that's all" said the captain who gave an evil smile.

"Er, I don't know if we should really be talking to someone like this" said Manny.

"Uh, just how the heck are you going to change the, er, terraform?" asked Frida.

"Why, I'm glad you've ask that question" replied the captain, to which two Grox soldiers came into the scene, "take these two to the bridge of the ship, we're going to travel to another planet in the solar system to give them a demonstration of our methods."

"Oh boy, we're going to travel the galaxy!" cried Frida with joy.

"And miss school!" added Manny quite in a happy mood.

The Grox ship then lifts up away from Miracle City, and off to a nearby planet to give two of its future subjects a demonstration of the power of the Grox Empire.