Heya guys! About 7 months ago, (I know, shame on me) I promised a sequel to Goonies: A Different Dilemma, which you might wanna read first if you haven't already so this one won't be really confusing. This story is in the POV of Lea, my OC- Mouth's twin sister. This takes place one year after A Different Dilemma, and over 2 years after the original Goonies adventure. So Mouth, Data, Chunk, Mikey, and Lea are around 15, Stef and Andy are 16, and Brand is... 18? I dunno... lol. But he won't really be in this story much, anyhoo.

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Biology was the one class that we all agreed was boring. Every day for me was a huge snooze-fest. Mikey, tried to be nice and say that it was 'mildly enlightening.' In what, the situation of the re Statue of David? Hardly. He at least tried to pay attention. HUGE waste of time for the rest of us. Mouth was the class clown, Data was a snoozer like me, and Chunk smuggled books from culinary class into the classroom and was always preoccupied with them. Stef was a sophomore and lucky her, she already did her term last year.

Something poked my arm. Groggily, I raised my head. A paper airplane crash-landed onto my desk. Puzzled, I picked it up.

'Lea – ice cream today? 4 o'clock


Drumming my fingers against the desk with one hand, I wrote a hasty reply on the note with the other hand.

'Does Mouth know about it?'

And quickly making sure the teacher was facing the board, I hurled the note over to Mikey's desk on the other side of the room. I had become quite an expert at this.

Mikey glanced at the note. Moments later, it was back on my desk.

'Mouth has a date today.'

Ugh, I thought, disgusted. 'Screw him.' I wrote quickly.

Mouth had a girlfriend. Total ditz, total goody-goody, total BORE! Her name… I think it was Eli, but I preferred just to forget. I hated her. Mouth was agonizingly corny around her, and I just had to wonder, where had my brother gone?

'What about the others?'

I again tossed the paper over to the other side of the room, and received the note back with the following message:

'Data has the robotics club competition after school today. I don't know about Chunk yet.'

Oh yeah… sometimes I forgot that Chunk, Data, and Mouth were each in a different biology class. Very easy thing to do.

The paper sailed back and forth, and the remaining conversation went something like this:

'I'm in.'


'So… we're having a get-together with only part of the group? That's unofficial, you know.'

'I've been lonely.'

'I'll give you my walkman to keep you company. Of course, you'll have to buy me another one.'

'Gee thanks.' (I could picture Mikey rolling his eyes.)

'Seriously, I know what you mean. Mouth's girlfriend? One word- ugh!' (a word I had used already, and many times in the past)

'Hey, she's nice.'

'But you don't like her either!'

'She's okay.'

'Not when she's within 10 feet of Mouth, she isn't. Mouth wouldn't even sneak in to see Lost Boys with me yesterday! He had BETTER things to do. It was a really good movie, by the way. Good theme music, too. I think I'm going to buy the audio cassette for my walkman.'

'I bet it was. Too bad they aren't making any good pirate movies anymore.'

'Yeah. The last good pirate novel I read was written 300 years ago.'


'Do you by any chance have a deck of cards? I want to play.'

'Lea… we're on opposite sides of the room.'

'We're starting that new science project today. We can play during the class time she gives us.'

'Um, about that… I already have a partner. Sorry.'

'You already chose a partner without telling me? Turd. So who is he?' (I drew a pathetic frowny face to show that I was joking)

'Um… Sarah.'

'Sarah's a boy name? I'm confused.'

'No! Sarah's a girl!'


'It's not like that. We're just friends, and she thought this project was particularly interesting (Riiight) and she asked me if I wanted to work with her.'

'Cool. I'll just work with Data, then. Or Chunk, if Mouth's already snatched him up.'

'Erm… I think you have to choose partners within the class.'

'Oh, right. Forgot they weren't in my block.' (AGAIN)

'Are you mad?'

'No. Why the hell would I be mad? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!'

'Still on for ice cream?'

'You bet! I'll tell Data to tell Mouth to ask Chunk in US History class. I wish Cooking Class were later in the day now!'

There was little to speak of for us, the Goonies, anymore. Apparently it was decided that the Goonies was the new name for the town's community service club, because of our deeds, and now we had little disciples following us around everywhere. Sure, we- the original Goonies- still hung, and that relieved me. But we ourselves hadn't had any great adventure for over a year now. I supposed we had to wait for one to get tossed at us. But I didn't think we could wait much longer. 15 was kinda pushing the limits.

Mouth's new girlfriend was antagonizing- at least to me, she was- but I was apparently bringing my own share of annoyance to the family, too. I had this new walkman that I never stopped listening to. Every morning, it was walking down the stairs, seeing people's mouths move and not hearing the words, and 'What?' How I came to receive that walkman… ah, the great things that happen to you in high school. The cool seniors had given it to me (the wimpy freshman loser) out of pity. I'm not kidding. A senior just came up to me (while I was walking through the hall and snapping my fingers randomly) and pulled it out and said, 'Here, take it. Nobody's ever going to offer you one again.' That was all he said, and then he just left, one walkman poorer. I felt as if I would never have to hunt for One-Eyed-Willy's treasure again.

The thing about high school was that the whole school didn't hero-worship us. The freshman did, and a few of the sophomore, even. Some people in the junior and senior classes respected us, and all of the freshmore and sophomore did. It was a really nice change.

The bell rang, and I was shoved out into the hallway by the current of students leaving the classroom. My next class was Integrated Language Arts Class: Freshman and Sophomore, which I shared with Data and Stef. I walked over to room 302 and waited for Stef to come out so I could walk with her to class like we did every day.

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