Someone, please kill me

Someone, please kill me.

Summary: After Sasuke leaves to join Orochimaru, Hinata is kidnapped. Seven years later the rookie 12 (including Sai, Masturi, Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari,) stumble upon the two training when they're attacked. (Sasu-Hina, Shika-tema, Gaa-Saku,- Naru-ino.)

Karu: Hey people. This story is set seven years after Hinata is kidnapped, which is one year after Sasuke left. By this time Naruto is hokage and Gaara is Kazekage. They're all either 18, 19, or 20.

Hinata: Why are you writing about me?

Karu: Cause I can. Like I was saying, I have some pretty fucked up pairings, I know, but there will be more like Neji-ten and if I feel like it, Shino-kin, cause my friend asked. She also asked for Chou-Haku. So Haku's probably still gonna be alive or something, K? and he'll be a girl.


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Chapter one

No one even noticed?

(Hinata POV)

"OI! Let's train!" A males voice called through the heavy doors. I jumped up, not expecting it, and shut my book.

"Okay," I replied, setting my book down and grabbing my weapon pouch and katana, pulling my long indigo hair into a messy bun. I opened the doors, knowing that he was standing there.

"By the lake?" He asked. I nodded, noticing how his onyx eyes shimmered today. He must be excited. I closed my dark doors, and followed him as he led us through the dark stone hallways of Orochimaru's lair. Sure, I've been here for almost seven years now, but I still get lost.

Soon we were outside, and standing at the edge of a huge lake. We looked at each other, a grin on each of our faces as we stepped onto the lakes surface. The moon was shinning down on us, completely full.

"Aren't you glad you stayed?" He asked. We were moving away from each other, and going into our battle stances.

"I am. I'm capable of doing things now," I replied, pulling out my katana and preparing myself for his attack.

"One of them is talking correctly," He added. He prepared himself as well. "You're new looks suits you better. Who would have thought the shyest weakest girl had the best body?"

"Thanks. I didn't prefer throwing up or starving myself, so I just ate, and then worked it off in training that never helped," Smirking. We waved our hands signaling being ready to fight. That's when we were suddenly sword on sword, attacking, and running rapidly on the water's surface.

"Byakugan," I muttered, low enough to tell him what I was doing. I was startled. We weren't the only ones here. There were twelve other people, watching us.

"Sasuke, we're being watched by twelve," I muttered, warningly. He nodded, his smirk getting wider.

"Then let's give them a show, and attack out of no where. They're that twelve correct?" He asked quietly. I nodded, and we started attacking each other again. My hair had gotten loose, and was falling down my shoulders. I had long before now given up jackets and now my outfit consisted of a tight shirt that showed off my curves, ending right above my belly button. It was white colored, and I had managed to never stain it. I had bandages wrapped all the way around my left arm, black fishnet on the other. I wore black ninja shorts, pieces of fishnet and bandages here and there on my legs. Black ninja boots, and wrapped tightly around my neck, was my headband, with a scratch through the middle of the Konoha leaf.

Our katana's clacked every time they touched, and soon we had both lost them. Now fighting with genjutsu was much different than I had hopped against the Uchiha survivor. He would try to use Tsukiomi (?) on me, but with the Byakugan, I was able to deflect it. If I tried to use a genjutsu, his eyes would see through. So we normally just used Taijutsu or ninjutsu.

As the fake battle continued, we secretly locked on our targets. I was locked on my older cousin, and he was locked obviously on Naruto. Suddenly, as he kicked at me, I black flipped, and that was the queue. In the middle of my flip I took out twenty kunai and flung them in my cousin's direction. Sasuke disappeared and the next thing we heard was a blood curdling scream.

"Who'd you kill this time?" He asked, sighing, bringing Naruto out from the trees.

"I think I missed actually," I sighed, walking over to the raven. Right now, our faces were covered with head wraps. We both had a black one on, and it covered our faces completely.

"Who are you two?" Naruto asked, gasping against the blade that was being held to his neck.

"Shall we tell them our identities. Mine's not a big deal. Yours though, that might cause us some trouble.

As I was about to reply bugs surrounded me. I let out a giggle as they swirled my head wrap off. Once again, I muttered the magic word and my clan's inherited vision came on. Suddenly, striking fast and molding my chakra, the bugs were all dead. Audible gasps could be heard as I walked over to my head wrap, picking it up and slinging it over my shoulder. My eyes were closed the entire time though, as I walked back to my partner and his captive.

"You're a Hyuuga aren't you?" A brown haired boy asked, bugs swarming around him.

"Obviously, Shino," I replied, slapping my hand over my mouth. "Oops," I muttered out the word as Sasuke let out a sigh.

"You know all our names don't you?" Neji asked.

"Well, of course I do. Eh, Sasuke, you're going to kill the poor blonde," I sighed, telling him that his pressure on the blade had increased, and blood was lightly trickling down the tan boys neck.

"They don't even notice who you are? Do you not even notice who she is?" Sasuke snarled. I shook my head.

"It's not like I care. They probably didn't even noticed I was kidnapped, or that apartment was burned down," I was silently asking the twelve un-welcomed visitors if any one had noticed.

"So, what's you're name again? I didn't catch it. It's obvious the guy holding Naruto close to death is Sasuke, but who are you and why do you know so much?" The pink haired girl asked, snarling.

"Go ahead, tell them," Sasuke said, beckoning me to tell.

"Alright. My name is Hyuuga Hinata, ex-heir to the Hyuuga clans thrown," I said proudly, even saying my new title.

"Are you going to tell us?" Neji asked. Apparently, he hadn't heard me. Being as irked as I was, I walked up to him, on the shimmering water of the lake, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and made him look into my now opened eyes.

"Hyuuga Hinata, maybe my new appearance will help you remember it," I sneered, then threw him all the way across the lake and into the trees that surrounded them.

"NEJI!" A girl with brown hair that was tied up in buns screamed. I walked back over to Sasuke, who had pulled off his head wrap, his duck hair sticking up in the back.

"Duck-ass," I murmured laughing softly. He shot a glare at me, and suddenly, punched me. Well, he tired to. I blocked it though.

"Shadow jutsu," We murmured, and suddenly we were both still, caught in a shadow jutsu.

"Okay, got em, let's head back. Tenten, go get Neji," A kid with hair that resembled a pineapple said lazily and yawned as he started walking.

"We're going back to Konoha, correct?" Sasuke asked as he let his grip on the kunai drop, along with his hand to his side.

"Of course, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura and Ino shouted at the same time, clinging to his arms. He growled at them, and after the chakra restricting binds were put on, moved over to me.

"This should be interesting," I sighed sarcastically.

"I'd run away from those two girls if I wouldn't get killed," He said, glaring at the two girls.

"I'll tell them you're gay with Orochimaru. Do you think that would help?" I asked sneering as he shuddered.

"I'd rather not," He replied, glaring his perfected glare at me. I glared back, signaling the challenge.

"Are you challenging me to a glare off?" He asked, a smirk gracing his lips.

"You're on duck-ass," I sneered, smirking in return. We glared at each other and neither one of us blinked.

"You two, stop starring at each other!" Neji yelled coming up to us.

"We have names and it's a glare off," I replied sighing. I hadn't turned to speak to my cousin. Then something harshly met my face, throwing my glare off and making me hit the ground. I grunted in contact with the soft muddly surface.

"You have no right to back talk to me, bitch," He snarled. "I have a few questions to ask," He stated. I pulled myself into a sitting position and glared at Sasuke.

"You win this time," I muttered, frowning at his smirk. "Well then, Neji, I guess you should take a seat then, cause I'm not going any where," I said plainly as I scooted over to Sasuke and leaned against him as he leaned back.

"Why did you leave?" Neji started.

"I was kidnapped by this duck-ass here," I answered simply.

"Why did you stay?"

"I was held captive, and no one came for me. After a year I sunk into Konoha and found out that no one even noticed I was gone," Another simple answer.

"So you stayed, why?"

'I'm stronger now. I was sick of everyone calling me weak and pathetic, so I took action and became stronger, with the help of Duck-ass and look at me now! I can speak correctly, let alone kick your ass into the ground so hard you go to the center of the earth," Not so simple. I sneered every word out with leaking venom so strong it could kill Neji. I looked up though, and smiled warmly at Sasuke, who smiled back.

"W-what?" Neji stuttered.

"What? Something you didn't understand? I'll shorten it. I became stronger so people could stop looking down at me," I said, with a glare taught to me by Sasuke. Really, now that I think about it, I owe my life to Sasuke.

Neji just stared at me, until Tenten came over and snapped him out of it.

"Neji, the group leaders are having a meeting. I'll take over," She told him softly and as he stood up, she sat down in his spot.

"Hinata, why?" She asked. Sasuke and I sighed. Tenten had been my closest friend before I left, but I knew she thought of me as a weakling as well. I could see it in her eyes.

"Neji will tell you," I replied.

"Who's hokage?" Sasuke suddenly asked, throwing the both of us off guard.

"Naruto, actually. Tsunade gave him the title last year," Tenten replied.

"Okay, could you take off my binds so I can give something to him. I swear on my ninja way that I won't attack or run away. I think he might like to be relieved about something," I said. She looked at me funny for a second before speaking up.

"Why?" She asked.

"It's important. I may be a missing nin, but I like Konoha more than any other village, so I think they disserve this information first," I replied.

"Okay, hold on, I think they're done. NARUTO!" She screamed. Naruto came running over and asked what was wrong. She whispered in his ear and he nodded. I turned slightly and she undid my binds. I stood up, brushed myself off, and then untied a small leather pouch from my belt and tosses it to him.

"What's in it?" He asked dumbly.

"You have eyes, don't you?" I asked, sitting back down. Night had fallen over us, and the stars were shinning brightly.

He looked at me, then opened the bag, gasping at what he saw. Sasuke and I looked at each other smirking.


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