Some where I belong

Some where I belong

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Sasuke: Whats with all the best's?

Karu: We're that close, even though we've only known each other for a year, we trust each other with our lives.

Sasuke: Weakling.

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Naruto: Am not.

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Chapter Three


"Where'd she go?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke just stood up, and started running after her mumbling under his breath. "Idiots,"

The raven ran towards the place he knew the girl would go. They had learned how to communicate telepathically, and she told him that she was going to leave, that she couldn't stand it, that she might hurt someone. He was searching for her now, but he had already gotten a good idea of where she'd go.

He chased after her, knowing that Sakura and Ino were following him. He didn't care.


I finally found her. Meditating under a Sakura blossom tree. Her eyes were closed, and she was sitting cross-legged, leaning against the base of the tree. She had on a smile and she looked completely peaceful. Thank god. She's grown quite a temper over the years, but she knows how to control it.

I walked to her, quietly, but also knowing that she was to far in her meditation to notice me. I sat next to her, quietly, leaning against her. After we got to know each other really well, it sort of developed between us. We'll lean against each other, look out for each other, and share food, without caring. It just happened.

Okay, so you're probably thinking, Wow, Sasuke, you've fallen hard for Hinata, or something along those lines, and if you're not, well, to bad. But yes, I'll admit. I have fallen FREAKING hard for Hinata. So shush.

She leaned back, telling me she was calm and relaxed again. Again, thank god. Once I made her angry, and I think she punches harder than Sakura does. As you know, that's bone crunching.

"Duck-ass, why'd you follow?" She asked, her voice as heavenly as usual. It always made my heart beat twice as fast, and I had just gotten used to her touch.

"I had to make sure you were okay. You're not the nicest thing when you're mad anymore," I pointed out. She giggled softly, nodding her head in response.

"You can't be nice when you're angry. But, thanks anyway," Her voice echoed through my mind.

"Now come on, before Naruto comes and complains," I said, standing up slowly, reaching my hand down to help her up. She looked up at me, eyes opened and smiling. She took my and I helped her up, trying hard to dismiss the fact that our hands fit perfectly together. I smiled in return.

WHOO! It took so long for her to get me to smile. She would always try so hard, and then BAM.


We were fighting, well training actually. With you know, our bloodlines. Her Byakugan against my Sharingan. Well, we had figured out, that due to how her bloodline worked, she couldn't get caught in his Tsukiomi. So, we had decided to work on out Taijutsu. For only being her for a year, she was already pretty damn strong.

She charged me and started attacking me with her gentle fist jutsu. I was able to either dodge or block most of them. Until, that it, when she got me right under nose. I flew back, hit a couple trees, and then stopped, blood dripping from my nose. It was the first time she had actually gotten a painful hit on me. She ran over.

"Holy shit! Sorry, Sasuke-kun! Are you alright? Want me to heal that for you?" She asked, worry lacing her voice. I nodded, and for some odd reason, I had a smile on my face. She had improved.

"Sasuke-kun?" She asked, then I think this is when she saw my smile. Her face went red. She had learned how to not blush about three months after she came. "YOU'RE SMILING! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!" She screamed, then burst into a fit of giggles. I was still smiling.


We headed over to where the others were, but suddenly we were knocked over.


I hit the ground with a thump. I sat up quickly, noting Sasuke was still on the ground, eyes closed.

"Duck-ass, up," I commanded, trying to hide my giggles.

He opened his eyes and glared at me. He sat up, noting I was glaring back at him.

'Stop calling my duck-ass,' He hissed in my mind.

'Okay, Sas-uke,' I replied smiling, as he slapped himself with his palm in the middle of his forehead.

'You're hopeless,' He replied, snickering, with a small smile on his face. Some one coughed, letting us know they were there. Well, we already knew, we were just purposely ignoring them.

"Sas-uke, is just me, or did the wind cough?" I asked, giggling still. He shot me a smile.

"Nope, I heard it to. Let's go before we're hunted down like the dogs we are," He chuckled, turning his head around and started walking. I followed him, and as I was about to say something, I was cut off by a strong punch delivered oh so harshly to my face. Ow.

I was back on the ground before I knew it, and I also had foot lodged in someone's face. A faint ow was hurt and then someone was on the ground next to me. Sakura. Stupid fan-girl. Standing up, I looked down at her.

"Sakura, stop underestimating me, please. I've been trained by a sanin too ya know. We're even. No, never mind. I have a brain," I laughed softly, and then ran to catch up with my raven… WOAH! WHAT? I did not just think that!

"You're right, you said it aloud," Sasuke said, scaring me half to death. I jumped, and even emited a small scream. I turned around and glared at the laughing raven.

"You're evil. You know that right?" I asked, anger lacing my voice.

"Then again, you're evil too," He replyed, and started pushing me forward with his hands on my back. "Now come on Miss. Little – I – own – Uchiha – Sasuke," He laughed, causing me to blush. I growled a bit, causing him to laugh more, and now we had finally made it back to the encampment more or less arguing.

"Hey look they're back. Where are Sakura and Ino?" Kiba asked petting Akamaru. We shrugged and sat down, still mentally laughing.


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