Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"I'll be back soon, love, you won't even have time to miss me." I hated leaving Bella. Not only was it unbearable to be with out her but I could see the pain in her eyes.

"Too late." She murmured a pout on her face. I chuckled; it was so easy to love her.

"I'll be back before you wake up tomorrow." If I wasn't endangering her life, I wouldn't even bother going hunting.

"I'll be right here waiting" I kissed her softly. Emmett honked the car horn in response. "I love you" she whispered

"I love you more." I gave her one last kiss and turned around to get in the car.

"You guys are the biggest babies" Emmett complained, taking a sharp left turn. "I mean your going to be gone for no more than 12 hours and you talk to her as if you'll be gone for a year. You don't see me and Rosalie getting all kissy, kissy every time I leave." Emmett loved to get into mine and Bella's business; I don't know why, it just seemed to entertain him. All of a sudden I heard Jasper laugh quickly then he stopped. I looked at him questioningly. Then I heard his thoughts. He is such a liar, he totally feels the same way you do about leaving Rosalie. I laughed.

"What's so funny?" Emmett asked, annoyed.

"Nothing!" Jasper and I said simultaneously. Emmett just stared angrily at the road.

When we arrived at our destination it was getting dark. We split up, Emmett headed east, Jasper north, and I went west. At first I didn't find anything too interesting, a couple dear and some moose. Soon enough, though, I saw something move. I sniffed the air, mountain lion. I crouched down, ready to pounce. Suddenly my phone rang, the mountain lion got away, damn it! I checked the caller ID, Alice.

"What do you want?"

"Edward!" Alice sounded anxious, and I was suddenly worried.

"What's wrong Alice?"

"I… I was looking into the future and… Bella…It was so dark I couldn't see anything. I went to her house to check on her… Charlie said he hadn't seen her all day, or night."

"Alice, is she with Jacob?" I asked.

"No, Edward I checked. He's out looking for her as we speak. I… just… can't see her, you guys need to come home now." If we could cry I'm quite sure Alice would be bawling. I probably would be too, to be honest.

"Alice, keep trying to see her, we'll be home in 20 minutes." I hung up. Shock and devastation hit me like a ton of bricks, followed by a deep wave of calm, Jasper. Both of them were at my side now.

"We need to get home, fast." I said, and we ran to the car.

I got home to find Alice outside, sitting on the steps looking blankly into space.

"Anything Alice?" I asked hopefully, already knowing the answer. She shook her head solemnly. I went inside. Esme ran up to me.

"Edward, dear, I'm so sorry. What can I do to help?" She asked. I looked at her.

"Nothing, yet." I said blankly. I went upstairs to my room. I dialed the number of the cell phone I had give Bella for Christmas. It was off. I called Charlie's house phone.

"Hello?" Charlie answered hopefully. Obviously hoping for Bella.

"Hello, Charlie, it's Edward." I replied.

"Oh, Edward, I thought you might be… well you know."

"Yeah, she's still not home yet."

"Nope, haven't seen her since yesterday, before I went to work." He sounded like he'd been crying

"Ok, just thought I'd check. Don't worry Charlie we'll find her, I promise."

"Thanks Edward, tell your family I said thanks too."

"Sure thing, talk to you later." I hung up. Bella was gone; my heart had gone along with her. I would find her, if it took the rest of my existence I would find her. I loved her too much to give up. I knew my life would end without her, and maybe that would be best. I would find her, and everything would go back to normal. I couldn't bear to think of the alternative.