I know I said the last chappy was the last, but I decided to do one more. So I give you the Bonus chapter!

Heaven is nice. Made a million times better by the fact that Edward is here with me.

Haven is basically whatever you want it to be, wherever you were happiest. For us, it's mostly our meadow. We spend our days at the meadow. We have no need for sleep, food, or pain. Its better than being a vampire, because I don't want to kill anyone.

You can leave your heaven and go to any other place too, its kind of weird, but in a good way.

Edward doesn't feel the need to kill me anymore. No pain. He actually looks like a human, he has the same hair, same face, almost, but he has the most amazing green eyes. I like it a lot. I feel more like we belong together now.

When I woke up here, I was shocked to see Edward, it broke my heart. I knew what had happened, he killed himself for me. It took hours before I stopped dry sobbing (No real crying in heaven) and another few hours to let go of him.

We figured things out pretty quick. There was only one rule, no hate or fighting up here.

We were allowed to check in on our families, go down to Earth, they couldn't see or hear us, but we could them.

Alice and Jasper had killed Henry after he killed us. Then they bit Lena and adopted her. That was good, she deserved happiness. Every week we went down to visit the Cullen's.

Edward and I are married now (who knew they did that up here?) and are extremely happy.

I guess the priests aren't lying. Heaven really is paradise