Hey everybody. It's a Sailor Moon/Digimon crossover. It stars Rei and Leta from Sailor Moon and Ken, Matt, Tai, Izzy, T.K., Sora and Mimi from Digimon. I haven't seen very many Digimon episodes so people will be out of character. Ken, Matt and Tai are all 19, Leta and Sora are 18 and Rei is 17. Minor warning: There will be lots of Sora bashing, so don't complain. Comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated. Translation: Please Review. Thankies.


"Look out blow!"

Three boxes fell from above and hit the ground, causing a cloud of dust to rise. A girl with long black hair waved her hand through the air, trying to clear it out . "Watch it Leta, you almost killed me." she said, half laughing, half choking.

"Yeah," laughed the girl "well next time I won't miss." She stepped down from the ladder she had been standing on and wiped her hands on her pants. "Just kidding." She replied when her friend glared. She bent down and picked up the boxes and placed them back on the shelf.

"And just why did we get stuck cleaning out this room?" Leta asked her friend

"I'm not quite sure," Rei stated, running her broom across the floor. "All I know is that some people are coming to the shrine and my grandpa wants it to be spotless. I think he used to go to school with them or something."

Leta was about to climb back on the ladder when she noticed two objects lying on the ground. "Hey, Rei." She asked.


"What are these?"

Rei walked over to her friend and looked at what she was holding. It was two small, grey and blue computers. She took one out of Leta's hand. "I don't know, they're probably some kind of video game or stereo." Rei began to walk away when Leta stopped her again.

"I thought your Grandpa said no one had been in this room since his parents died."

Rei looked thoughtful for a moment, before replying " He did." Her eyes widened. 'There was no way they had gameboys when my grandfather was a kid' she thought to herself. She looked up at her friend. "Someone must have broken into the temple and left them here. That's the only explanation I can think of."

Leta pushed a strand of brown hair behind her ear. "Yeah. That's probably what happened." She was about to put the computer on the shelf when it started to glow in her hand. "Rei..." she started. She looked up and noticed that the device in Rei's hand was also glowing. "What's happening?" She questioned.

Rei turned fear stricken eyes towards he friend. "I don't know-" Her reply was cut short and she lost consciousness as the room faded to black.


"Rei. Wake up."

Rei yawned and rolled over, so Leta put all her force into her hand and slapped her. Rei shot up, rubbing her cheek. "Damn Leta, what was that for?" Rei sat up and tried to focus on her surroundings. She was outside, and there were trees where ever she looked. "Tree's," she said out loud, "There aren't this many trees in Tokyo."

Leta looked at her friend "Rei, I don't think we're in Tokyo." She extended a hand to help her friend up and then looked around. "Even if there were trees in Tokyo, it wouldn't be this kind." Leta raised her head and looked at the towering pines. " What happened."

Rei followed her friends gaze. "I don't know." She was about to say something, but she turned around and tensed. "Ssshhh." Leta said nothing and turned to look at her friend, a questioning look in her eyes. "I sense something." Leta pulled out her transformation wand, but before she could transform, Rei grabbed her hand. "No," she said," I don't think it's evil, just different."

Before either of them could say anything, a small, pink creature with a purple flower on it's head came bouncing towards them. Rei stepped back, let out a small cry and without another thought turned and hid behind the nearest rock. Leta was about to follow when the little creature jumped at her. She tried to jump out of the way, but she tripped and fell on her back. "Rei..." she started, but before she could say another word the animal was on her chest, jumping up and down happily.

"Hi! Hi! Hi!" It said to Leta. "Where's your friend?" Leta stared at the creature and raised a shaking hand to point at the rock. The little animal bounced over to the rock. "Why are you hiding from Yokomon? I wont hurt you." it told her. Rei ran around the opposite side of the rock and to where Leta was laying. She helped her friend up and they were about to run when another animal came towards them. This one was nothing but an orange head with a large gray horn sticking out.

"Hello." I said, " I am Tsunomon and I am very pleased to meet you."

"P-p-pleased to meet you to....I think" Rei said. Tsunomon tried to get closer to Leta, but she backed away.

"Rei, " She said, "I think we're going to die, so I just want you to know that I'm glad we were friends."

Rei cried "I don't want to die!!"

"Your not going to die." Came a female voice from behind them. They both turned to see who was talking to them. It was a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a light yellow tank top with a pair of loose fitting blue jeans. She was looking at them funny. "How did you guys get into the Digiworld?" She asked.

Leta looked up at her. " Digiworld?" she questioned. "What the hell is that?"

The girl looked down at her. "This is the Digiworld."

"Well," Rei said, standing up, "that's nice. I only have one question. How in the hell did we get here?"

"There's only one way to get here, and that is to use a Digivice."

Leta was about to ask what a Digivice was when she heard a voice calling out. "Sora? Sora where are you?"

"I'm over here." the girl called out. "My names Sora, what's yours?"

Leta stood up, and dusted herself off " I'm Leta, and this is Rei." They both waved and were about to begin asking more questions when six other people came running through the tree's. When they saw Rei and Leta they all stopped.

A little boy of about seven or eight walked forward and introduced himself. "Hi." he said, "My names T.K."

Leta was about to introduce herself when another boy walked up and pulled T.K. back. Then he bent down and said, "Be careful T.K., we don't know who they are or who they work for." Then he stood back up and brushed a blond lock out of his face. " Who are you?" he demanded.

Rei couldn't believe she was being treated like this by a complete stranger so she walked forward and said, "Look, I'm Rei and this is Leta-"

Another little animal rushed to Rei's feet and interrupted her "And I'm Koromon!"

Rei screamed and jumped back. Another boy walked forward, laughing. He had brown spiky hair and light brown eyes. He picked up Koromon and turned to Rei. "There's no need to be afraid of this little guy, he wont hurt you. My name's Tai and this, " he pointed to the boy who had been questioning her " is Matt. The girl with the pink hair is Mimi, the boy with the glasses is Joe and last but not least the boy with the computer is Izzy. You'll have to forgive Matt, he's a bit of a jerk." Matt glared at him, but didn't say anything. Rei tried to laugh, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from what Tai was holding. He followed her gaze. "Oh, this is Koromon." he said, bringing the animal eye level with Rei. She jumped and hid behind Leta.

Leta stepped forward and looked at Koromon. "Well," she started, "he sure is....weird. What is he?"

T.K. pushed