Title: Witches, Demons and Hunters - Oh My!

Authors: Rachel/princessschez and Claudia/gidgetgal9

Rating: PG-13 for language and violence; AU

Fandom: Charmed/Supernatural

Summary: Does contain spoilers for Supernatural S3. So if you don't wish to be spoiled, don't read any further.

Dean's deal comes due and it has dire consequences for the Halliwell family in the future. Will the Halliwell family be able to change the past in order to protect their family?

Pairing: Sam/Melinda

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester; Bobby Singer; Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell; Ruby; Lilith; and Missouri

Disclaimer: We own nothing from either Charmed or Supernatural. Everything belongs to their respective owners. We're merely having fun with them.

Author's Note: This was a collab effort between me and my wonderfully talented co-conspirator, Claudia/gidgetgal9.

There are also some things we would like to point out regarding this story:

1. It was stated after Charmed's series finale that Piper did have a third child, the long-awaited Melinda.

2. Most of Ruby's history has been changed to fit the plot of the story.

3. Chris Halliwell still has memories of what his "past life" (when Wyatt was evil) was like, even though he changed the future at the end of Charmed's S6.

4. Plot takes place after Malleus Maleficarum

Gidgetgal9 A/N: This was such a fun project! I want to thank Princessschez for letting me in on her plot bunny. It has been such a pleasure to work with her.I think we made a great team and I hope it shows in the story we created. I also want to thank our great beta's, Floralia, Sendintheclowns and Lisa.With their awesome help, I think we ended up with a cohesive story. We couldn't have done it without them!

PrincessSchez A/N: I, too, would like to thank the three beta's who've read, re-read, and re-re-read this fic. You guys have the patience of saints, lol! I also want to deeply thank Gidgetgal9, who - without her help - this fic would never have been finished. She has been a wonderful co-author - and yes! We did make an awesome team, dang it! Hopefully all who reads this fic will enjoy it as much as we had fun writing it.


There she stood, all alone in the hot, smoky room. Bright light engulfed the broken windows, and a great feeling of sadness crept over her like a veil. Tears began dripping from her eyes, but for what reason, she didn't know.

Shielding her eyes from the intense light, she slowly moved along the debris, small shards of glass breaking with each step. Blood stained the walls and floor around her ... Whoever left these was seriously injured ... or worse ...

"Hello?" she called out. Where was everybody? Why was the house so quiet, so vacant? It was like everyone simply vanished into thin air.

"Mom? Dad?" Still, she received no answer. "Wyatt? Chris? Anybody?"

Once her eyes began adjusting to the light, she removed them from her face. But what she saw ahead made her let out a terrible scream. Her mother was slouched over the empty window, still and unmoving. Melinda rushed over while horrific thoughts paraded through her mind. No, she couldn't be, she reasoned.

"Mom? Mom? Are you all right?" Melinda yelled, shaking her mother's body.

"Mom, please … Oh God, please wake up!" she cried. "No, this can't be …. No, no, no …. Please someone ... help! Somebody! Dad! Aunt Paige!"

No one came.

She pulled the bloodied body closer to her – hoping, praying – that her mom would wake up. Yet she never did. Blood stained Melinda's hands, dripping crimson droplets onto the floor, but she didn't care. She didn't care about anything anymore. Melinda wiped the tears that fell faster and faster from her eyes and sobbed loudly into her mother's body, but she never heard the slow, steady footsteps that drew closer to her.

It wasn't until the person drew right up beside her that she knew she wasn't alone. She looked up, expecting to see her father, her brothers, or her Aunt Paige ready to try and heal her mother. However, the figure was a person she had never seen before.

A cruel smile curved his lips; his black eyes glinted ominously. Blood was spattered all over his face, hiding what must have been at some point an attractive man.

Through her blurred vision, she could see him pull something shiny out of his pocket before thrusting forcefully at her. Melinda screamed in pain as blood began pouring out from her side; she let go of her mother, falling to the ground. Everything around her began fading to black.

Something began to ring loudly in her ears. Opening her eyes, she sat straight up in her bed, panting, a feverish shiver chilling her to the bone. Switching off her alarm, she pulled the sheets over her head, revisiting the awful nightmare. It seemed so much more real, more like a premonition. But no, it couldn't be ... Her cousin Penelope was the only one with that power. It must have just been a nightmare – a very realistic nightmare. But whatever it was, it had come to her every night for the past week and never let her rest.

Sweat was beading up on her brow, but she remained hidden under the sheets. Her mind was too preoccupied with the deeply disturbing images of her dead mother and the face of a demon she would never forget.

Chapter 1.

Dean looked up from his position at the window as one of his minions spoke.

"Master Dean, if you truly want to control the mortal and magical worlds, wouldn't it be prudent to go after your brother? He is powerful and it shouldn't take much for you, his brother, to break him."

Dean huffed. "You idiot, how many times do I have to tell you that Sam is off limits! There are many psychic kids out there who could do our bidding but I'm thinking of a larger target. The Halliwell Family is a powerful witch family that could be swayed. The elders are of no use to me, they're too set in their ways, but the kids would work well in our plans to rock the mortal world."

"Yes my Lord, then we will start making plans for an attack on them soon." The demon nodded at Dean and left him.

Dean smiled. The time was right- it was time to take what was his. To be the ultimate power in the underworld. The twentieth anniversary of his rebirth was coming and what better way to celebrate than taking complete control.


Sam Winchester had always dedicated his life to helping others. Well, except for his brief run for normal at Stanford but even then the goal was to be a lawyer that could help those in need. Year-end and year-out, Sam was a hunter. A hunter who put others first and rescued those in need of rescuing.

It was a lonely life but Sam stayed busy and never letting himself dwell much on his life, except for once a year.

For a two-week period every year, Sam became a hermit. He would hole himself up in a remote cabin that belonged to his friend Bobby and hide away from the world.

On the anniversary of his death and Dean's, Sam would hide from life. It was too hard during this time to face people. It was much easier to escape to the remote cabin and indulge in self-pity.

The first week was always hard. He tried to remember the good times with Dean to make it through.

It was the second week that almost drove him over the edge every year; the anniversary of Dean's re-birth. It haunted him until this day.

It was twenty years ago but it felt like yesterday. After Dean's death, Sam had put the body on ice and quickly set about finding a way to bring his brother back.

For two weeks, Sam called every contact and followed every lead he could find. In New Orleans he found a voodoo priestess who promised she could give Sam the answers in exchange for some of his human-tainted blood. Sam gave her a pint of his demon-tainted blood and she gave him the "answer".

Bobby had warned him against using the black arts to bring Dean back, but Sam was desperate and decided that he had to try. It was the first time that Bobby lent Sam his cabin so that he could hide away from the world to perform the ritual.

It was a summoning and binding ritual that promised if the soul wasn't tarnished too much, that the person would return human. It had only been two weeks and their dad's soul had survived almost a year before being released so Sam felt confident that Dean would return human.

Sam had carefully thawed Dean's body and started the ritual. It had been a long night but things came together just as they should. The final candle was lit and a heavy silence prevailed in the small cabin.

Dean's eyes slowly opened. His first word was "Sammy." Sam could finally breathe as Dean sat up and hugged him.

"You did good Sammy,." was purred in his ear as Dean rubbed small circles in his back just like he'd done when he was a child.

Sam pulled away with a watery smile. "So what do you want to do Dean?"

"Well Sammy, I'm tired of life being out of our control. From now on it will bow down to us. I want you to embrace your powers and take your rightful place as the leader of the underworld, and I will be there right at your side." Dean's beautiful hazel eyes turned dark black as he smiled at Sam.

Sam slowly backed away. "No Dean! I was supposed to save you!"

Dean's eyes cleared and he smirked. "You did Sammy, you did."

In the end, Sam couldn't destroy his brother. He knew he was weak and it was wrong of him but he just couldn't.

It seemed that Dean shared this same weakness, because as they went separate ways all those years ago, he had promised Sam that he would be protected. Sam would never have to worry about demons ever threatening him again and he was welcome to take his place at Dean's side whenever he changed his mind.

Sam never changed his mind. He just stopped hunting demons. Sam still hunted, but only other supernatural creatures. It was too painful to think if he continued the war against demons, that one day he would have to kill Dean. He still helped other hunters with information on them, but he never hunted demons.

It was the memories of what he had unleashed on humanity that haunted him the most, when he was alone in the cabin.


Dean was almost ready to put his plan into motion. He would hit the Halliwell family hard and fast. Take out the parents and grab the children. Over time he felt he could break them, and even if he could only break one of the siblings that would be enough.

It wouldn't be the same as having Sam by his side, but it would have to do until his brother came to realize where he belonged.

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