Konoha's Santoryu User

The Master and the Pupil



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"Why does everyone hurt me?" an eight year old boy asked himself. "I didn't do anything wrong…" The boy was blonde haired with cerulean eyes, a black shirt with an orange leaf insignia, orange shorts, whisker marks on his cheeks and white skin. He was currently hiding in his house. Suddenly, all the previous mob shouts stopped. "N-Nani?"

The boy went to check it out. At the front of the boys apartment was a green haired man with a white shirt, light skin, three gold earrings on one ear, a green sash worn in the fashion of a belt, black pants and a black bandana tied on his right arm. At his side were three sword sheaths, the blades themselves being held awkwardly: one was in each hand and the third was in his mouth. Sheathing the swords, the man shouted at the crowd. "Oi! You lot should be ashamed with yourselves! The ones who aren't should be damned!" The man turned to the boy. "You all right, kid?" The boy looked around to see all the people in the previous mob, sans one man, were all lying on the ground unconscious.

"M-Mister, did you beat all these people?" the boy asked terrified. If this turned about to be the case, this man was truly terrifying, having beaten that many people by himself, armed or not.

As if in response, the one man from earlier, the one who started the mob and almost died along with it, got up from the ground. "Don't you think you are out yet, demon brat!"

"Oi, you are still up, eh?" The man readied one of his swords, an unusually black colored blade with a red pattern down the middle. The hilt was black with an orange cloth wrapped around it. He then pointed this blade at the man, causing the mob-starter to start whimpering. "Now, then..."

The boy saw what the man was doing. "No, stop, don't kill him! He didn't do anything wrong!" He grabbed the green haired man by the green sash around his waist, pulling at it like it was going to do anything at all except tug at the fabric.

The man stopped and listened. "He attacked you, a kid, which is something worthy of death in my opinion." He sheathed the incredible looking blade. "However, you are right. Oi, I shouldn't let my temper control me." He turned to face the other man. "I will let you live this time, you pathetic jerk." The mob-starter ran off, screaming in fear as he did.

"Thank you, mister. You saved me." The boy looked up and smiled at the man, emphasizing his gratitude. "I don't know what they would have done if you didn't show up." The bow then stepped away, bowing as he did. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it. I don't like the type of person who gain up on other people unless it is for friendly reasons." The green haired man then gave a look at the boy. The boy's blue eyes, had something in them. Something that he'd seen before in himself when he was that young. "What's your name, kid?"

"N-Naruto. I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto smiled at the man again, jumping up and down as he told the man his name. He stared intently at the man with his cerulean orbs. "What's your name?"

"Roronoa Zoro, the world's greatest swordsman!" The green haired swordsman, Zoro, couldn't help but puff out his chest with pride. It wasn't just ANY title after all. Besides, there was a child present, and as much as Zoro didn't try to be a ham normally, there was something about this boy that just made him start to put on the ham.

Naruto stopped. He stared at the swordsman in absolute shock. "Ro-Roronoa? You can't mean the Roronoa from the other side of the world?" His eyes widened in awe as the answer came abruptly.

"The same."

"Wow! I'm talking to the real live Zoro! The Santoryu master himself!" Naruto looked up to face the man. He then pointed at Zoro. "Next to the Kages, you are my hero!"

"Oi, how so, kid?" Zoro tilted his head in slight perpexity. "This is a world of ninja, and I'm a swordsman.

"A swordsman who stuck with his dream to become the world's greatest until the very end!" Naruto started jumping around again in excitement, before stopping at Zoro's left and pointing at him again. "I look up to people like that!"

Zoro smiled softly. 'I knew it. Just like me. Wants to be strong and be respected. If that's the case, then well... Why not?' He then crouched down to Naruto's level. "Well, since you know me so well, I guess it is time to stick around and watch you become acquainted with my style." Zoro removed the sheaths from his side. "I have already accomplished my dream. I would like you to train with these under my supervision. Follow whatever dreams you may have combined with mine under my tutelage."

"Wait, so…so you want me to be your apprentice?" Naruto asked, surprised by the sudden proposal.

Zoro nodded in response. "Kid, you have some type of fire similar to mine. I like that."

"I…I..." Naruto's eyes watered up, happy over this sudden turn of events. "I accept! I will be your apprentice!"

"Oi, if that's the case, how about we start tomorrow? I'm tired after all of that."

"Yosh, sensei!" Naruto ran inside and got a bed out for his new guest. The rest of his life was going to be better.


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