I am sorry for the lack of translation for two of the moves. Here are the translations.

Shini Otoshiana no Jutsu- Death Trap Jutsu

Santoryu Ougi: Akarin- Ultimate Three Sword Style: Red Ring

Now, it's time for you guys to learn that me and a fellow author by the penname of Kasek have been exchanging character ideas. Shijou Gourisei from the story 'The Devil's Fruit', that Kasek has written is my OC that I lent to him, just as he lent Tsukiko from 'Kitsu Kitsu no Mi' and Hyuuga Kouko (who was never used) from the discontinued 'Flowers in the Dark' to me for this story. So don't be surprised to see Tsukiko in this chapter and Kouko...sometime later.

These next two chapters are going to take place before the Zabuza arc.

Konoha's Santoryu User

The New Arrivals, Part 1



"Technique/Sword Name/Akuma no Mi"

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Baishuu stared at the morning sun in his window. The glare was bright and flashing. It was warm against his stitched up skin. Baishuu stared at his arm. He growled at the marred and stitched up appearance, comparing it to that of everyone's skin, which was unmarked. 'Damned fruit...Look what it did to me...'

Soon, Ino knocked on his door. "Baishuu-san? Is something wrong? You've been in there all day! It's time for lunch!"

Baishuu slowly got up. 'And worse yet, I'm the only one here with an Akuma no Mi power. I'm not just alone because of appearance, but because of power, too. This family I live with...They only pretend to enjoy my company, but I know that it is possible that somewhere in there minds, they are degrading me.' All through lunch, Baishuu slowly ate the pork tempura that Ino's mother made for him, distracted by his sad thoughts but kept a smile on his face to not worry them.

Ino stared at Baishuu's face. Her parents never noticed it, but on days that he took ours of time in his room, he always had a small, unnoticable twitch at the corner of his mouth. She retreated to her thoughts. 'What's wrong with Baishuu?'

After lunch, Ino brought Baishuu behind the building to talk with him. "All right, Baishuu, is there something wrong? The corner of your mouth has been twitching ever since you got out of your room, so don't say no."

Baishuu winced. His drawn on smile, out of lack of focus turned into a frown. He didn't attempt to change it into a smile. "...My appearance..."

"Appearance? Baishuu-san, that's really...strange to worry about. That sounds like something a girl like me would worry about," said Ino.

"Not my weight! I mean, my...skin..." He showed her his arm, which had the stitches it always had. "Every freakin' inch of my body has stitches on it. See?" Baishuu pulled his collar down to show stitch lines cross vertically, horizontally and diagonally across his chest. "I look like a freakin' rag doll! No one but a freak looks like a rag doll." He hung his head sadly. "I should just leave and join a freak show. I can see my name now." He held his hands to show the drama of a sign. "'Stulker D. Baishuu: Human Rag Doll!' Or better yet, 'Stulker D. Baishuu: Surgery Gone Wrong!' You can see it, can't you?!"

When he calmed down and began to pant, Ino got a look of pity on her face. "Baishuu...Is this how you live everyday of your life? Worrying about what people think of you? Worrying about looking like a freak show escapee?" She got a nod. "That's a terrible way to think."

"...Yeah, you're right..."


"Even a freak show wouldn't take me. I might as well just be a wandering rag doll," said Baishuu before getting slammed on the head. "Ow!! What the hell?!"

Ino waved her hand about. The kid's head was HARD! "I didn't mean like that. I meant that nobody thinks that your a freak."

Baishuu glared. "Not now, because people don't know what I kind do! If they saw me with you like THIS," started Baishuu before going Entou Joutai, "they'd think a was a monster or something! No one else in the village can do what I can do! I'm a freak! Do you understand now?"

"Yeah, and I also understand why you never really settled down into any other village before. You're scared of what they think, so you can't stand staying," said Ino. She crossed her arms, holding them against her chest. "Look Baishuu-san, just trust me on it. If anyone said any of those things about you being a 'monster' or a 'freak', I would hear it first, and I would rip off the mouth that said it the moment they said it."

Baishuu went wide-eyed with surprised. "N-Nani?"

"You're like my brother, Baishuu-san," said Ino. She tapped him on the forehead with her finger. "And clans look out for their own. Especially the Yamanaka. None of that stuff will be said about you ever. I promise." Ino walked around the building. She suddenly stopped. "Do you promise...not to let anyone get to you like that?"

Baishuu nodded. "I promise."

"Good, that's what I wanted to here. Now, come on. Tousan wants me to sell twice as much today!" she shouted out with a groan.

After Ino was gone, Baishuu smiled to himself. "She's right, no one else matters. I'm who I want to be." He then frowned as he felt his forehead to feel no headband. "But, man, I wish I was a ninja. At least then I'd be able to blend in around here."

"Oi, you know what I say about that?" asked Naruto's voice from the roof. Baishuu looked up, shocked. "I say, leave it to me!" Naruto leaped off the rooftop to another rooftop. "Hey, ojiisan! I have a question for you!"

"...'Ojiisan'?" asked Baishuu.


Now, mind you, Hiruzen Sarutobi, known as the Sandaime, was a man of great patience. And by great patience, one meant GREAT patience. But hearing Naruto slam on the door over and over and over again whilst screaming 'jiisan, jiisan, jiisan' was giving him a headache. "WHAT IS IT?"

Naruto opened the door and hurried in. "Oi, ojiisan, I have a proposition-"

"No, I will not write a law that immediately makes you Hokage," answered Hiruzen Sarutobi briefly.

"...Good idea, but I wasn't suggesting that at all," said Naruto.

"Nani? That's surprising." The Sandaime had expected Naruto to ask him to do something like that. "So, what is your 'proposition'?"

"You know that kid my age that just moved in? Stulker D. Baishuu?"

Sarutobi ran a finger down both of his cheeks, representing the stitch marks down Baishuu's cheeks. He knew.

"Well, I would like for him to become a shinobi. He's a great fighter, but he wants to be on the same level as every other fighter around here."

"Ah, well, as much as I would like to do that, and that's a very great deal much, I can't," said Sarutobi. "First of all, the minor reason that I can easily ignore, there's the controversy with that. He'd have to take the test. Second, I'd have to put him on a team, and I don't have any spare Genin or Jounin."

"Crap," stated Naruto. "Where are we going to find two Genin and one Jounin anytime soon?"

The Sandaime smiled. "Now, now, Naruto. You never know. Sometimes life gives you a little break."


It was twelve at night. Two Chunin stood guard at that Gates of Konoha. Of course, there was nothing to guard against. No invading shinobi army. No demons. Nothing. "Hey pal," one said to the other. "Do you think it was worth signing up for this?"

"Personally, no. I wish there would be something interesting," said one of the Chunin.

Their wishes were answered. Just when the first one was about to fall asleep, the second Chunin nudged his friend. "Hey, hey, look at this!"

Right in front of the first one was a giant panda, standing on two legs. It was wearing a dark gray hoodie jacket with a blue shirt underneath it, black shorts and had slicked black hair. It's eyes had black irises and white pupils, making it appear quite spooky. It arms and legs looked muscular like a human's limbs, but still retained their panda-ness. In it's arms was a girl with short white hair, a pink shirt with a white rabbit head design, a white skirt and sandals. She appeared to be asleep. "Let us pass," asked the panda. It's voice was that of a boy, no older than twelve or something along that age group.

The two Chunin, complelely wierded out by the scene, did as the panda asked and let the two go through the gates.

The first turned to the second. "You wished there was something like THAT, or did you have something else in mind?"

The second shook his head. "Nope. I'm good for now."


Baishuu awoke from his bed. The sun was beginning to crack his window. He got up and looked at his clock. 8:45 AM. He decided to get out of bed early this time, so he got dressed, got out of bed and walked out of his home. He noticed that today, the people of the village were also up and early. The stores were stocking up early. The restaurants were opening up. And Baishuu felt like something was going on.

He looked around for someone to explain to him what was going on. He noticed Naruto and his teammates. "Naruto-san."

Naruto turned to Baishuu. "Oi, Baishuu-san. What's going on?"

"That's what I wanted to ask you. The stores are opening up awfully early around here."

Sakura jumped in before they could continue. "Uh, Naruto-kun? Who's this person?"

"Indeed, he doesn't look like a ninja." Sasuke was intrigued by the ragdoll-ish boy.

"This is Stulker D. Baishuu. He's a friend of mine. He just moved in with Ino-chan," said Naruto.

"Why'd she let a rag-" Sakura stopped herself. She figured the boy was sensitive about the word 'ragdoll', and she didn't want to offend.

Unfortunately, Baishuu put was she was saying together. He gave her a long glare. "I heard that. You were gonna say 'ragdoll'."

Sakura gulped. "Uh, n-no, I wasn't going to-"

"Quiet, baka," said a voice behind her. Sakura turned to see Ino, as well as her team. "Don't make fun of Baishuu-san like that."

"I didn't make fun!" shouted Sakura. "I almost say one thing and I never hear the end of it."

"Keyword being ALMOST!" Baishuu removed the death glare and turned to face Naruto. "So, uh...As I was saying, why are the stores opening up this early?"

"It's because of the shinobi," answered Naruto. "All of these stores are preparing for help from a ninja squad."


"Yeah, see, here's the thing. Being a nin isn't all about kunai and shuriken." Baishuu pointed to Naruto's blades. "Or swords. Basically, plenty of times a day, a nin squad, alongside their Jounin, has to go on missions, assignments made by various people inside and outside the village. Each mission is placed into one of five ranks: D- Rank, for Genin, C- Rank, for Genin and Chunin, B- Rank, for Chunin, A- Rank and S- Rank, for Jounin."

"Oh, I see. They higher rank you are, the safer it is for you to take a higher ranked mission."

"Of course," said Naruto. "As I learned yesterday, some people are more than happy to abuse the mission system to assign work they don't want to do themselves-"

"Quiet, baka!" shouted Sakura. She slammed a fist over his head. "Be respectful!"

Shikamaru and Chouji pitied him, Ino glared at Sakura for hurting Naruto, and Sasuke and Baishuu just giggled/laughed at the scene.

Baishuu stopped laughing and wiped an imaginary tear from his eye. "So, where do you guys report the missions to?"

"The Hokage's office," replied Sakura. "His assisstants are given the missions by the clients. Then, when the mission is accomplished, the client gives the assisstant they appealed to the money."

"They just request?" asked Baishuu, tilting his head with a confused look.

"Of course, Baishuu," stated Ino, smiling at her guest's antics. "If they got to pick the team, they would pick the team that had the most missions accomplished, leaving all the other teams out in the dust and putting too much pressure on the selected team. So, the Hokage picks whoever gets to perform the task."

"Oh," said Baishuu. "Well, good luck then."

"Well, ain't that funny. You said that when we were leaving the office." Naruto chuckled. "Our clients are a pair of newcomers to the village. It's a D- Rank, and they basically need escorts around the village to get themselves familiar."

"Can I come along?" asked Baishuu. "I want to see what it's like."

"Don't get too excited," said Sasuke. "D- Ranks are pretty bland."

"I don't mind." Baishuu, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke went one way while Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji went another way. Baishuu becamed confused again. "Aren't you guys all on the same mission?"

"Troublesome...No. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are one team. Myself, Ino and Chouji are on another one entirely. We got different missions. Potato gardening for us, escort and guiding for them." Shikamaru scratched the back of his head.

"Well, sorry if I'm not a ninja." Baishuu walked off with a 'hmph', as if Shikamaru was insulting him. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, who questioned why they were following Baishuu when it should have been him following them, but followed suit.

After a while of walking, they ran into an unusual pair: it was the girl from the gate and a boy with hair, eyes and clothes similar to the giant panda from the gate, but was around Naruto's age with white skin. The boy approached them. "Are you the team I requested?"

Naruto looked surprised. 'The clients.' He nodded. "Hai. You needed to be guided around Konoha?"

"That would help, yes," said the boy. "Allow me to introduce us. I am Gourisei Shijou. And my friend here is-"

"Tsukiko!" shouted the girl. She almost literally bounced over to the trio. "Nice to meet you all!"

Said trio was caught off guard with her energy supply. Sasuke was the first to regain his composure. "Nice to meet you, too...I think..."

Sakura was still busy noticing their ages. "Can you guys even pay for this?"

Shijou stared at Sakura with his odd looking eyes. "We have some money left over."

"Okay," said Sakura. "Well, what are guys doing here alone? Did you two elope?"

Tsukiko 'eeped' at the guess, while Shijou just blushed. "No. Nothing like that." The blush went away. "How about I tell you over lunch?"

At that moment, Squad 7 and Baishuu all had a rumbling stomach. Naruto looked up. "...Sounds good."

They stopped at a Ramen Shop, much to Naruto's liking. He began to slurp up his noodles. "So, you were telling us how you got here?" he asked, Baishuu slurping even MORE noodles at his side, despite his 'zipper teeth'.

Shijou sweatdropped. 'I'm starting to think that I might not be able to pay for the mission after all.' He looked at the vegetarian ramen he ordered. "Well, basically, it's starts off with me. I used to be a member of a small family, who lived on the oceans waves by ship. We went from country to country by sea, making stops to buy supplies. Two days after my ninth birthday, we stopped at the Fire Country for a bit, intending to only stay a week. Of course, my father was paranoid, so we decided to bury the money we found in case someone decided to steal it." He frowned. "How right he was. Five days later, a group of bandits decided to burn down our boat, kill my parents and look for the money hidden by us. They never found it. Only I knew the location at that point. When they decided to leave, I made quick work and dug up the money. I knew I would need it."

Sasuke looked across the stand, to where Sakura and Tsukiko were chatting. "And Tsukiko?"

Shijou brightened up for some reason. "Ah, yes, she's an interesting one. Doesn't remember her family, friends or home, yet can still keep smiling despite the burden." He slurped some of his ramen quietly. "I ran into her, truth be told. She was asleep on the stump of a tree. She awoke and saw me, and we talked. We decided journey together, finding it to be logical given a...talent we share." Shijou quickly finished his ramen, noting the chef's impatience. After finishing, he gave a girl across the counter the bowl. "And, after much village hopping, we found a suitable home here."

"And thus to familiarize yourself, you need an escort. Hn." Sasuke smirked. "All right then, we'll make this quick."

Sakura and Tsukiko finished their orders as well. Naruto decided to pay for the meal and make it easier for Shijou to pay for the mission, despite Shijou's protests. They thanked the chef on the other side of the counter. He smiled. "Just come back if you're ever hungry."

"Yosh, Teuchi-san," said Baishuu. He already had been introduced to Ayame and Teuchi from the start. "Arigatou! See you later!"

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Baishuu proceeded to show Shijou and Tsukiko around. Along the way, they ran into Kiba, who was with a girl with short, indigo hair, a white jacket, blue pants, white skin and pupiless lavender eyes, as well as a boy with messy brown hair, dark glasses, a white jacket with a high collar that hid his mouth, brown pants and white skin.

Baishuu ran toward them. "Ohayo, Kiba-san...Who are these two?"

"My teammates." He turned to the girl. "Hinata, meet Stulker D. Baishuu."

"Ano...O-Ohayo, Baishuu-kun," said the girl, Hinata, nervously.

"...Kiba, you didn't introduce me," said the boy.

"Huh?" Kiba looked at the boy and mentally bashed himself. "Great, now Shino's mad at me."

"You're Aburame Shino, correct?" said Baishuu, looking in Shino's direction.

"Indeed." The boy, although no one could see it, smiled. "Though I don't think we've been aquanted."

"True. I guessed," said Baishuu. "Ziaheheheheheheh!"

Naruto was confused by the word that Baishuu was apparently sounding out. "Sakura-chan, what does that word mean?"

"I don't know!" Sakura bashed Naruto over the head. "It sounds like nonsense to me! Baka!"

Now Baishuu was confused. "What word?"

"You know, 'ziahe'," answered Sasuke matter-of-factly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the word.

Baishuu proceeded to repeat the 'word'. "Ziaheheheheheheh! That's not a word; I'm laughing!" He proceeded to laugh in his odd fashion heartily at the misunderstanding, hands on his hips. "Ziaheheheheheheh!"

"Why didn't you laugh like that before?" asked Naruto.

"Because this laughter is hearty laughter. I lost the heart to laugh like this before." He pounded his chest. "But since yesterday morning, I've gotten that spirit back. Ziaheheheheheheh!"

Kiba soon also began to laugh. "That's a wierd way to laugh!" He put his arm around Baishuu's shoulders, and they began to laugh at the whole, short incident.

Shijou smiled softly, and chuckled a bit. "Nice guy. Might want to get to now him sometime." Tsukiko walked up next to him and nodded speedily.

As soon as Kiba and Baishuu stopped, Baishuu shook the hands of the trio. "Well, Naruto's team has to get going I guess-" A block away, the group heard something crash. "What was that?"

"We should find out." Shijou, Baishuu and Tsukiko sped off. Naruto and the team, bewildered on why the clients and someone not on their team was giving the orders, followed suit.

They stopped at a street vendor, next to him was a young girl, around six. The young girl was crying up a storm as the vendor, apparently her father, was bruised and shaken.

Naruto kneeled next to the man. "What happened here? Some kind of hold up?'

"Hai," said the man. "It was a thief. He used some odd power to hold me down with chains as his two goons beat me up."

"Crap. Not again," said Baishuu to himself. He turned to the vendor. "Don't worry, Vendor-san. We will get those guys and your money."

"We will?" Sakura and Sasuke we're instantly intimidated as Baishuu glared demonically and cracked his knuckles, Naruto unsheathed Sandai Kitetsu threateningly, Shijou glared at them with his spooky eyes and Tsukiko hissed. "I mean...We will!" shouted the two at the same time. A nervous sweatdrop rolled down their heads.

"Much better!" cheered Tsukiko.


"KUUsarisarisari! KUUsarisarisari!" In an old shack, an young boy with short grey hair, a scrawny, frail body, pale skin, an X shaped scar on his face and a red Chinese martial artists uniform sat in wait. Surrounding him was large piles of money. So much so that you could actually swim in it. "This is great! All of this money, to spend on what I want! It's all thanks to that Akuma no Mi thing I ate!" He then proceeded to laugh in his odd way. "KUUsarisarisari!"

"Baindo-niisan, what do we do now? We robbed all sorts of stores and vendors, so what do we buy first?" Near the door were two teenage girls. They both wore blue Chinese martial artist outfits, had long green hair, purple eyes and dark skin. The only difference was that the one on the left had a diamond on her forehead. They were both smiling as widely as the boy.

"Tenpi-chan, Shichi-chan!" shouted Baindo, as if to explain what they were going to buy. But then his face turned blank. "I got nothing." This made his apparent sisters facefault. "What do you spend so much money on?"

"Perhaps a home?" suggested the twins, Tenpiko, on the left, and Shichiko, on the right.

This made Baindo enter some thought, a frown on his face. 'A home...' He then remembered their old life. Before their house and parents burned down in that storm. They had a good home and family back then. Now they have nothing. "Perhaps...A home might work!" He then turned to his sisters, flashing his pearly whites. "I'm sure we have enough! I counted myself."

"That's why you're the brain, niisan!" shouted Tenpiko, leaning to the left.

"I doubt we could have counted as high!" shouted Shichiko, leaning to the right.

Baindo smiled. It was true. Despite them being a good number of years older than him, he was very bright. He could speak and know the meaning of plenty of words as a toddler. His twins, on the other hand, were more offensive than tactical.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door. "Who is it?" asked the twins.

"Ojamashimasu! Telegram!"

"Yeah, right..."

"Like we would believe that..." The twins groaned as the person speaking stumbled on his words a bit.

"Uh...Ano...Shounen-Ai magazine!"

Instinctively, the twins grabbed the knob. "Me first!"

This resulted in a shocked expression from their brother. "My aneue are perverts..."

Accidentally opening the door, the twins turned around to their brother. "Niisan!"

"You weren't supposed to hear that!" They turned to each other and said in unison, "We're just trying to throw it out! It's garbage!"

"Yeah, like hell you are!" He threw thousands of books from nowhere at his sisters.

Baishuu stared through the open doorway. 'Note to self: Use this tactic to trick females to open doors.' He then ran in. "Ojamashimasu, baka-chan and baka-chan!" Baishuu burst through the open door while the siblings were distracted. He approached Baindo. "Give back the money you stole from that vendor!"

Baindo, at long last, noticed Baishuu. "Oh, a visitor?"

Baishuu tripped while he was running at that comment. This caused him to collide into Baindo, sending the frail boy flying.

The twins stared in anger. "Niisan! Why you big-" The charged at Baishuu at the same time. The clapped hands, and both flipped in midair. "We practice Nibai Kenpo style. Get ready." They brought their legs down into a double heel drop. "Nibai Kenpo: Taiyou-Getsu Shougeki!" The heels headed straight for Baishuu's head.

As he was unwary, he had to turn around to see them. Just before the duo hit, a pair of panda paws appeared. They grabbed the two twin legs and threw the duo away.

Baishuu just stood wide eyed, his mouth gaping. "Shijou...You're an...You're an..."

"Yosh," shouted the panda from the gate that stood in Shijou's place. The eyes and hair fit perfectly on it. "I am a werepanda, due to the Kuma Kuma no Mi, Model: Panda that I ate."

"Kuma Kuma...and Model means Zoan? A Zoan fruit user! Sugoi, the first one I've seen!" Baishuu took a long gander at Shijou the Werepanda. "Sugoi...But wait, is it really that useful?"

"Baishuu, pandas are stronger than they appear," answered Shijou. "Especially around the defensive area. I can still attack, but defense is my specialty."

"Of course it is," stated Baindo, slowly getting up. "It's because of the unique layer of fat pandas are known to have due to evolution. The Kuma Kuma no Mi- Model: Panda takes that characteristic and turns it into a slight offensive and major defensive advantage."

"A smart one, eh?" asked Shijou. "You must be the thief."

"Leave niisan alone!" shouted Tenpi.

"Niisan, get away!" shouted Tsuki. As Baindo went to the side of the room. The twins charged at unison, then got into the same stance, though in opposite cardinal directions, in front of Shijou: A fist in front of them, a fist behind them, and their legs in a kneeling position.

"Nibai Kenpo: Ni-Yon Ken!" The twins entered a Hun Gar style punch, then proceeded by leaning forward and punching him with both fists simulatneously.

Shijou just stood there as his 'panda fat' absorbed the impact. "What was that?" he asked blankly. "Are you two trying to tickle me, because it's not working."

The twins just jumped back, and when the comment went through, went agasp at his response. 'He didn't feel anything, Shichi-chan!' thought Tenpi to her sister through a twin's 'telepathy'.

'What do we do, Tenpi-chan? This guy's panda body has some type of defensive power!' Obviously, they didn't listen to what the trio of Baishuu, Shijou and Baindo were saying.

Until now. "Wow, the fat really does help," remarked Baishuu.

"Indeed," said Shijou with great pride, thrusting out his werepanda form's large stomach as if it were a trophy.

'WE WERE BLOCKED BY BODY FAT?!?!' the twins screamed in their heads at unison, once again going wide-eyed and agasp.

They were even more shocked when they saw that the next attack was a kick from Tsukiko...that was more mature and taller with white fur covering her arms, legs and chest, whiskers, rabbit ears and a fuzzy rabbit tail. The kick itself was powerful. "I guess since Shijou-kun's cat is out of the bag, I'll set mine free, too. I ate the Usa Usa no Mi, which allows me a rabbit hybrid form and a full on rabbit form." She wagged her tail a bit and giggled. He dark eyes looked towards the duo. "But I myself prefer the hybrid form. How about you guys?"

"Uh...Ano..." stumbled Baishuu a bit. He retreated to his mind. 'She's kind of cute like this.' He looked to Shijou, who was busy hiding his blush. 'Glad I'm not alone in this issue.'

The sisters bashed headfirst into a wall. The slid down to the ground, unconcious almost instantly.

Baishuu shuddered at he himself being lucky to not be on the wrong side. 'I feel VERY bad for the guy who breaks her heart. They will die, no 'buts' about it.'

Tsukiko noticed the damage and giggled. "I've got a strong kick thanks to the Usa Usa no Mi. Rabbits have very strong legs."

Baindo was, needless to say, displeased. His sisters were taking by some rabbit! 'THAT won't settle with me.' He ran towards the center of the room. "Rensa Rensa no Bind!" He struck his arms out and they turned into a series of several chains. The chains all shot towards a ceiling beam, then snaked down and wrapped around Tsukiko.

"Eeek!" screeched Tsukiko. She leaped away from the chains before they had a chance to completely trap her.

"Crap." His arms reverted back to normal. "Take this, usagi witch! Rensa Rensa no Bind!" This time he kicked and the foot turned into multiple chains that shot at Tsukiko.

Tsukiko noticed this and tried to get away again. Unfortunately, the chains managed to grab her legs and restrain her. She was then flipped upside down as chains sprouted from those chains and lifted her up into the air as they wrapped around a ceiling beam. She squeeked and tried to wrestle the chains off. "Stop it, teme! Put me down!"

"Tsuki-chan!" shouted Shijou. He ran towards her captor. He then stopped and prepared a paw, leaving it open. "You don't treat a woman like that, gaki." He then slammed the paw/fist onto the back of Baindo's head. "That's something I developed. Using the enhanced strength my fruit naturally grants and the developed wristbone in of a panda, I created a powerful technique. I call it Nikukyuu Ken."

Baindo coughed up blood at the strike. He then turned and glared at Shijou the Werepanda, his leg still remaining as a bunch of chains. "You...you hit me. Not even kaasan or tousan did that!" He let his rage get the best of him and punched Shijou.

Shijou took the weak punch, letting his 'panda fat' absorb what impact there was. "And I know why." He prepared another paw. "You weren't worth it. Nikukyuu Ken!" He struck at Baindo's center this time.

Baindo coughed more blood. His face should more rage, but then stood blank, and he smiled. "Kuusarisarisari," he slowly laughed, before laughing louder. "KUUsarisarisari!" He sneered at Shijou. "You moron. You left yourself open. Rensa Rensa no Bind!" His left arm turned into chains that launched at the werepanda. They pulled the werepanda past the ceiling beams, creating a hole in the roof in the process, then pulled him down to the floor, hanging him upright. "KUUsarisarisari. Look at the game I trapped today!"

"You may have trapped the panda, but not the human." Shijou reverted to his human form. "In this form, I can escape through the wide space-" The chains tightened and constricted on his human form. He was choked for a second, but squirmed a bit and could breath again. He squirmed and wrestled a bit longer, then stopped. "Worst idea of my life. One size apparently fits all."

"Now then," said Baindo, very stressed by now. "If I get hit ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to-"

"Entou Joutai!" shouted Baishuu, punching Baindo in the back. "Bored to death. That's what I am."

Baindo held in the blood and swallowed it. He turned to Baishuu, glaring evilly. "You...are...dead!" He outstretched his right hand and focused. "Mori Hebiren!" The hand turned into several chains with harpoons at the tips that shot at Baishuu.

"Whoops!" shouted Baishuu, as he reverted back to normal with a backflip. This soon proved useless, as the chains slithered in mid-air like snakes to gore him. Baishuu leaped away as they hit a wall, then returned to their controller and changed back into his hand. Baishuu just stood, contemplating. "I don't get it. How did he do that?" he asked outloud.

"This coming from a Shape Man," said Baindo to himself. He then spoke aloud to the trio. "Listen up people. Just like you three, I ate an Akuma no Mi. To be specific, it was the Rensa Rensa no Mi. My body is that of a Chain Man, allowing me to produce chains from my body parts. I can also, as you saw from the usagi witch, create chains from those chains."

"You can also add harpoons to those chains. I see," said Baishuu. "Perhaps I should keep my distance." He crossed his arms like an 'X' and parted his legs, then focused. "Ikkou Joutai!" His arms and legs grew and length and became skinny and lanky. This was continued by his fingers and body. His face also became skinnier. He soon became around seven or eight feet tall, and his stitch lines thickened and greatly darkened. Also, the stitches on his arms and legs stopped crisscrossing and straightened out in a pillar fashion. "Now let's try..." He prepared his right fist. "THIS!" He punched, and the stitches on his right arm stretched to allow the punch to rocket straight at Baindo.

The arm continued to grow, forcing the punch to push Baindo. This sent Baindo headfirst into a wall, forcing his frail body to cough up more blood. Which resulted in poor Tsukiko and Shijou swinging back and forth repeatedly and quickly. "Bad idea, Baishuu!" shouted Shijou before the chains came undone and released the duo.

Tsukiko used her leg strength to get up. "Actually, that was a good idea!"

"Who knew that would work like that?" asked Baishuu, sweatdropping at his lucky strike. He then gripped his arm and it retracted with a sickening snap. "Ow!"

"THAT sounded like it hurt," said Shijou, shaking his head.

"It did, very much so," agreed Baishuu. "I hate using this form, but it DOES help me stay away from the enemy."

"Indeed. I'm guessing you ate a Hada Hada no Mi," concluded Shijou.

"Did it taste anything like ours?" asked Tsukiko.

"If your fruits tasted like a big pile of crap seasoned with lemon zest, then yes," said Baishuu. "Bleh!!"

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke ran through the doorway. "Damn guys, you can run when you want to," said Naruto.


"Trust me guys, if you carried Shuusui around your belt, it would take you awhile to get anywhere without missing something. These two just stayed with me to be nice," said Naruto, sweatdropping and shaking his head. He then looked at Tsukiko, who was still in her half-rabbit form. "Oi, what happened here? Are you a Zoan?"


"Oh, nice to know then," he then looked towards Baindo. "What did you do that for? Is he the thief?"

At this point, the trio gave up on Naruto, and decided to just answer him. "Yes."

"Nice job. Disappointed on missing out though-" Baindo suddenly moved his arm. He then slowly stood up. Upon standing up, he glared menacingly and demonically.

"That's it. Time for my deadliest attack!" He charged and clapped his hands behind him. "Kyodaisushiana Rensa!" He outstretched his arms and they turned into chains. Thousands of chains that interlocked with each other and, eventually, formed a large web that trapped the four. Worse yet, the web began to tighten.

Baishuu grunted. "Great. Now he can form a spider web of chains and strangle us with them."

"Any ideas?" asked Shijou.

"I could probably cut the chains, but..." Naruto then remembered. 'Wait, if you heat metal to a high enough degree, then it becomes weaker, just like rock. This is gonna hurt, but it should work.' Naruto turned to Sasuke. "Oi, Sasuke!"

Sasuke faced Naruto. "What is it? Do you need me for something?"

"Yeah, use a fireball!"

"Nani?!" asked Baishuu, Tsukiko and Shijou.

"Trust me," said Naruto. "Heat up the chains with a fireball!"

Sasuke thought for a moment then realized what Naruto was getting at. "Yosh. Just sit back and relax." Sasuke formed some handsigns. "Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu!" He opened his mouth and exhaled a large fireball at the web.

Upon impact, the metal chains superheated. "Uwaah!" shouted Baishuu in pain. "What the hell, Naruto-san?!"

Naruto winced, trying to ignore the pain, and unsheathed his three swords with his open hand. He placed one in his left hand and struggled to put one in his mouth. "Santoryu..." Naruto began to spin in place with the chains, ignoring the pain of the friction and the hot metal combined. "Uzumaki!" He added chakra and a spinning chakra whirpool took place. It sent out shockwaves the cut every inch of chain.

Upon seeing Naruto free himself and the other three from his 'deadliest attack', Baindo became VERY nervous. "N-Now guys, l-let's talk a-about this rationally like h-humans, okay?" Suddenly, the superheated chains that were his arms began burning his shoulders. "Owowowowowow!!"

"Santoryu: Oni Giri!" Naruto slashed Baindo with all three swords. The slash marks formed a three pointed star on Baindo's chest.

This was followed by 'Ikkou Baishuu' delivering another lengthened punch to the chest.

Upon hitting the wall, after Baishuu retracted his arm with a squeek of pain, Baindo looked up to see the two Zoan fruit users glaring at him, with Shijou once again as a werepanda and Tsukiko still as a half-rabbit. To his left and right were Sakura and Sasuke, kunai out and ready to slit his throat. Baindo got up and put his hands in front of him. "Gomennasai! Please forgive us! I'll explain! I'll explain!"

The group raised an eyebrow at the comment. Naruto sighed. "Fine, we'll hear your story."

Baindo, grateful, sat down and began to explain his actions. "We weren't always thieves. We were once a happy family, with two loving parents. We enjoyed that life. But it was taken away in a fire that burned down our home." He looked towards the scattered money. "When I found the Rensa Rensa no Mi, I aquired a...mania, if you will."

"Steal then start over," said Shijou. "So you used your fruit power to steal money by mugging shops and merchants."

"I was the brain of our group. I chose all of the best shops to rob to increase our pile." He looked up. "Today's merchant, he wasn't an ordinary one. He lived the good life amongst them."

"But that doesn't make stealing right," said Naruto. "If you steal, that makes everyone think of you as a villain. You still would be thought of that way when you would have started over."

Baindo sat in thought. He looked up. "All right. I know when I've been defeated." He raised his hands. "Kill me if you wish. Stealing IS a crime."

"No," said Naruto. "Instead, I'll have you face some different music." He grabbed Baindo by the collar.

"Hey, wait, teme! Where are you taking me, teme?" Baindo struggled against the humiliation.

"We're taking to merchant-ojiisan. You're going to apologize," said Baishuu tiumphantly.

Baindo sighed in defeat. 'Well, at least I'm not going to die.'


"You taught your student well, Roronoa," stated Hizuren. "Most would taken the thief up on their offer."

"I taught him a while back that an eye for an eye isn't always even," said Zoro. He stared into the Hokage's crystal ball. "Though I'm surprised that I can see through this thing as well."

"Only because I want you to. I wanted to see how your student would behave." He looked into the looking glass. He saw Baishuu's happy expression as he chatted with Shijou and Tsukiko. "Those three Akuma no Mi vessels...Let's see if we can group them up." He looked up at the silhouette in front of him. "How about it kind sir?"

Zoro looked at the silhouette, and a look of surprise crossed his face. "Oh, it's you! I didn't know you were here!"


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Translations! (I wrote down the techniques this time so I won't be forgetting them this time around)


Rensa Rensa no Mi- Chain Chain Fruit

Kuma Kuma no Mi, Model: Panda- Bear Bear Fruit, Model: Panda

Usa Usa no Mi- Rabbit Rabbit Fruit (I know in the story she appeared in, it was a copy of Hito Hito no Mi that she ate, but Kasek told me to use Usa Usa no Mi. Which makes sense, since the Mugiwara are still alive and well in my story.)


Nikukyuu Ken- Paw Pad Fist

Santoryu: Uzumaki- Three Sword Style: Whirpool

Rensa Rensa no Bind- Chain Chain Bind

Mori Hebiren- Harpoon Snake Chain

Kyodaisushiana Rensa- Giant Cobweb Trap Chain

Nibai Kenpo: Taiyou-Getsu Shougeki- Double Fist Way: Sun-Moon Impact

Nibai Kenpo: Ni-Yon Ken- Double Fist Way: Two-Four Fist

Ikkou Joutai- Line State

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