"Are you sure about this?" Phoebe asked her sister quietly. Piper nodded. She looked exhausted. Her eyes were red and swollen.

"I'm sure. I would know. We made sure of that." Prue frowned. She was standing in front of Piper and Phoebe.

"But before..." She crossed her arms, still not totally convinced.

"I wasn't focusing on it before." Piper said quietly. "But I felt it later. I know, Prue. I know I'm right." Prue sighed and sat down.

"Okay," she ran her hand through her hair, "what do you want to do about it?" Piper met her eyes, and Prue saw the determination there.

"The only thing we can do."

"Hey, sorry I haven't been around the past few days." Phoebe said when Paige came up to the bar.

"That's okay." Paige said, frowning at her. "You're working here now?" Phoebe shrugged.

"I'm just trying to help Piper out. The club means a lot to her."

"Where is she?" Phoebe hesitated for a moment, chewing her lip before turning to Alan.

"I'll be right back, okay?" At his nod, she stepped out from behind the bar and closer to Paige.

"Look, I might not be able to hang out as much for a little bit. Something happened..."

"What?" Phoebe smiled at the real concern in Paige's eyes. She hesitated again, but Phoebe and Paige had become really good friends and she felt the need to tell her something, even if she couldn't tell her everything. She pulled Paige further away from the crowd.

"Okay, do you remember meeting Piper's fiancé, Cole?" Paige nodded.

"Yeah. Tall, dark and handsome?" Phoebe nodded and sighed as they sat down in one of the back tables.

"Yeah, well. He's...well, he died."

"Oh, my God." Paige leaned forward. "How did that happen?" Phoebe hesitated again.

"We're...we're not sure actually." She said.

"Are you guys okay?" Phoebe shook her head with a sigh.

"Piper's...broken; I guess is the only word for it." Paige nodded.

"And you and Prue?" Phoebe shook her head.

"I don't know, you know? To be honest, we really didn't much like Cole when they first started dating, but he's been practically living in the manor for six months. He's...He became family." Paige reached out a squeezed her hand.

"Well, if you guys need anything..." Phoebe smiled again.

"Thank you."

Piper lay down on her bed, staring at the wall, waiting. That's all she had been doing for the past few days. Sitting up after a few minutes, she reached over and picked up the framed picture of her and Cole that Prue had snapped from just a few weeks ago.

She stood abruptly when she heard someone coming into the room. She eyed the two men who had come into her room and opened her mouth to scream.

"Are you sure this will work?" The younger of the two demons asked. "We should have vanquished him."

"No. This will work. You know the valuable information he has. And I will be able to force him away from the witch."


"Killing her, of course."

"How is she?" Phoebe asked Prue, who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, when she got home.

"She hasn't come out of her room." Prue said, her voice holding a good deal of sympathy and concern. Phoebe nodded, leaning against the wall, one foot on the bottom step across from Prue.

"Do you think we should go up there?" Prue shook her head with a sigh.

"She wants to be alone." Phoebe sighed as well and sat down on the last step. After a moment, Prue joined her.

"It's not fair, what happened." Prue said after a moment. Phoebe nodded.

"I know, he was family." Prue nodded and looked out at the room, her eyes hard.

"And nobody messes with our family." Her voice was just as hard. A moment later, they both heard a scream come from upstairs. They met each other's eyes for a second before they were both running up the stairs towards Piper's room.

He smiled, looking at Piper Halliwell, currently chained to a wall and unconscious. He glanced over to his right, to the two demons that had brought her here. One of them, the older of the two was staring at her.

"Finish this." He growled, holding out an athame. He was pretty confident of his own magic.

Piper let out a low moan as she came too, lifting her head. She tried to put her hands to her aching head and that was when she noticed that they were chained to the wall she was resting against.

She opened her eyes and stared at the three demons in front of her. She was somewhere in the underworld, she knew that. One of the three demons was very familiar.

"Cole?" She said his name quietly, disbelief in her voice, even if she was feeling it.

"Surprised?" One of the other demons asked. Piper turned a glare on him, after a moment of reasuring herself that Cole was truly alright and standing in front of her.

"What did you do?" She growled at the demon.

"Just a little trick."

"I'm going to kill you." She glared at him, pulling at the chains that held her.

"Now, that would be trick. Your sisters don't know where you are and they will not be able to find this place. At least, not in time." Piper glanced at Cole. He was staring at the athame that he'd been given. She had faith in him, but she also knew what he was capable of if his demon half was really in charge.

"You know." The demon continued, stepping closer to her. "It worked like a charm," he grinned at her. Piper flinched away when he touched her hair. "And I thought you witches were smart, but you honestly thought that that potion worked, didn't you?" Piper stopped, spotting something behind the men and then she actually smiled at him.

"Don't be so sure." A second later both of the demons were thrown into the wall and Cole stumbled and fell to his knees when the potion that Piper had made herself just the day before.

"Are we interrupting?" Phoebe said with a grin. Piper focused on Cole, though, hoping that the potion she'd made would work. He stared at the athame as he came to his feet. A second later, he did throw it. The younger of the two demons was vanquished just as he was about to throw an energy ball in Piper's direction. Walking over to her, he placed his hands on the chains holding her and they released.

"Thank you." She said before turning and using her power. The demon didn't blow up, but the force drove him into the wall again.

"How did you know?" He asked, struggling to stand. Piper shrugged.

"You did put on quite a show. For a little while there, I really did think...but I was focusing on what I saw, what I heard."

"So, how...?" Piper grinned.

"I cast a little spell myself." She said, her glare coming back. She'd cast the spell a while ago. Cole still had bounty hunters after him, and the reward had only gone up higher because of how long he'd been evading them.

Piper had always been a little bit terrified that he'd disappear one day and never come back, so she'd come up with a way to tell her if Cole was alright or not. It didn't really tell her where he was, but it did tell her if he was still living.

"I've got this." Cole said, putting a hand on Piper's shoulder. Piper took one look at his face and she nodded. Cole was pissed. He summoned an energy ball.

As soon as they made it back to the manor, Piper pulled Cole down into a fierce kiss, uncaring that her sisters were still in the room. She felt it when Cole shimmered them out of the living room and into her bedroom, but she didn't break the kiss.

She hadn't been lying to the demon, Raynor his name was apparently. She really had thought he was gone for a little bit. She'd been too focused on what she saw to let the magic of the spell she'd cast to tell her that he was alive.

Then she'd been so worried. She had convinced Phoebe and Prue that he was alive, which was easier than she thought it would have been. Apparently, Prue had thought it was strange that the potion had even worked on Cole. After all, Cole was powerful and the potion he'd been hit with had been meant to vanquish Sikes, not him.

Not knowing where Cole was or what was happening to him, knowing that he was in the hands of demons...She'd been so worried. Now, though, she had him back, and she wasn't going to let him go again.

Looking up at him, Piper pulled Cole down on the bed on top of her and let him make her forget about her worry for a while.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Phoebe asked as she followed Prue into the attic. Prue glanced back at her on her way to the book.

"You were all for it when we were talking about it before."

"Yes, I was, but that was when I thought we were going to actually let Piper and Cole in on this little plan." Prue shrugged.

"Well, we couldn't exactly tell them before. I mean, Cole was in the underworld and Piper was worried sick about him. It would have just made it worse if we made this plan and she did lose him."

"Okay, so why don't we tell them now?" Prue stopped flipping the pages and looked up to meet her sister's eyes.

"I don't want anyone interfering with this. I'm a little afraid of what the elders would do if they found out too much beforehand. They can't take Cole away like they did Leo but they can do something to make sure he doesn't make it, you know? Besides, if we're going to do this now, we need to start planning. Do you want to be the one to interrupt what Piper and Cole are doing in their bedroom?"

"Okay, no. Ew." She sighed. "I'm just a little worried about their reactions to this."

"They'll understand." Prue shrugged again, going back to the book. Phoebe nodded.

"Cole will. Piper, I'm not so sure about."

"She'll be okay. Now, we just need to get Grams down here." Phoebe nodded, looking unconvinced once again.

"Yeah, and how exactly are we going to convince her to do this?" Phoebe heard something behind her and when she turned she came face to face with Grams, who waved a hand.

"You don't have to convince me of anything." She said. Phoebe's eyes widened.

"Wait, you're okay with this? You are aware that he's half demon, right?"

"Of course I'm aware of that, Phoebe. And no, I wasn't. That was before I saw the way that Piper reacted when she thought he had been vanquished, and I know that he's been helping you girls out for the past six months."

"Right." Prue said, smiling at them. "Now all we have to do is get ready."

"And hope that Piper doesn't kill us for planning this without her." Phoebe added.

"Piper!" The call from downstairs had Piper and Cole dressing in a hurry and jumping up. They had been in bed for the night and most of the next day.

"Damn." She said, throwing Cole his shirt. He started to put it on as they both sprinted out of the room and downstairs. Both of them stopped short, however, when they got down them. Piper's mouth fell open.

"Grams?" Prue and Phoebe were both there with smiles on their faces. "What's going on?"

"We're sorry." Phoebe said nervously, coming over to the two of them. "It's just...after what happened, we wanted to do this before anything else happened, and Prue was saying how the elders could ruin it if we didn't do it as soon as possible..."

"What are you talking about?" Piper asked, looking from her sisters to her grandmother.

"Getting you two married, of course." Prue answered, walking up to stand beside Phoebe. "We thought it'd be best if it happened as soon as possible. Plus," she glanced at Cole, "it'll bind you two together so that hopefully nothing like this will happen again."

"You want to do a wedding. Now?" Piper asked her sisters incredulously. Prue shrugged and slapped Cole on the shoulder.

"Why not? He's already a member of the family. Might as well make it official." Phoebe smiled a little hesitantly.

"If we wait, then something else could happen. I mean the demons could interfere again, or them," she pointed upward.

Piper stared at her sisters and Grams for a moment. This definitely wasn't how she'd always pictured her wedding. Then again, she hadn't ever pictured herself getting married to a half demon that'd been sent to kill her.

Then she remembered the past few days and what hell that had been. She'd thought he was dead even for a little bit. That had been, by far, the worst hour of her life. She clung to his hand now, just thinking about it. She didn't think she could live the rest of her life without him. When she looked up at him, he was smiling.

"I'm okay with it." He said with a shrug. He looked happy. She smiled back at him and turned to her sisters.

"Let's do it." She said, pulling Cole ahead with her. There, in the living room of the manor, still barefoot, her hair still a mess from bed, she married the man of her dreams and she didn't think she could have been happier.

Okay, so next chapter will be my rewrite of All Hell Breaks Loose, finally.