Title: Walls

Author: Wil Scott

Disclaimer: Nothing Supernatural belongs to me.

A/N: I found this poem (if you want to call it that) from years ago and started thinking about Dean. I admit I haven't been watching the show in a long while, but I still think about the guys ever once and a while. With Dean in Hell, I thought this was a metaphor for the time. Feedback is welcome. I want to dedicate this to my best friends: Ridley, Tidia, Leslie, and mog. Have fun you guys, I miss you!! All mistakes are mine. Dean POV.

Being trapped between these four walls is Hell.

And oh, if only...if only these walls could tell my secrets would I be in big trouble. I've talked to them so many times over the days and nights since I got to this place. They've heard my pain, my sorrow, and listened quietly to my tears. Now, if only they could tell the one person I truly want to hear it more then life itself, my heart's reasons.

I guess with my stubborn spirit and lack of words, only the walls will ever know them. It's sad really, that I'll never get enough nerve to tell my motives to that one. I guess if I had allowed my heart to speak years ago, the charred remains of what were once walls wouldn't be what were left of those times.

Damned if I never see another rotted out piece of wood with ears again, I'd be a happy man. People would really think I was off my rocker, or drowning in drink, but I see them. The little spots of broken chips, laughing at me. Just glaring at me with all knowing thoughts.

They even laugh at my screams during the night.

They grow larger when my eyes focus on them after I awaken; like they're trying to jump off the wall and into my soul. Like it's the wall's way of trying to help me open my bear trap of a mouth. But no, even though they want to tell my secrets, I know they never will. I have proof. All I have to do is remember those black pieces of wood surrounding what once was home.

Only then do I relinquish another tear to my confidants. Only then do I wallow in the pity of what
I lost and try to remember those walls that once were my life. Those walls held the happiness that I shared with the only family I had. Those walls held the pride and hero worship I had of one man.

However, those walls are gone and I'm left with these. The ones trying to help me rebuild some of that
life I thought was gone.

Oh how I wish, if only these walls could talk, and I would be whole again and out of this Hell I'm in.