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Rika = Ruki
Henry = Jenrya
Susie = Shuichon
Other names will be added throughout the story ;D
And instead of doing 'digi modify' I did 'card slash' Just like the japanese version.

Chapter One: The Fight Against Our Enemy!

It was a peaceful day in Shinjuku, Japan. The sun was out, no clouds in sight and the people in the city were out and about enjoying their day. You could see kids playing in the park and dogs chasing Frisbees. Heck you could even see a kid stealing candy from a store, but nobody would care because it's too much of a good day! Nothing could go wrong...or could it?

"Hurry up Guilmon!" A boy with light brown hair, a blue hoodie, and yellow goggles perched on his head, known as Takato Matsuda yelled at his digimon. "Everyone is waiting for us at Jen's place!"

Guilmon, a red dinosaur with a hazard symbol plastered on his chest was far behind him, trying to catch up to him. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" He yelled back at him, but he finally caught up with him.

"Well it was about time." Takato chuckled as he slowed down. "That's what you get for overeating." He said as he poked the red dino's stomach.

"Aw, but Takato." The digimon covered his stomach in embarrassment. "It's not my fault Renamon decided to give me a whole basket full of bread." He whined.

Takato just laughed at that. "Ok boy. It's alright." The both of them halted to a stop when they realized they were outside of Jenrya's apartment building. "Well we're here. I wonder what's going on now?"

"Well whatever it is, it must be good 'cuz Terriermon said there was gonna be punch and pie inside!" Guilmon said happily and with that he ran inside the building.

Takato ran in after him. "Waaaait!"



Both tamer and digimon were just outside of their friend's apartment. Takato knocked on the door and they waited patiently for someone to open it. On the other side of the door was a girl with medium red hair wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt with jeans. She opened the door and stared blankly at the boy in front of her.

"Well aren't you here on time." Ruki, remarked sarcastically as she held the door open. "What took you guys so long?" She asked them as they came inside.

"Eh, sorry about that." Takato apologized while rubbing the back of his head. "We would have gotten here faster if someone over here wasn't so full from food." He was refering to Guilmon and even pointed at him.

"Sorry, Ruki." The lizard digimon apologized. Ruki just gave him a nod to let him know it was ok. As they both entered the apartment, they greeted their friends who were inside.

"Guilmon," A tall, yellow fox with purple gloves said as she approached him. "I was hoping you would share with me."

"I'm sorry Renamon, but I got hungry." He apologized to her.

"I understand. You and hunger is not a good thing." She joked, but her and Guilmon were the only ones who laughed at it.

Guilmon stopped laughing and looked over at Terriermon. "But I was to understand there'd be pie and punch."

"There isn't." Terriermon said dully with a blank expression on his face. "I just said that so you would come."

Guilmon then grabbed Takato by the collar of his shirt and headed towards the door. "Ok, we're leaving."

Takato just slapped Guilmon's hand and dragged him back to the living room. "He's just kidding everyone!" He announced. Everyone just stared at the two. He smiled awkwardly at them and laughed nervously. "So um...is something wrong?" He asked. "Why'd you call us here?"

"Well..." came the voice of a boy with black-blue hair. Jen was coming from the kitchen and walked over to Takato and Guilmon. "I think more digimon have been coming here. Terriermon says he saw a digital field not too long ago." He continued.

"And he thinks we should investigate it." Terriermon finished for him.

"How's that possible?" Guilmon questioned Terriermon. "I thought.."

"Oh boy, he thought of something. Everyone panic!" Terriermon joked.

"That's not funny!" Guilmon whined, but everyone just laughed.

"Alright so where was this digital field that you saw?" Ruki asked Terriermon.

"It's not too far from here." the white dog-rabbit replied.

"Then let's check it out." Takato suggested, and all three tamers and their digimon left the apartment.




The tamers and their digimon made their way towards the area where the digital field was seen, and didn't see a thing. There also weren't any clues left behind as to where the rogue digimon could be. This meant that the trio group and their digimon would have to search the city for their target. They searched high and low, but there was no sign of the digimon. They were just about to give up when Takato pointed out an alley way that they had missed before and the group cautiously mde their way through.

"Well, where is it?" Renamon asked impatiently. "I don't see anyth-" She was cut off when a laser beam almost hit her and she had to dodge it. Luckily she landed gracefully on her feet. "What was that?!"

Her answer was soon answered when a dark figure came out. It was revealed to be the rogue digimon they were looking for. It was most definitely a female. She had red eyes and looked like a human with blond hair, but had bat wings that fold up behind her, bat like ears, a very skimpy black dress with a skirt, long stockings, high heels,and very sharp claws. She's was about Guilmon's size.

Jenrya took out his D-Arc to find out more information on the digimon. "Zodimon. Ultimate level. Her special attacks are Dark Jewel, and Nightmare Lorelei." He read from the D-arc.

"Hello boys." She said to the male digimon using a seductive voice. "Are you looking for a good time?" Then she let out a sinister laugh that sent shivers down everyone's spine.

"No... we're looking for a digimon." Terriermon said looking around the place like an idiot, not realizing she was right in front of him.

The kitsune next to him sighed as she gave him a questioning look. "You are kidding right?" Renamon asked with a annoyed tone in her voice. "She is obviously the digimon we have been searching for."

"She's preeeeetty." Guilmon as if in a trance, but then he turned around and saw that Renamon was glaring at him. He quickly snapped out of it and paid attention. "Uh, I mean...Terriermon is...clueless..."

"I heard that! Geez, maybe your stupidity rubbed off on me!" Terriermon yelled.

"Don't call him stupid! You loud-mouthed rabbit!" Renamon yelled back.

"Yea, well I'd rather be a loud moth rabbit, than an uptight fox with big thighs!"

"These thighs." She pointed at them. "Are pure muscle. Something you lack in your body." She said as she pointed to his tummy.

"Do you know who you're talking to?!"

"Mr. Moumantai." Guilmon guessed.

"No! You're talking to king of sarcastic!" He yellled as he positioned himself in a fighting stance. "I could easily beat you in a comeback contest."

"And I could easily beat you in a fight." She bit back at him.

"C'mon guys stop fighting!" Guilmon begged. "We have a digimon to fight!" He reminded them.

"Stay out of this!" They both yelled at him.

He grunted at them. "I will NOT stay out of this! Now both of you stop fighting!" He ended up joining their arguement. All three tamers just stood there and watched, even Zodimon did too. They all sweatdropped at the situation.

"I have no time for this." Zodimon said deadpan as she was about to leave.

All tamers sighed and went into a huddle. "So is this the fourth or fifth time they've fought this week?" Jenra asked the other two tamers.

"I think it's the sixth." Takato responded.

"It was a retheorical question." Ruki retorted.

"A question is a question." Takato defended. Both of them were shooting daggers at each other with their eyes.

Jenrya decided to butt in to clear the atmosphere. "Either way, if they keep this up, she might load their data."

"Sorry." They both said at the same time. Then they broke out of the huddle to check on their digimon.

The three digimon snapped out of it and remembered what they came to do. They put aside their differences and began to attack. Up first was the ever strong and combative, Renamon.

"Koyosetsu!" the kitsune yelled out as sharp ice shards came flying right for Zodimon, but they missed.

"Nice try foxy, but I think you should be focusing on your mon instead of me."

Renamon turned around and saw that Terriermon and Guilmon were drooling over Zodimon. "G-Guilmon?!"

Keep fighting!" Terriermon yelled out. "Now kiss each other!" Both female digimon sweatdropped.

"They're preeeeetty." Guilmon said.

"Guilmon, we need to have a little talk later," Renamon said in a voice that made Guilmon cringe just hearing it.

"Nice try, but they won't listen to you." Zodimon said with a giggle. "You see, I have the power to seduce any make digimon I want."

"Oh you do not know them like I do." Renamon said with a smirk before turning to him. "Guilmon if you help me, I'll..." She whispered the rest into his ear.

He must of liked what he heard because he snapped out of it and went into a fighting stance. "Ready when you are Rena-chan."

She growled at him. "Fine, but what about the bunny?"

Renamon looked over at her teamate and shrugged. "We can manage without him." Guilmon gave Renamon a nudge which made her sigh. "Alright, alright." She motioned for Jenrya to snap his digimon out of the trance.

"Terriermon, if you don't help them...Shuichon is gonna have to play princess pretty pants with you." Jen threatened. "And I know you wouldn't like that."

After hearing that, Terriermon snapped out of it and ran over to his teammates. "PETIT TWISTER!" he yelled out as he started spinning quickly, forming a twister that was sent towards the enemy. "FIREBALL!" Guilmon yelled out as a huge fireball came out of his mouth and hit Zodimon.

"My hair! Ooh you're going to pay for that one." Zodimon growled. "DARK JEWEL!" as black ice shards shaped like bats came out of her hands. Each once of them hit the digimon and caused them to groan in pain.

"Guilmon!" Takato took out a card and slashed it through his D-Arc. "CARD SLASH! POWER ACTIVATE!"

All of a sudden Guilmon felt a surge of energy and attacked once more. "Fireball!" This time it hit the enemy. It didn't have much of an effect on her though.

"This isn't working." Terriermon said as tried dodging another attack from Zodimon. "Blazing fire!" He yelled out as he shot energy blasts from his mouth. They barely managed to hit her, but didn't leave much damage.

"Gee, ya think." Guilmon retorted after sending another fireball attack.

"Don't start with me!" Terriermon yelled.

"I already did!"

"Obviously, this is a woman's job." Renamon said as she sent out another attack towards her. It hit her this time, and it did some damage too. Renamon then turned towards Ruki. "Ruki."

Ruki knew what she was thinking and just nodded her head. "They need to digivolve." She said to the other two boys. They nodded in agreement with her. They all took out Digivolution cards and slashed them through their D-Arcs. "Card Slash! Evolution Plug-in S!"

"Renamon digivolve to..." Instead of becoming the nine-tailed fox known as Kyuubimon, she was still herself. "What..." She looked down at herself and was confused. She looked pver at her teammates and saw that they were in the same condition as her.

Obviously they did not digivolve. Something was wrong and neither tamers nor digimon knew what it was. Zodimon cackled at their expressions. "Ha, my dark jewel attack disabled your ability to evolve and use those stupid cards." She gave out an evil laugh. "Try to fight me now."

"then how come the card worked last time?" Takato asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Because you just wasted the last card that would work." She replied slyly. "Anymore interuptions before I load your digimon's data?"

"Well, we're screwed." Terriermon said dully.

"Don't say that!" Renamon yelled as he gave Terriermon a whack on the head. "All we need is a good strategy and we can do it."

"No, I think he's right. We're screwed." Guilmon added. "And I don't wanna hit a girl...especially a pretty one."

"Guilmon, don't you agree with me?" Renamon asked him as she started rubbing his head to get him to change his mind.

He grinned sheepishly at her while she was caressing his head. "Renamon's right." He said as if he were in a trance.

"Guilmon! You agreed with me first! No take backsies!" Terriermon yelled at him. "No fair Renamon!"

Renamon paid no attention to him and went towards Zodimon to send out another attack. "Are you two going to assist me or not?"

It was clear the digimon's argument between each other angered the bat-like lady. She made her way up to the three of them. "I was going to load your data at first, but now I think I'll just have to do something else." She then raised her arms in the arm and yelled "NIGHTMARE LORELEI!" A dark beam then shot out and hit the digimon. It caused them to levitate in the air.

"What's she doing?!" Takato asked worriedly.

"I don't know, but we have to stop him." Ruki said as she took out her D-Arc and another card, but Jen stopped her before she could do anything

"She disabled the cards we use. It won't work."

"Well what do you want us to do! they might die!" Ruki yelled at him.

The digimon didn't stay in the air too long, after a few seconds they fell down, hard. Zodimonmon just laughed and said her final words before leaving. "I'll be seeing all you again soon, but this time, you better fight." Then she just vanished.

Guilmon!" Takato yelled worriedly and ran over to his injured digimon. "Wake up boy." He started shaking him. "Wake up!" This time, he said it anxiously, but there was no response from his injured digimon.

"Renamon!" Ruki ran over to Renamon and tried to wake her up, but there was no respone from the kitsune.

"Terriermon!" Jenrya made his way over to Terriermon and picked him up. "Give me a 'moumantai' so I know you're ok!" but he heard nothing from the rabbit digimon.

"WAKE UP!" All three tamers yelled to their unconsious digimon.

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