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'Terriermon' = Guilmon

'Renamon' = Terriermon

'Guilmon' = Renamon

And without the '' it means I'm Referring to themselves and not the body theyre in ? Omg I hope that makes sense STAY WITH ME PEOPLE! And I'm do sorry if there's any errors but its almost 2am and I got excited cuz I finished this

Chapter 10: In these bodies we must learn!

"Alright!" Lopmon said as she was holding a small stick she found on the ground "it looks I'm going to have to teach all of you how to properly act in each other's bodies!" she finished as she wrote 'operation: fool the tamers' on the dirt using her stick.

"Nice name" Terriermon snickered and Lopmon shot him a look. "Shutting up now."

Lopmon then cleared her throat and continued. "Guilmon!" She pointed towards the bunny digimon's body he was in "you're acting waaay too nice!" He nodded at her in response. "Try to be make a little more rude comments and Jen should not be so suspicious."

"Yes ma'am!" Guilmon said as he saluted towards her. "Less nice, more rude" he said to himself.

"I'm not THAT rude" Terriermon mumbled to himself.

Lopmon chuckled and continued. "Renamon!" She called as she looked towards the red dinosaur.


"I know it kills you to do this but you have to be more goofy." Renamon gave a deep sigh at this. "And also a bit more clumsy and playful" another deep sigh came from renamon.

"While I adore those qualities on guilmon, I can't bring myself to act like that." Renamon said as she looked down. "But I shall try."

Lopmon only gave a smile at the troubled renamon and pat her back. "I know you can do this. You're not one to give up easily" Renamon gave Lopmon a small smile.

"I suppose I can think of it as training."

"And finally," The small brown rabbit said turned towards the yellow fox. "As for you, Terriermon" he gulped at her knowing what she was about to say. "You need to be more attentive and obidient with Ruki"

Terriermon only sighed and nodded his head at her. "More attentive, less snappy. Got it" he said to himself.

Lopmon smiled, happy for being able to help out in any way. "There's also a chance you may have to fight in this state. Have you learned each other's moves?"

"We haven't really had a chance to practice" Terriermon said nervously. "I just barely learned how to shift!"

"Then meet up later once your tamers fall asleep and practice...got it?" The three digimon yelled out a 'got it!' in response and made their way back to their tamers.

Meanwhile, back over with the tamers, another sort of plotting was going on.

"Ok so are we clear on 'operation-fool-the-digimon'?" Jen asked his other two friends.

"What kind of operation name is that?!" Takato yelled.

"So operation names aren't my specialty" Jen replied "but you know what to do right?"

"Of course." Ruki answered. "We trick them into telling the truth."

"Is lying to them really the best way to do this?" Takato asked.

"Oh boy" Ruki whispered to Jen.

"There he goes being all good guy again" Jen whispered back to the girl. "We got to find some way to get them to tell us what's going on."

"And by any means." Ruki continued. "Let's just use our own methods, ok?"

The three tamers then nodded in agreement and went to find their digimon. There wasn't much looking since the digimon appeared soon after.

"Takato!" A happy 'guilmon' yelled from a distance. The other digimon followed close behind.

"Sorry for being gone so long!" Lopmon said to the teens. "We were all catching up and must have lost track of time"

"It's ok." They all replied back "it's starting to get late" takato said. "We should probably get going"

"Once you guys disappeared, everyone started to leave" Jen commented. "Just say bye to those remaining and let's go.

At the Makino residence, both Ruki and renamon were relaxing in the kitchen enjoying a late night meal. Their meal of choice was leftover rice and teriyaki chicken. However, It took all the willpower for Terriermon not to scarf it all down in one bite. Instead he had to eat very slow and small bites like renamon would.

The silence wasn't comfortable as it usually was and someone decided to take action "Sooooo Renamon" Ruki said while taking a sip of her soda. "Did you ever tell Guilmon about...the thing?" She asked curiously while smirking to herself. 'Operation fool-the-digimon is now in effect' the teen thought.

'Renamon' was wide eyed at this point not knowing what to do. "What thing...is that?" The yellow fox replied as cooly as possible.

"Hmmm" Ruki began. "You know...the secret you've been keeping from him"

'This chick better not be cheating on my best digifriend' Terriermon thought angrily to himself. "Care to refresh my memory?"

"Nopeeee" Ruki answered "can't do that. You made me promise not to say it directly again" she said while smirking. 'This is gonna be a load of fun'

"Ahem" 'Renamon' had to think quickly to get out of this mess "it seems I've lost my memory after all that's happened"

"So then you don't remember how youre...expecting...a little...digibaby?" She said while taking long pauses for dramatic effect.

At this point 'Renamon' spit out the water she was drinking "WHAT?"

Ruki let out a dramatic gasp "you mean, you don't remember?!"

Poor 'Renamon' started coughing after choking from the water. "What...do you..mean?!" The vixen starting coughing some more.

Ruki smiled to herself before she continued on with the act.

"Did you have a nice time?" Jen asked Terriermon. They came back home a while ago and were now watching tv in peace aside from the occasional wise cracks from the bunny digimon.

"I sure did!" 'Terriermon' replied. "The food was kinda bland, but you tried" he said jokingly. 'Less nice, more rude' Guilmon repeated in his mind.

This earned a chuckle from Jen before he went on. "I'm glad to see you acting like yourself again" he looked over at Terriermon and gave him a smile. 'As much as I hate do this, I got to get to the bottom of things'. The next words that came out of his mouth was enough to confuse the rabbit digimon sitting next to him. "So...did you tell guilmon about...the thing?"

This was enough to wake up a half-asleep 'Terriermon' "what thing?" He asked nervously.

"You know...the big secret you've been keeping" Jen replied and put his finger to his mouth. "That thing"

"I-I-I don't know what you're talking about, Jen" All hope for keeping a calm composure was lost at this point. "Remind me again please!"

"I'm afraid I can't. You told me not to say it directly." the teen replied, a grin forming on his face. "Don't you remember?"

"Well after all that's happened, you can't blame me for forgetting." Terriermon said while chuckling nervously. 'This is killing me! I need to know!'

"So then..." Jen paused for a bit to keep his digimon on the edge. "he doesn't know how youre secretly in love with Renamon?"


Back at guilmons hideout, Takato and his buddy guilmon were sitting down enjoying each other's company.

"I'm really glad to see you being yourself again." The boy said happily, referring to earlier when guilmon begged and begged to play. This of course led to an hour of playtime with culumon and two baskets worth of bread.

"Yea but now I'm pooped!" 'Guilmon' said as he plopped down to the ground. 'At least I found a way to work on cardio...as ridiculous as it was'

Takato smiled warmly and say down next to the exausted digimon. "Can I tell you something boy?"

"Of course Takatomon!" 'Guilmon' replied in a happy tone.

"Well since you, Terriermon and Renamon have been acting weird lately" he took a moment to chuckle a bit. "Jen and Ruki have been plotting some way to get you to tell us what's going on." Takato took another moment to laugh again. "Isn't that crazy?"

On the inside, renamon was sweating profusely at this. Though, on the outside, 'Guilmon' laughed along with Takato. "Yea! That's so crazy!"

"Anyway, I completely trust you and if something were really going on, you'd tell me right?"

'Oh forgive me Takato. You truly are a good person. "Yes Takatomon! Everything is fine!"

Takato stared at guilmon for a few seconds before getting up "well if you say so, boy." He made his way to the exit "I'll see you tomorrow, ok? Goodnight!" And with that boy was on his way out.

"Goodnight...Takato" 'guilmon' said as he watched the teen leave the place. Once he was out of sight, Renamon let out a deep sigh and waited patiently for her other peers to arrive. Suddenly her ears perked and she could hear footsteps running towards the hideout.

"Renamon!" Guilmon called out from the distance. Once he stepped in, he plopped down to the ground and tried tried to catch his breath. "Terriermon...he's...he's..." Renamon told him to relax and wait until he could talk properly.

Moments later, Terriermon soon shifted in the hideout and instantly made his way towards renamon. "YOURE PREGNANT?!l" he practically yelled while pointing at the red reptile.

Guilmon finally got up and pointed towards the yellow fox in front of him. "You're in love with renamon?!"

Renamon shook her head at them and sighed. "Boys...please!" They promptly shut up and looked at her. "Takato told me about their scheme. They're catching on to us" Terriermon and Guilmon let out a breath of relief and sat down. "Besides you idiot," Renamon said as she turned towards Terriermon "digimon don't get pregnant like humans do"

"Wouldn't it also not survive the fall if she was?" Guilmon piped in.

Terriermon ignored their comments before speaking. "Yea well, why would I be in love with renamon anyways? Her sense of humor is too dry for me to handle and she's not as cute as lopmon" he said as he crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks.

"Please, let's just focus on more important things." Renamon said, emphasis on important. "We need to learn how to fight in these bodies in case we come across zodimon again."

"Alright, alright" Terriermon agreed as he stood up. "Let's get this training started!"

"Good luck." Guilmon said as he got up as well. "You gotta learn how to fight as Rena-chan and she's the best fighter we have!" He then turned over at his beloved...well the body she was in and smiled.

"Guilmon, I am still mad at you and no amount of flattery will fix that"

"Well, I tried" guilmon pouted as he sat back down in defeat.

The three digimon made their way outside of the hideout and into a more secluded area of the park where they each set up little stations to practice. They each made fake targets using sticks and rocks to resemble zodimon. [More like Terriermon and Guilmon took their sweet time decorating the targets to resemble to 'pretty' enemy. Renamon sent glares at them and told them it didn't matter how the targets looked like and to get back to business.]

"I'll go first! " Terriermon raised his hand and went towards one station. "Koyousetsu!" He yelled before jumping into the air and expecting a shard of diamonds to come out...nothing happened.

"You're doing it wrong" Renamon commented as she walked towards Terriermon. "you need to jump first, do a flip and then summon the attack" she instructed as best she could since a demo was out of the question considering the body she was in.

Terriermon nodded at her and did as instructed. "Koyousetsu!" While The shards of diamonds appeared, they missed the target and went towards Guilmon instead. He barely managed to dodge it and fell.

"Hey watch your aim!"

"Moumantai, Guilmon!" Terriermon yelled out apologetically as he landed on the ground. "Who wants to go next?"

"My turn!" Guilmon yelled a little too excitedly as he got up. He then turned towards Renamon "watch this Rena-chan!" The bunny digimon said as he started spinning quickly. "Petit twister!" Unfortunately, not being used it it, he ended up falling flat on his face and missing the targets completely. "Wow there's so many stars" Guilmon said as he started counted imaginary stars only he could see.

"You gotta close your eyes so you don't get dizzy, dummy" Terriermon teased as he bonked him on the head.

Renamon sighed at the two before moving up to the practice targets. "Let me show you how to do this the right way" she then used a great amount of force to hit one of the targets "Rock breaker!" Which then destroyed it completely.

"Wow!" Both digimon looked at her in awe as they held up signs with scores written on it. Terriermon's being a "9.9" and Guilmon with "10++++" and hearts drawn all over. Renamon walked over to them confidently "and that's how you do it."

"Wow Renamon that was great!" Guilmon cheered. "And I'm not being a suck up!"

"Butt kisser" Terriermon coughed out. Guilmon shot a glare towards him.

"Boys!" Both digimon snapped out of it and saluted at her "sorry ma'am!"

"Can we continue on with business or do you plan to argue some more?" She asked harshly.

"No ma'am!" They shouted back, still saluting at her.

"I can't believe I'm taking orders from Renamon" Terriermon grumbled to himself. "I barely take any from Jen"

Renamon cleared her throat loudly, capturing the attention of the two digimon. "Shall we?" They nodded their heads at her and went back to the training stations. This was going to be a long night...

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