Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, this is quite a charming little one-shot. Hopefully, you guys will feel something special while reading this, because I sure did while I was writing this. Oh, and by the way, if you're playing music while reading this, it's best to use the Space Junk Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy, or even better, the beta version of it. Well, that's all I have to comment from here on. Read and enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. Good night.

Disclaimer: Mario and Toad belong to Nintendo.

Mario was relaxing on the edge of the sandy beach nearby the southern point of the ocean, the moon's bright rays of light reflecting on the blue water as the waves gently pushed in. Mario was snoozing peacefully as he faced the direction of the moon, feeling the gentle breeze past by him. A couple of feet away from him to the west were a family of four green-shelled Koopa Troopas that were all meditating in harmony with nature. Within the moving water were several red-and-white Cheep Cheep fish that were searching for a way back into the depths of the ocean, while several sea gulls flew above. As the moon continued looming over the dark waters of the ocean, Toad popped his head from the thick, green bushes nearby and approached Mario, the humanoid, red-spotted mushroom boy curious.

"Hey, Mario..." Toad whispered as he tried to be as quiet as he could, tiptoeing to not disturb the peaceful silence. Looming over Mario, Toad tapped the red-capped plumber on the head, whispering again, "Hey, Mario..."

Mario woke up, looking up at Toad, blinking a few times. "Yeah, Toad? Is it something that you like to discuss?"

Toad sat down right next to Mario, rubbing the back of his head as he looked down at his brownish shoes. "Uh huh... Mario..." He pointed at the bright moon. "Do you wonder if the Moon has any life on it?"

Mario got up a bit, perching his back against the palm tree as he looked at Toad. "What makes you think of that, Toad?"

Toad sighed as he closed his eyes, and then stated, "Well, remember what Rosalina said about the many secrets of the galaxies within this whole big universe... who knows what may be on the moon..." Opening his eyes and looking up, he continued, "We managed to survive the entire universe's collapse, and with Rosalina stating that all things come back from such a fate, but not in the same way... do you really think that...?"

Mario shrugged as he closed his eyes. "Humph. It could be possible. After all..." He coughed a bit. "I did kill the Sun... but regardless..." He patted Toad on the head and grinned. "I don't think you should let it really concern you, Toad."

Toad frowned, tilting his head to the right. "But, Mario... who knows what may be hiding in the Moon..." Looking at the Moon again, he murmured. "It's really quite something, isn't it?"

Mario chuckled a bit, sitting up against the palm tree as he stated to Toad while stretching his arms, "Toad, there are many secrets of Life that we may never know or only experience once we go into the afterlife. It's best not to let such things could your vision."

Toad remained silent as he cuddled next to Mario a bit. "Well..." Sighing, the mushroom boy looked once more at the bright Moon, and laid his head on Mario's right shoulder. "I guess maybe, you're right... but still..." He continued gazing at the Moon as his eyes starting to shut close. Yawning, Toad stated as he was swept to sleep, "Maybe, just maybe... there is something on the Moon that we may not know..."

Mario took this into consideration as he himself took a glance at the moon, and then dozed back to sleep, the Moon's bright rays shining on the red-capped plumber and the mushroom boy.