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In Plain Sight

Chapter One

When she saw them, Kagome knew it already wasn't a good day. Next to her, Midnight growled deeply in his throat, as if agreeing with her.

Kagome had been walking her dog, Midnight, when she had stumbled across them. She stood behind a rather large oak tree, Midnight crouching next to her. Though she would deny it at the drop of a hat, the sight before her sent fear crawling up her throat. But not fear for herself, fear for another.

In the clearing stood three men. Two of them had their backs to her, while the other stood, alone, facing them defiantly. From where she crouched, she saw the bulge of gun holsters in the men's ankle-length leather jackets. She shook her head.


The man facing them stood proudly, his chin thrust forward, his arms crossed over his impressive chest. His legs were braced apart and incased in a pair of worn Levis. He wore a pitch black T-shirt that enhanced his bronzed skin. His long almost-black-brown hair was pulled back into a high pony tail that swished beck and forth as he shook his head at something the two men said to him.

The two men—who Kagome had dubbed Henchmen 1 and 2—took menacing steps toward the man. Midnight's growl grew louder. Kagome tried to hush the dog, but he refused. The men snuck their hands in their jackets, making Kagome scowl.

Come on, man. Don't be stupid. Can't you tell they're serious?, she willed the man to hear.

But the lone man continued to shake his head. Just as the henchmen whipped out their guns, Midnight let out a series of ferocious barks. The henchmen whipped around to face where they hide. With a slight glare towards the growling dog, she slowly got to her feet, her hands in front of her.

"Don't shoot, I'm just a little girl lost in the woods," she said, fighting a smirk. Using the distraction to his advantage, the unarmed man swung around to deliver a hard kick to Henchmen 1's arm.

The gun clattered to the ground as Henchman 1 let out a shout of surprise. With a ferocious snarl, Midnight's muscles bunched and he gave one mighty leap, his claws sinking deeply into the chest of Henchman 2.

The unarmed man ducked swiftly as Henchman 1 tried to swing at him, then smoothly dropped into a round-house kick, swiftly lifting the man's feet out from under him. He landed with an audible thud. Kagome's smile widened.

Very nice moves, so I won't have to do all the work on my own.

The unarmed man sneered down at him.

Midnight's attack sent Henchman 2 to the ground, the gun still clutched in his hand. Midnight growled deeply at him, snapping sharp white teeth dangerously close to his nose. The man turned his head to the side, fear bright in his eyes. He raised the gun and fired once. Midnight yelped in pain as he was thrown from across the clearing to land drunkenly on his feet a few yards away. The gunman stood, aiming the Glock at Midnight's head, his hands still trembling, but a confident smirk on his ugly face now that he had the power.

Kagome stepped from the shadows, her hands fisted on her hips and her eyes dark with anger. "Hey!" she shouted. Surprised, all three men turned to look at her. "Why don't you pick on someone who can fight back, you coward?"

The man blinked at her stupidly for a few moment before shrugging and turning the gun towards her and firing. Kagome dropped to the ground with practiced ease and rolled. An explosion rained splinters over her as the bullets slammed into the mighty oak above her.

She jumped to her feet and sprinted toward the man knocking aside the gun with her forearm before he could blink twice. She then delivered a right gab to the man's stomach. As he bend forward, his face twisted in pain, Kagome smoothly kicked him back. He flew back and landed a few feet away, unconscious.

The last man standing used the scuffle as a distraction and made a grab for the gun lying two feet away. The unarmed man tried to kick it away, but Henchman 1 grabbed it and fired it twice at the unarmed man.

Kagome's head shot up at the sound of the gunshots and her eyes narrowed as she watched the man go down. With a furious yell, she didn't waste a moment to kick the gun from his hand and knocking him unconscious with a well-placed punch to the side of his head.

She knelt next to the wounded man and checked for a pulse, she let out a breath of relief when it pulsed weakly under her fingertips. But he was losing blood fast from a wound in his shoulder and another in his side. Cursing, Kagome pulled off her over shirt and pressed it to the man's shoulder. She looked up when Midnight came striding slowly up to her.

"You okay, buddy?" she asked softly. The big dog whined and nudged her shoulder, his tail wagging slowly. She ran her free hand down his sides and sighed in relief when she saw it only grazed his shoulder. With a gently rub on the head, she turned her attention to the man in front of her. Her thin shirt was quickly saturated and the pulse under her fingers began to slow further.

"No, damn you. You're not getting off that easily," she growled. "Stay with me, damn it."

Cursing a blue stream, Kagome whipped out her cell and dialed the all-too-familiar number.

"It's me," she snapped as the person picked up. "I've got a bleeding vic here. I'm in the woods behind my house. Get here quick. No ambulance."

There was an audible curse and the sound of a car starting up. "On my way." Kagome snapped the phone shut and took off her remaining shirt with a grumble.

"You better live through this, buddy. This is my favorite shirt," she said quietly, feeling the sun shine on her exposed skin.

Five minutes later, a car came to a screeching halt at the road near the clearing where Kagome knelt. A sense of relief washed over her and her shoulders relaxed slightly.

"Kagome!" a deep voice shouted a few yards away. She kept her eyes on the blood still leaking from the wound of the man's side. Thank God it hadn't hit an major arteries.

"Inuyasha, over here!" she shouted back. The sound of feet pounding on fallen debris reached her ears as she pressed harder against the wound on the man's shoulder, her curtain of dark hair falling over her shoulder.

A silver-haired man burst from the brush. His long hair swirled around his shoulders as he spotted her. At her shirtless state, he raised an arched brow, his golden eyes twinkling. His handsome face broke out in a sneer.

"Am I interrupting something?"

"Not now. I need help here. I can't pick him up."

Inuyasha nodded soberly and strode over quickly. He scanned the clearing and raised an eyebrow at the two unconscious men. Kagome sighed. "I'll explain later." After he nudged her aside he wedged his arm under the man's shoulders and knees, getting to his feet with a small grunt.

"Damn, this guy is heavy," he grumbled.

Kagome shook her head and followed her friend to the waiting car, Midnight trailing slowly behind her. Inuyasha saw the dog's wound and looked back at her. "He okay?"

"Just a flesh wound," she stated nodding. She opened the back door for him and slowed him to place the man in the backseat. As she crawled in, she caught her reflection in the side window and frowned.

Her hair was a mess of windblown black to match the big car in front of her. Blood stained her hands and smeared her face. She shook her head and climbed in silently.

She settled herself next to the man's head and gently placed it in her lap, her fingers unconsciously running through the hair that escaped his ponytail. Midnight quickly made himself comfortable in the passenger's seat and looked back at Kagome anxiously.

At Inuyasha's questioning look, Kagome said, "Your house. You have better supplies." Nodding curtly, he shut the door and went around the hood to the driver's side.

Inuyasha turned back to her after he reved up the car. "What about the two in the clearing. You want I just call the police and report a shooting?" Kagome nodded, her eyes not leaving the face of the man in her lap. His rugged features were slack in slumber, his chiseled lips parted slightly. To Kagome, he looked like he should be gracing the cover of Vogue, instead of nearly bleeding to death in the back of a beat-up truck. She shook her head. Sometimes, life was one confusing place.

Moments later, they pulled up to a neat, two-story house. The weathered gate creaked as it opened to allow them entrance and Inuyasha drove through quickly. The cozy home was a light sage green that reminded Kagome of the forest they had left behind moments before and calmed her nerves at the familiarity of it. Stark white shutters slammed against the house in the strong wind as Inuyasha opened the back door and picked up the unconscious man. Kagome climbed out after them, Midnight on her heels.

Without hesitation, Kagome strode up to the house and opened the door, holding it open for Inuyasha to walk in. She ran her hands through her tangled hair as she followed them to the guest bedroom she stayed in usually whenever she visited.

After placing the bleeding man on the covers, Inuyasha turned to Kagome.

"I'm not going to ask right now, but as soon as this guy is stable, I need to know everything that happened in case the police come knocking on my door."

"Will do. But right now, I need you to call Sango, she'll know what to do."

Inuyasha left the room and Midnight climbed up on the bed next to the unconscious man. He whined and nudged the man on the shoulder.

"Taken a liking to him, hmm?" Kagome asked as she struggled to pulled the shirt off the man. Midnight gave another whine and licked the man's hand. Kagome chuckled and shook her head. "Always were a softie." Then she looked down at the peaceful expression on the man's face. "But then, so am I," she murmured, running her fingers lightly down the stubble on the man's cheek. She sighed and snapped her attention to the situation at hand.

The wound in his shoulder had finally clotted, but blood still trickled steadily down his muscular arm. The torn flesh around the wound looked burnt and torn. Kagome lifted his shoulder and sighed with relief when she saw it had gone all the way through.

The flesh wound on the man's side bled freely, with no sign of slack. It didn't look like anything had been damaged but Kagome was going to wait for her sister, Sango to confirm that. Though Kagome had done enough dressings in her short period of time on the police force and the five years working with Inuyasha as a PI, she was still cautious about dealing with serious gunshot wounds.

Inuyasha strode into the room after having called Kagome's younger sister with a gauze roll clutched in his hand along with rubbing alcohol. She looked at him gratefully.

"You're my hero."

He smirked, his gold eyes teasing, though the lines on the side of his mouth were more pronounced, a sign of his frustration.

"I'll hold you to that."

Kagome chuckled slightly. After clumsily binding the wounds and wiping access blood from his sculpted chest, Kagome threw away the soiled cloths and looked up just as they heard a car drive up the Inuyasha's grave driveway.

Midnight immediately jumped up from his position next to the unconscious man and ran from the room, his big black tail swishing from side to side excitedly.

"Kagome! Inuyasha!" she heard a feminine voice shout, a peel of laughter quickly followed as Midnight greeted Sango.

"Back here Sango! Bring your bag!"

Soft footfalls led the way to the room where Kagome and Inuyasha stood and a tall, stunning brunette immerged, her luscious mouth turned down in a frown. Her long light brown hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. Her cinnamon eyes glanced at Kagome briefly before focusing fully on the wounded. Her curvy form was packed into form-fitting jeans and a stretchy black blouse.

"I can see why you interrupted my relaxing Sunday. Now, out. I can't concentrate with you in the room," Sango said briskly, shooing them. Kagome sighed and grabbed one of Inuyasha's spare shirts on the run as she walked from the room, closing it softly behind her.

She pulled the over-sized shirt of her head with a sigh, barely noticed that the hem floated down to her mud-stained knees.

"So, do you think he'll be okay?" Inuyasha asked as he flopped down on the sofa and Kagome joined him. She frowned and let her head fall back against the couch with a groan.

"I don't know. It didn't look really serious, but you know how gunshot wounds can get. One infection is all it takes."

Inuyasha nodded in complete understanding and turned his attention to the dog at their feet. His big brown eyes looked up at Kagome with adoration as he laid his heavy head on her knee and she played with his floppy ears absently.

"Does he need to be looked at?" Inuyasha asked leaned down to get a slower look at the wound on Midnight's side.

"I'll just clean it up and he should be fine." Inuyasha nodded and gave the dog a brotherly pat on the side, to which Midnight jumped into his lap and proceeded to lick every inch of Inuyasha's face, despite his loud objections.

Her peal of laughter drowned out Midnight's whines of happiness after Inuyasha gently pushed the eager dog away, wiping his face. But soon the grin slid from her face as she heard an anguished moan coming from the hall. She glanced behind her nervously.

What if he didn't make it? What would she do? She didn't even know his name. She groaned and put her head in her hands.

"He has to make it," she whispered. Inuyasha heard and pulled her back to her head rested on his broad shoulder.

"He will. You said so yourself. It wasn't too serious." He rubbed his hand along her chilled arms to warm her and resting his cheek against her rose-smelling hair.

"I sure hope we're both right, Inuyasha" she murmured, closing her eyes. "For all of us."

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