Title: Of Silver and Green

Author: FairyTails13

Disclaimer: I own nothing…but the plot.

Rating: M

Summery: It is the Marauders' fifth year at Hogwarts and there is a new Head of Slytherin and life is about to get interesting for the Hogwarts Pranksters. What is it about this man that is so interesting? If only they could know what Cedric Potter knows, the deadly truth that is held in the future, his past. For Cedric Potter is Harry Potter, and few others know the true sadness that fallows the rise of Lord Voldemort.

Warnings: Marauders Period(time travel), SLASH, Dark Harry, Slytherin Harry. Older, powerful Harry. Vampire Harry.

Parings: Salazar Slytherin/ Cedric (Harry) Potter (It will take some time before I get to how that comes in, I want to build on the story and it's setting before I get into any parings.)

Spoilers: I have not read the seventh book and will not include that info or the info from the sixth book, which I despise.





A/n: Oh, look at me...another fic... -hits head on wall repeatedly- Sorry guys, I can't help it... See this as something to help me get over my writer's block for my InuYasha fics...as, no matter how hard I try, I can't continue them just yet.

I have been pulled into the Harry Potter Fandom, so here we go, a fic containing my favorite element, time travel. Plus and Dark/Slytherin/Vampire Harry is nice too.

Chapter: Silver

"You know that they won't accept you at first, right?"

Green eyes focused onto Albus Dumbledore, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. They stared with an emotionless cold that shook the old Headmaster to the bone, "Sir. I did not accept this job thinking that I would be welcomed with open arms. I believe that I know my house better than you."

The headmaster held back a tired sigh at the response of his ex-student. The black haired, young Potions Master could be anything but pleasant at times. Even as a student, his cold green eyes had unnerved Albus, and he had defeated a dark lord for Marlin's sake. He didn't want to hire the young wizard, but Slughorn had pushed and requested for him to take over as Hogwarts Potions Master. And with that position came the job of being the Head of Slytherin.

Blue eyes with a false twinkle studied the younger wizard. The Slytherin sits with his legs crossed at the knee, hands laced on the higher knee. He held his back straight and his head high, proud of his status. Elegant black battle cloaks covered his lithe form, accented with green and silver buttons, trim and elaborate embroidery. Around his neck is a silver chain holding a small three-denominational black cauldron with 'Master' written across the front in golden paint. His ears were lined with silver hoops which glinted in the candle light. Across his face are thin-wire glasses that gave focus to his sharp emerald eyes, again in silver. Tucked behind his ears is long jet black hair, bangs hide his forehead and half of his eyes from view and shrouded them in shadows. At the nape of his neck the rest is held back with a small pony tail.

Albus' eyes shifted to his student's hands. His nails were painted black, mostly to hide the damage that comes with brewing potions. Two rings adorned his right hand, on his middle finger is the ring the headmaster recognized. It is a silver snake that wrapped around the finger, mouth and tail coming together around the stone, a small emerald orb. It's eyes are made of ebony wood charms to last forever. It is the Slytherin House ring, given to the graduated Slytherins of the young man before him's graduating class. Only five were made as they came together with their own money to buy them, not wanting to depend on their rich parents for help.

The other ring he knew nothing about. A thin silver colored ring which he wore on his ring finger. It is just a band so it did not really hold Albus' attention like the other had. He looked back up to the young man's eyes; cold, emotionless, and calculating.

Cedric Harold Potter is the essence of a powerful and intelligent Slytherin, perfect for the position. Yet, Albus does not trust the younger wizard. It is hard to trust any Slytherin with the new dark lord on the rise, any one of them could be a follower, even his current students could have joined. For all he knew, the young man before him could be one of those followers, and yet he couldn't see that in the cold green eyes. Cedric, he knew, was his own person, only trusting a select few others, those that shared the ring he wore proudly. The headmaster could not see Cedric fallowing Tom Riddle's orders. Cedric had spent his entire life to climb out of the shadow his family had placed him under.

Being the only Slytherin in a Gryffindor family was as bad, if not worse than Mr. Black's problem, being the first Gryffindor from any Slytherin family. Albus was not blind to the loyalty the house of serpents held for each other, to them the out side world were all against them. And it is mostly true, as they are all seen as dark wizards or witches, never given a chance to show their true emotion before they are judged wrongly. Albus was blind to this for so long, until he was able to befriend Slughorn and be told the truth behind the masks that Slytherins wore permanently.

As a Potter, Cedric was part of that out side world, the ones that hated Slytherins just because they were just that, Slytherins. One of Albus' biggest fears was the new Head of Slytherin being rejected by his house because of the surname he carried, and yet he knew that Cedric held friends high in the ranks, one of his graduation class members being the youngest Malfoy's uncle, Benjamin Malfoy.

As the silence grew on the headmaster found himself thinking of Lucius Malfoy, currently a Seventh year and chosen to be Head Boy this year. The young Malfoy praised his father and uncle, so surly he knew of Cedric, his uncle's best friend. And maybe Lucius could sway the tides, having a great influence on the rest of his house.

Dumbledore once again looked to Cedric's eyes, who stared right back, waiting for the conversation to continue. He had no choice but to hire the mysterious young wizard, and could only hope he is as free-minded as he thinks he is. He looked down at the document before him,k the one that finalizes Cedric's position as the school's Potion's Professor. Slowly he picks up his quill and only hesitating slightly, he signs the bottom with his green ink. As it recognizes the signature the charmed parchment glows faintly then rolls up and disappears. "Well, welcome to the Hogwarts staff, Mr. Potter. I trust you know where your quarters are?"

A graceful nod answered him, fallowed by Cedric's soft voice only made cold by the tone he uses, "I do, sir."

The grey-haired wizard frowned, "You do realize, my boy, that you can call me Albus. You have graduated."

An emotion flashes across Cedric's eyes, but is not identified before it is gone, "I am aware that you wish for me to call you thus. But as my superior I will not refer to you as a friend."

"Very well." The aged wizard knew it was not a good idea to argue with a Slytherin when it comes to rank. "Be aware that you are being given Train duty."

"Sir?" Even as he asked a question, he showed no confusion.

"You are to patrol the Hogwarts Express on the first, to keep an eye on the students." Cedric nodded in acknowledgment, and Albus wishes he could see even a little bit of frustration or unhappiness in those green eyes. The rest of Hogwarts staff hated that task, knowing it would mean rowdy and excited students, and usually a fight or two; and yet Cedric didn't seem to mind and it frustrated Albus. He doubted he would ever get used to the other's lack of emotion, even some anger would be a nice change. Inwardly he wished the other would fall victim to the current Hogwarts pranksters, but he doubted the fifth years had much hope of tricking the Slytherin before him. This brought something else up.

"I trust you will not hold favor to your nephew." This got a reaction finally, as the thirty-year-old wizard's eye brows raised. It was not common knowledge that James Potter has a granduncle, as that granduncle is the bastard son of James' great-grandfather. And Cedric looks far too young to be anyone's granduncle, being forty years younger than his older brother and the same age as James' father. Cedric is the black sheep of the family, being hated the moment he was born from his father's mistress. He is just a dirty secret hat no Potter wants around.

"Ah, so my nephew has been able to stay in school, I am amazed he was able to even join. A rather arrogant and stupid one he is." Cedric's words were born of the hatred his family had for him, and it cut Albus to hear them.

"Mr. Potter, you must reassure me that you will treat him like any other student and not hold your family past over him. He is young and only know that the grass grows, but not way." It was so true, like any prejudice that is held in the Wizarding world, James hates his granduncle because it is all he has ever known.

Cedric's next reply was a bit gentler, "I do not blame him for my family, sir. But if he choices to disrespect me I will punish him like I would any other student. Nothing more, nothing less."

Albus took this for the time being, and was grateful for the soft knock that interrupted the steadily growing tension in the room. Clearing his throat he called out for who ever was behind the door, wishing them to come in. As the door opened Cedric turned to look as well, and they watched Minerva McGonagall walk into the room. The Head of Gryffindor took in the sight before her and greeted Cedric before she got to why she was there, "Hello Mr. Potter. It is pleasant to see you again, joining the staff this year?"

The black haired Potter stood and bowed to her slightly, being the gentleman he is, "It is nice to see you as well ma'am. And yes I am." he pause and stood. "The sport this year will be very heated, yes?"

She gave him a tight smile, "Indeed it will, but I dare say that your house stands very little a chance with out you as their seeker."

Both Albus and Minerva were shocked by the smile, however small, that made it to Cedric's face, "We'll see about that ma'am. The cup will be ours this year."

And there was the action that helped the two Gryffindor's know he was indeed a human with emotions. Minerva's smile widened, "I would bet you on that, but I do not make bets that are unfair."

Cedric's smile turned into a smirk, "As do I. ma'am. It would be such an unfair bet, for your only hope is my poor nephew."

Before the the feud could grow anymore between the to House Heads, Dumbledore stepped forward and addressed Cedric, "Mr. Potter, I do believe your things have been taken to your room."

All emotion disappeared from those cold eyes, "I'll take that as my leave, sir." He nodded to Minerva before turning on his heal, "Good night."

As he left Minerva looked to Albus, "This is going to be one entertaining year."

Albus nodded, the twinkle in his eyes being truer, "Indeed it will. indeed it will."


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I know I have portrayed Harry/Cedric as a heartless/emotionless evil dude, that is only because I have yet to dive into his character and you don't know why he is acting like a heartless/emotionless evil dude, besides the fact that he is hated by the family he has in the past...that will be explained in detail later on. I have it all mapped out. -big goofy smile- No, I have not gone completely insane, you just don't get it yet.

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