Title: Of Silver and Green

Author: FairyTails13

Disclaimer: I own nothing…but the plot.

Rating: M

Summery: It is the Marauders' fifth year at Hogwarts and there is a new Head of Slytherin and life is about to get interesting for the Hogwarts Pranksters. What is it about this man that is so interesting? If only they could know what Cedric Potter knows, the deadly truth that is held in the future, his past. For Cedric Potter is Harry Potter, and few others know the true sadness that fallows the rise of Lord Voldemort.

Warnings: Marauders Period (time travel), SLASH, Dark Harry, Slytherin Harry. Older, powerful Harry. Vampire Harry.

Parings: Salazar Slytherin/ Cedric (Harry) Potter

Spoilers: I have not read the seventh book and will not include that info or the info from the sixth book, which I despise.






"Random Romanian"

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Chapter: Students

He watched them walk in, his eyes finding faces in the crowd. The vampire felt his chest constrict as Cedric spotted his mother, red hair pulled up into a loose bun and her green eyes- so closely identical to his own- shined with an interest to learn. He remembered from being in the Slug Club in Harry's time, that Slughorn would brag about how his mother was a genius in Potions. This thought helped him keep is cool under the glares of the Marauders, minus Moony.

He remembered that Moony's senses as a werewolf made it impossible to be in potions class with so many scents around, most not pleasant. While as a vampire his nose could almost match up to any werewolves', he had gotten used to it but understood why Remus Lupin would not be his student.

After they were all seated Cedric stood, moving around the desk slowly, looking over them with emotionless green eyes. They grew silent as his gaze went over them and as all was calm, he spoke. Cedric spoke quietly yet sternly, his voice giving an unspoken threat and warning to anyone who thought this would be an easy class.

"Welcome to Fifth year Potions. Be warned that it will not be like your last four under Potion's Master Slughorn as my teaching style is very different than his." He paused as he stood in the front of the class, his stance strong. "As I have not had any of you in class I will need to gage your skill level so I know where to begin."

He waved his wand at the blackboard behind him and an invisible piece of chalk began writing the instructions and title of a potion in his loopy and sharp handwriting, "I have chosen a medium level potion from your previous year for you to brew."

He was interrupted by many loud groans from the lion side of the room and few much quieter ones from the snake side as they all recognized the potion he had picked, he couldn't help but grin. In his mind it was just a simple burn salve potion, but Cedric remembers how hard it was to brew the first time. Of course, working with dragons makes one keep a constant supply of it as well as stranger versions.

He coughed to gather their attention again and looked from one side of the room to the other, "While you are brewing I will be going around the room to help should you need it, you all are still learning so I do not expect you all to be able to brew it perfectly. Feel free to ask questions and I will try to answer them so you understand them."

This was something new, Cedric knew that Slughorn just expected his student to just get it or not, he never really helped the ones that struggled, "Now, before I release you to gather the proper ingredients; I will not tolerate any misbehavior in my class. If any of my students are harmed because someone, any one, refused to listen to me and causes an accident –either on purpose or through ignorance- I will do my best to get you removed from my class, I don't care what house you are in. Your safety in this classroom is at the top of my list."

The vampire's eyes washed over his snakes and then the lions and some nodded their heads in return and some sat in slight fear. With out another word he waved his hand towards the ingredient store closet and the room went into motion as the students stood.


Severus began to brew the potion with ease, it was one he would always brew before going home, and he had been brewing it before he even learned it in class last year. The black-eyed wizard could probably do blindfolded, but would never try that. After about six more ingredients in twenty minutes later the potion lover let his brew simmer for a moment and took the time to look around the classroom.

True to his word, Professor Potter was going around the classroom helping several students prepare their ingredients correctly, often with a calm voice but the Slytherin could tell the man was on the edge of yelling at some of the stupid things he was being asked. A twitch had made an appearance in the man's left eye, barely noticeable, but there.

Half way through the class and the Professor had yet to be able to walk to the snake side of the room, the Gryffindors dragging his attention every chance they had. Severus noticed that when Potter would call his uncle over it was with a stupid question, mostly just to annoy his hated relative most likely. Black also chipped in, but it was Pettigrew who needed the help the most and wasn't getting it.

"Think we should give him an out?" Severus turned his head to look at the girl sitting next to him on the bench. It was Violet Gwinn, true to her name she kept her long curly hair a bright purple, her eyes a duller version with the help of spells and dyes for her hair. Currently she was sitting back in her chair -her potion simmering as his was- her eyes on their new head of house.

Behind them, an Italian with dark hair and even darker green eyes leaned forward, around his own cauldron which was also at the correct stage. Slytherin had gotten used to their Head of House not helping them and would take it upon them selves to learn the potion before brewing it in class, so even Narcissa next to the Italian was waiting for her potion to simmer before adding the next ingredient.

With an accented voice the Italian spoke with a smirk on his lips, "I think we should before we have some dead lions on our hands."

Narcissa swatted his arm with a huff, "You know we should Jeremy Zabini."

Jeremy grinned at her with a glint of mirth in his eyes, "But none of us need help though, he got himself into his mess."

Severus snorted and rolled his eyes at the other male, "Yes, but you were supposed to put in the troll hair a few seconds ago."

They all knew it wasn't really important to be exact with when you put in the troll hair, but Jeremy still rushed to sprinkle the finely chopped one inch lengths into his hazel colored potion. Severus had already put his in but the two females were a bit behind in the matter so would wait a little longer.

Thinking of a way to help their poor teacher Violet raised her hand next to her head. Even if her hand wasn't waving in the air like the idiot Gryffindors' were their professor looked over, a look of pure thankfulness almost piercing through his emotionless mask but shining in his emerald eyes behind elegant glasses.

Severus watches as he turns back to the Gryffindor he had been showing how to cut the troll hair and said a few more things before turning and walking to the purple-haired Slytherin. As he walked they could tell he was barely restraining himself from jetting over to them. When a Gryffindor shouted out a question the short man threw a snippy comment back, telling them to wait their turn.

The darkly clothed man stopped and looked at her cauldron as well as the rest of theirs with a slight nod of approval as he noted they were brewing the potion perfectly, "You want to ask me something Miss Gwinn?"

She smiled at him, catching the silent thank you and sprinkled her troll hair over her potion before turning back to the Potion Master with her question, "Yes, I was wondering how important the timing for the Troll hair is. The book says it doesn't matter, and Professor Slughorn didn't specify."

Severus knew it was a genuine question from the way she spoke and also wondered as well. Other Slytherins around them seemed to lean in, waiting for the man's answer. The potions master seemed to smirk at it, "Yes, I doubt he did as it can get very complicated on that topic Miss Gwinn."

Violets eyes shined with curiosity at this point, hardly hidden, "How so sir?"

They caught a brief smile pass over the man's face, "Troll hair is not necessarily needed to brew this potion Miss Gwinn. It acts as a neutralizer for the aloe skins you started with, taking away some of the potency of the potion."

Before he could continue with his excuse to not go back to the Gryffindors, a voice piped up behind him, "But sir. Even if it does just act as a neutralizer for the aloe, it also helps speed up the effect once applied to a burned victim. Why isn't it needed?"

Severus looked over at the speaker, Lily Evens, the only Gryffindor that hadn't been nagging their professor with questions till this point. With black eyes Severus watched as the older Potter turned slightly to look aver at her. Her eyes shined with the curiosity Violets had and Severus could have sworn he had seen a full out smile on Professor Potter's face before he answered.

"Note Miss Evens, that while the Trolls hair does speed up the presses, there are other types of hair, some less magical, that can also do that, while at the same time not neutralizing the effects of the aloe." He stopped to smirk, "Female lion tail-hair for example, will even strengthen the aloe's burn healing abilities."

At this point Severus started scribing down notes in his text book, which was already littered with his hand writing. And he wasn't the only one, quills could be heard scratching on paper for the next few minutes as their teacher started to talk again, "That is why I say it can be complicated, after Christmas break we will be diving into the different way to brew potions when I get your new text books in."

Apparently not everyone was listening to the short man as a potion started to gurgle on the far side of the room and everyone looked up to see a very frightened Peter Pettigrew as his potion started to bubble over and his friends started to pull him back from the ruined cauldron.

As if anticipating this, Severus watched with wide eyes as their professor sprang into action, his wand leaping to his hand from his sleeve. With a wordless spell the cauldron was empty, but the damage had been done, as proof was the melted metal that was once a cauldron.

The dirty blonde lion shrunk back as Professor rounded on him, eyes blazing. The man started out in another language none of them understood but switched over when he realized who he was talking to, "Get out of my class room Mr. Pettigrew. It has become obvious that you fail at Potions. Do not make me say it again."

The green eyed man pointed to the door and the little rat ran out, nearly as white as a sheet, tears in his eyes. The cruelty of the man shocked everyone, even if the Slytherins who knew they should not have doubted him capable, by dinner the whole school would know about the accident.

The rest of the class period was spent in silence as even Severus would admit to being a bit terrified at the moment; he had been reminded of the fury his father would have before hitting him. He shivered at the thought and pushed it away to plummet himself into his potion making.

He was the first to finish his brew so he quickly bottled it and labeled it with his name and consciously walked to the front of the room where his head of house sat at his desk. As he neared he would hear the man muttering in that strange language again, writing out a letter that would no doubt mean the end of Pettigrew's brewing days.

After stealing himself Severus coughed into his hand and got the angry man's attention. Green eyed looked up at him suddenly and softened from their blazing only moments ago as they laid on the near shaking Slytherin, "Finished already Mr. Snape?"

A little numbly Severus nodded his head and held up his bottled potion. The young Slytherin watched as eyes scrutinized the color of the liquid he had just finished brewing and let out a sigh of relief when he saw approval in them, "Where do I put it Professor Potter?"

With the hand holding a jet black quill the Potter motioned towards a small desk next to his larger one, something Severus had not noticed before. On it was several racks to hold veils and bottles. Quickly he placed his bottle in a slot and turned to return to his seat.

"Ten points to Slytherin." The black haired wizard did not stop but slowed from his near run, and did not ask what the points were for, he understood why he got them, and would take them.

When he sat down Violet and some other Slytherins were bottling up their potions. Twenty minutes passed before the bell rang and the class nearly flew out when their professor released them. The lions didn't even stop to tease the Slytherins and left their rivals in their dust. Severus was happy for this and wondered how long their fear would last.

As the snakes neared their common room to drop of their stuff before heading to the great Hall for dinner Violet spoke up and cut the silence that had drifted over them, "He can speak Romanian, I barely recognized it from the time I spent over in Romania with my aunt, but that was Romanian. No doubt in my mind."

Jeremy piped up, "How does he knew Romanian? And he spoke it so fluently too."

Narcissa shrugged her shoulders, "He could have gained his Mastery in Romania, many Potion Masters reside there."

There was the silence again as they entered their common room and the topic was dropped for the moment.


Back in his classroom Cedric was holding back angry tears. He was so angry at himself, he had lost his tight control over his emotions and yelled at a student that had probably just made a mistake because his friends wouldn't allow their Professor to help him by bogging him down with stupid questions. They probably already knew the answers too.

As the vampire felt something slither across his leg from under his desk he tensed for a moment, then shivered, "I just screwed up, didn't I?"

He stared down at his finished letter as his mate winded up his leg in his Animagus form, a twenty foot, ebony Kind Cobra with bright blue eyes. He would be sending off the letter, he didn't need anymore incidents like that, not just because Wormtail was so horrible at potions but because Cedric feared he could not hold back his temper at the site of the rat.

Shaking the young vampire out of his thoughts, Salazar spoke up, "I really don't blame you, not only did he threaten the safety of your students, he is also the future betrayer of your parents."

Cedric clenched his hands in his hair, "I know that, you know that, but it hasn't even happened yet. I shouldn't loose control over my emotions like that!"

The bulk of his lover's weight coiled in his lap and Salazar's silver head rose to rest on his lovers shoulder to hiss in his ear, flicking tongue tapping silver loops, "You knew you would be seeing him, luv."

Before he could help himself a flow of curses left his mouth in a low hiss, "And then I spoke in Romanian. I hope none of the students can understand it."

He heard a chuckle as the weight in his lap shifted and became a man beside him, "I sure hope so, that was some pretty dark language you said there. Would have made a sailor blush."

Cedric rest the side of his head on his hand and looked up at his mate, a small grin on his lips, "I'll blame Master Morley."

Salazar rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his black hair, he wouldn't complain that the topic had been changed, "That man sure knows how to curse..."

Cedric leaned forward and rested his head on the taller man's abdomen and wrapped his arms around his hips, "You have no idea, I don't know how many times Anita scolded him for it."

They sat in silence for a few minutes when Salazar started to run his clawed fingers through his mate's soft hair, "You need to go to dinner luv."

Cedric groaned at that, the sound muffles because of his face being up against his stomach, "I don't wanna, do I have to?"

Salazar chuckled down at him, the feeling of Cedric's mouth hissing against his skin giving off an odd sensation that got his hormones flowing, "If you do go, I can promise making it up to you later…"

The promise hung in the air as green eyes looked up at the older vampire with a smirk, "I don't know, will you survive that long?"

To prove his point Cedric rubbed his chest against the pants that were poking him as they tightened against the hardening appendage under them. This got a groan from Salazar and a low hiss passed his lips. To anyone else the sound would be disturbing but to Cedric it was an erotic sound that he could not ignore. Again the professor repeated, "Do I have to?"

Under his breathe the blue-eyes wizard mumbled about damn hormones before pulling his younger mate up to plant as passionate kiss on his darkly painted lips. Moments later they were panting out their labored breathes and leaning against each other to stay up and not fall. He didn't want to, but Salazar had to ruin the moment, "You know you do."

Cedric hissed angrily at him, and gained back his strength, pulling away, "You're going to regret that Sal."

Salazar Shivered at the tone that threatened, "I know, but I like it when you make it rough."

Green eyes that echoed the killing curse glared at him told the older man that the night was going to be filled with pain and pressure, thought the one that would dominate -pain or pleasure-was not a sure thing. He loved his submissive mate to death, but enjoyed it when he didn't have to be gentle with the younger vampire and there would be fight in those green eyes.

The young vampire backed up and turned to leave, the fight growing in his glowing eyes. As he went he moved his robes as he wanted to hide his growing erection from the rest of the world, "Have it your way then."

With that he left, leaving Salazar to fight with his own erection. The ancient Potions Master cursed himself several times, in several different languages before he transformed and made his way to his love's rooms. He could already feel Cedric sharp claws cutting down him back. He knew it would feel like an eternity before his mate got back from dinner.

He was all too right about that.


The entire way to the Great Hall Cedric was fighting his body from running back and giving in. Sal would regret doing that to him, blood would flow tonight, Cedric would mate sure of it. He was going to dinner for appearance only; he knew rumors would start like a wild fire if he didn't. That didn't mean he wouldn't hurt Sal for forcing him to go.

As the potion master walked towards the Slytherin Common Room on his way out of the dungeons several of his snakes started to pile out, also on their way to dinner. He schooled his features as best he could and pulled on his mask. The group was mostly made up of fifth and sixth years, Lucius gently pulling his betrothed near the front as some sort of head of the group.

Cedric watched the two of them, not missing the slightly fearing look in the blonde Black's eyes. He knew that look, the look of a female who had been abused on more than just a physical level. He was really starting to hate the Black family more and more everyday. The only thing that distracted him from that hate was the look on Lucius' face.

The Malfoy truly cared for the witch and it could be seen in their eyes, the way he held her carefully as if not to jar any bruises or other wounds she might have, mentally or physically. The Slytherin head knew he needed to get her some potions.

The potions master's eyes suddenly shifted to find Severus right behind them on that thought, sharing a laugh with Narcissa as she told him something over her shoulder. He seemed to be faring better, but the hurt could still be seen on his face, the barely hidden pain in his eyes. And suddenly those black eyes were on him.

It made him pause in his step to be caught staring but Cedric elegantly pushed it aside and met his glance with a raised eye brow. Severus' eyes widened and he looked away, a little embarrassed. This made Cedric smile to himself, feeling a little better and forget about the events that would take placing in his and Salazar's bed in the quickly coming night.

When he reached the crowd of Slytherins he migrated in with them like he would in school, but unlike his teen age years, he did not go unnoticed as many eyes landed on him in shock. For the most part he ignored them, his long strides getting him ahead of the crowd very quickly.

He entered the hall first, walking by the student's tables to the head table, not taking note of the whispers that fallowed him until he was in his chair and filling his plate with food that really didn't interest him. His outburst was earning him glares and looks of fear.

"So, what potion did the lion ruin?" The blonde had spoken before taking a bite, his tone having made the situation out to be an everyday occurrence.

Slowly Cedric began cutting his meat skillfully with his knife, "Burn salve."

Next to him Benji almost lost his food as he chocked, once the Malfoy was better he looked over at Cedric with a look of shock, "Seriously? We perfected that in second year."

With a nod Cedric replied, "Melted his cauldron."

Suddenly Cedric felt someone behind him and knew who it was before she spoke, and when she did he pulled out the letter addressed to her which he had grabbed on his way out of his room, "Cedric, you nearly scared Mr. Pettigrew to death. What on earth did he do?"

Not even looking at her he passed his letter to her, "That'll explain it Minerva."

And with that she disappeared to her seat next to Albus without another word. The vampire ate the rest of his diner in silence, and Benji fallowed suit, not uttering another word. Which made him mind wonder to what he was going to do to Salazar; he had to use all his control to not stab his food and break his ceramic plate.

Not because he was angry, but because his erection let its self be know again by making it painfully uncomfortable in his already uncomfortable wooden chair.

!!!! With in the next part will be sexual scenes, not with major detail but reader discretion is advised. I will warn you when it will occur. !!!!

By the time Cedric reached his room and had the portrait was shut behind him sexual tension was very evident on his features. His eyes were glowing unnaturally in the very dim light of the room, his fangs cutting into his lower lip making blood trickle down his chin. His clawed finger nails were digging into his palm, more drops of his blood falling from his fists. All this he ignored as he slipped out of everything but his tight, green pin-stripe black pants.

The rest of his clothes were blindly thrown about the room as he walked to his bedroom where Salazar was most likely waiting for his return He had long since grown out of his modesty brought on by his scar littered body as Salazar thought him he had a figure to show off; his battle wounds only adding to the sexiness.

Cedric now flaunted his body proudly as he crossed over to his bedroom door, pulling it open and nearly taking it off its hinges. Inside Salazar was on the bed, previously staring at the ceiling until those eyes snapped to Cedric in the doorway.

The younger lover's eyes greedily drank up the nearly naked body resting on their king size bead. Long black hair was spread across their pillows like a lake of black water, framing pale skin that shined with sweat. He was taking a great effort to wait for the standing lover, his thin silk boxers the only thing keeping his wondering hands from touching himself.

His breath came out in labored huffs and Cedric held back the urge to leap forward and bite those pale lips, puffy because of the fangs dragging over them. Cedric knew he was being toyed with; Salazar wanted to get a wild reaction out of him with his unclothed display. Unfortunately for the founder, he had a plan and he was not about to slide from it.

He moved forward at a painfully slow pace, sliding his pants down his slim hips as he went. This drew a quick breath out of Salazar and Cedric only smirked down at him, fangs showing themselves. Once his pants were low enough to only be held up by his hard manhood, the young vampire lifted a clawed hand and snapped. Suddenly Salazar's hands where chained above his head and boxers removed.

Here is your warning!

Lust filled blue eyes widened and a low hiss was emitted. Just what Cedric wanted and he slipped onto the bed and slipped his pants all the way off and wrapped a firm hand around the member displayed before him. His mate was very well endowed and his hand could not cover the whole length.

Before Salazar could buck his hips in reaction the younger vampire placed his other hand next to the other, flat on the uncovered skin, and put his weight on it. Salazar hissed angrily at him but it was ignored as Cedric leaned forward and dragged his fangs down the other man's hairless chest.

This drew out a pain filled hiss, illegible to even Cedric. The pain was soothed however, as a warm tongue lapped up the blood that the chest leaked, healing the wounds to leave small welts that would heal soon on their own. Cedric hissed in content as he looked down at the throbbing cock in his hand, it had jerked when he had first sunk his fangs in skin. He licked his lips of blood and rubbed the manhood in his hand with his thumb.

Pre-cum was spread over the head as his thumb pressed hard on the slit and the pearly beads leaked out. Again hissing filled the room with pleasure, after six years of being mated Cedric knew what his mate liked and didn't like. He was playing against that thin line that separated those likes and dislikes.

An hour later Salazar had yet to climax and Cedric had already littered his flesh with many scars, some still bleeding. It was only when Salazar begged and pulled on his restraints to nearly break them that Cedric lowered his previously prepared entrance down on Salazar with slick ease.

In all honestly, Cedric was surprised the other man didn't cum right then, but then again, Salazar had over a thousand years of experience. And yet, only six of those years were with his mate so there was the shock.

Salazar's body jerked but he didn't release, that would make it to easy.

When Cedric was completely impaled he just sat there and grinned down at his mate who was aggressively hissing at him in low tones. The young vampire had two options, keep his control or release him to be taken very roughly.

He really wanted the second one, he preferred it when Salazar controlled him, and he had had his fun. His mind made up Cedric leaned down and captured Salazar's bloody lips in his own; intimidating razor sharp fangs bit down on his painted bottom lip and their blood mixed together. With their blood mixing, like it had the first night of their mating when Cedric was turned, their blood bond sprang to life and they climaxed together.

I'm done.

It was a blinding climax as it had been building up for over an hour, it left both of them breathless for the moment but they were far from done. Until he could breathe again Cedric laid on his mate's chest, hands tangled in black hair and forehead resting on Salazar's. Their eyes were connected for the time span, green and blue glowing together. That was when Cedric released his mate's retrains.

Suddenly he was on his back and arms pinned beside him, Salazar breathing deeply above him.

They finally stopped when they realized Cedric had to go to work in less than three hours.


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