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Listen as Teddy Remus Lupin recounts twelve very improtant days for the Weasley family.

Twelve Days

Chapter One

May 2, 2000

"Gramma Weaze!" I cried, running to Grandma Weasley. She gave me a big hug! I like Grandma Weasley.

"Hello dear," she cooed, "How is my little Teddy Bear?"

"Good," I said, snuggling closer to her.

"Are you having a good day with Uncle Harry?" she asked.

"He had a very good day. Uncle Harry, on the other hand, had to pay for nearly a ton of chocolate after Mr. Lupin got into one of the bins in Honeydukes, didn't he?" Uncle Harry answered, ruffling my hair. I giggled. I like when he does that.

"A little troublemaker," Grandma Weasley sighed. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"A future marauder," Uncle Harry said, following me and Grandma Weasley into the living room. Everyone was there!

"Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the sky!" Uncle George took me from Grandma Weasley and tossed me in the air. I laughed. It was fun.

"George, don't hurt him!" Grandma Weasley scolded.

"He likes it!" Uncle George argued. Then Uncle Charlie took me and tickled me.

"Guess what, Teddy, you're gonna have a little friend to play with soon," he said once he stopped tickling me.

"Fwend?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're not the only baby around here anymore, Mate," Uncle George said as Uncle Ron took me from Uncle George.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because Bill and Fleur are having there own baby," Uncle Percy explained, putting down his book. I didn't like him very much. He didn't like to play like my other Uncles did.

"Wa a baby?" I asked, looking up at Uncle Ron.

"A baby is like you, but littler," he explained.

"Like me?" I asked. I didn't know that a baby was like me.

"Sort of," Uncle Ron said.

"Is there any word on when Little Baby Weasley is going to arrive in the world?" Uncle Harry asked, sitting next to Aunty Ginny. I crawled overtop of Uncle Ron to get to her. Aunty Ginny is my favouritest person in the whole world! She gives me candy and reads me stories and gives lots of hugs.

"Should be any time now," Grandpa Weasley said. He was sitting in his chair.

"Yeah, and Mum's on pins and needles waiting for her first grandkid to come out," Uncle George said.

"I'd like to see you when you have your first child, George. Then we'll see who's overreacting," Grandma Weasley said to him. Then she looked back to the stairs.

"Do you think Mum's aware that this isn't going to be her kid?" Aunty Ginny whispered.

"Fleur'll remind her quick," Uncle Ron said back.

"Eh, I'm sure she'll be the same way when you and Hermione pop out the first one," Uncle George said. Uncle Harry and Uncle Charlie and Aunty Ginny laughed. I didn't know why. Uncle Ron's face turned really red and Aunty Hermione glared at Uncle George. She looked like she was going to yell at him. Then suddenly someone was crying. I thought Aunty Hermione hexed Uncle George, but she didn't. Then there was a loud THUD and Uncle Bill fell down the stairs.

"It's a girl!" he kept yelling as Uncle Charlie and Uncle Percy helped him up, "It's a girl!"

"Oh, Bill!" Grandma Weasley was crying and hugging Uncle Bill. Then everyone went upstairs except me and Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron and Aunty Ginny and Aunty Hermione. Everyone was moving a lot and running up and down the stairs.

"Why don't you lot come and see the baby too?" Grandpa Weasley asked when he came back down the stairs, "The crowd's thinning out a bit and Molly finally handed the baby over to Charlie."

"We could show Teddy the baby," Aunty Ginny suggested, lifting me up. We went upstairs and I couldn't see much 'cause everyone was standing in the way. Then everyone moved away as we got closer to the bed. Aunt Fleur was laying on it, holding something in a pink blanket. I don't like pink. Aunt Ginny put me on the bed.

"'Ello, Teddy," Aunt Fleur said, smiling at me. I wanted to hug her, but Uncle Harry kept me back. Then Aunt Fleur moved the pink blanket and I saw a little thing. It looked like a monkey from my picture book except it was kind of pink too and it had yellow hair. The thing opened its eyes and looked at me. It had blue eyes. I inched a little closer to it. What was it?

"That's the baby, Ted," Uncle Harry said, putting his head next to mine, "That's your new friend, Victoire."

That was the baby! I thought it was supposed to look like me! I turned and looked at Uncle Ron and Uncle Harry.

"It no look like me."