"Jason, I swear to God you are never touching me again!" She let out a scream as another shot of pain ran through her body.

"Sam, you know that is just the hormones talking... Come on, let me help you" As he approached their bed, she shot him an angry glare and then proceeded to yell at him.

"You will do no such thing... Go get Carly because you are not coming near me"

"Fine. I will be right back... Don't you get out of bed"

"If I wasn't as big as a whale, I would get up and beat your ass for doing this to me again... Now go get Carly!" Jason left the room and walked next door to Sonny and Carly's.

She had been feeling uncomfortable all day. Melanie was moving around and kicking, hard, all day long. Now she was having labor pains and contractions. Jason was trying to help her get to the hospital but she was being irrational and he knew that he had better do what she asked.

Jaylen and Charlie were born a week before Sam's birthday, so he used that week to finalize the details on the house that he had bought. It more like a mansion, but Sam loved it. It had 6 bedrooms... one master, one for Lila and Ania, one for Jaylen and Charlie, one for Melanie, one for when Danny came to visit, and one extra. Each bedroom had its own bathroom attached, plus one half bath on the main floor.

Sonny had built one for him and Carly right next door to Jason and Sam. Theirs was a bit smaller since they only had Michael, Morgan, and their new set of 2 year old twins Adella and Madelyn. It had one less bed and bath, but the rest was the same layout as Jason and Sam's.

The two homes were gated together with high tech security and guards constantly patrolling the grounds. One large in ground pool and Jacuzzi joined the two back yards. Sam and Carly loved being so close to each other

Sam's pregnancy with Melanie had been more emotional than that with either set of twins. She was more sensitive and if she wasn't 8 months pregnant, people would probably think that she was bipolar or something like that. With the older girls at 4-1/2 and the boys at 3, the birth of Melanie fell right into place... just as Sam's dream had predicted. It was now late May and Sam was due any day now.

"How's mommy feeling? I heard that you needed someone other than Jason here"

"Thank god you're here Carly! I just can't stand him right now... Damn!" Sam clenched the bed sheets as she was hit with another contraction.

"I think it's time to get mommy to GH... Max, Milo! Get in here!" The two men came running into the room at the sound of Carly's call

"I need you to get Sam to the car... It's baby time"

"Yes, Mrs. C." They walked to the bed and Sam allowed them to gently pick her up and carry her out of the house, where Jason was waiting in the car. Sam had since calmed down and let the men sit her next to her husband.

"Sorry for going off on you like that... I was beyond mean"

"Hey, you're in a lot of pain... I used to be a hitman, I think I can handle your pregnancy mood changes." Jason flashed Sam a smile as she hit him in the arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For making fun of your pregnant wife"

For the rest of the ride to the hospital, Jason was helping Sam through her contractions.


"Thats it Sam... One more push... Good, now just relax" A baby's piercing cry filled the room

"Would you like to cut your daughter's cord, daddy?" Dr. Lee handed Jason the scissors and instructed him as to where to cut. He then returned to Sam's side

"She's beautiful Sam, just perfect"


"I brought mommy some visitors" Carly entered the hospital room with four toddlers in tow.

"Mommy!" All four yelled as they climbed onto the be to give Sam hugs and kisses.

"Were you good for Aunt Carly?"

"Yes, mommy but we missed you" Lila was definitely a mommy's girl

"I was only gone over night. And you guys were sleeping."

"Where's daddy?" Ania was definitely a daddy's girl

"You're Daddy is bringing Melanie down right now" On cue, Jason walked through the door holding baby Melanie wrapped in a pink blanket. He held a finger to his lips to indicate that the baby was sleeping.

"She so tiny" Charlie was amazed by the size of his baby sister.

"Mellie has light hair like me mommy" Jaylen was proud that his sister looked like him

"She sure does baby... And her eyes are blue like yours are too"


"Hey Jason, can I hold my niece?" Jason handed the newborn to Carly and watched as she whispered to her.

"You and your cousins are just going to adore you, yes they are"

"Where is my granddaughter?" Monica entered the hospital room to find four children laying on Sam, Jason siting in a chair next to the bed, and Carly holding the baby. She walked over to Carly and peeked inside the blanket.

"Jason, she looks just like you"

"Would you like to hold her Monica? I actually have to get back to my kids" Carly handed Melanie to Monica and then turned to the kids

"Alright guys, lets let mommy rest... Why don't we go back to my house and you can have breakfast with Michael and Morgan. Say bye-bye to mommy and daddy"

After many good byes, hugs, and kisses the room cleared leaving Jason and Sam alone with their daughter.

"Alright guys... Grandma Monica will be staying with you at night time and then you will be spending the days with with Aunt Carly, Uncle Sonny, and your cousins. Mommy's going to miss you so much." Sam was saying good bye to her children before leaving with Jason for their long over due honey moon.

"Come on Sam... We're going to miss it"

"Why can't you just tell me where we are going?"

"Because it is a surprise. Bye-bye guys, Daddy loves you... Sam, give Melanie to Carly... Sam..." Jason knew how stubborn she was being. If she had her way, all 5 kids would be coming with them.

"Alright... Now bed time's at 9, Lila and Ania have school from 8:30-11:30, Jaylen and Charlie have daycare from 9-10:30, Melanie gets up at 7, goes down for a nap at 12 and goes to bed at 9. She gets up once during the night..."

"Sam, we know... Now just give me the baby and walk out that door with Jason" Carly knew how much being away form her kids for 2 weeks was going to be hard... But it had to happen.

"You're right, I'm leaving now... Let's go Jason, before I change my mind" After 2 hours of good-byes, Jason finally got his wife out of the house and on their way to NYC.


It was happening just like her dream all those years ago

"Jason, it's gorgeous! How did you manage to pull this off?" Sam just stepped onto the Sea Princess for a 16-day Southern Caribbean Cruise departing from NYC and ending in Jamaica. He had bought her brand new clothes and already had them taken to their suite.

"Well, Carly and Monica took the kids... I bought the tickets... and then made sure to get you to New York. It really wasn't that hard. And besides, we never really got to go a real honeymoon." Jason was walking with his arm around her waist, directing her towards their room.

"This is a wonderful surprise, but Jason I don't know if I can leave the kids for over two weeks. I mean Melanie is only 6 months old." Sam already missed her kids and she had only been gone for a few hours.

"They are in good hands Sam. Lila and Ania will be in kindergarden during the day. Jaylen and Charlie have that daycare program that they love. And Melanie has Carly, wait that one could be a problem... Sam, I'm kidding! Everything is going to be just fine. Remember that we are taking them down to Disney for Christmas and the girls' birthday. I'm pretty sure that they will forgive us."

Jason said that last part with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. This earned him a playful swat on the arm from Sam before she thought about what he said.

"You're right Jason! We deserve this time to ourselves. Just you, me, and the beautiful weather."

They spent the time at sea in their room... in bed. It was three days of non stop love making. When they docked, Jason and Sam spent the day exploring the island and then the night at sea was more love making. The plane ride home from Jamaica was no different than the nights at sea. The couple hadn't had any actual alone time in far too long. Once their plane landed in Port Charles, they would go back to loving parents taking care of their 5 rambunctious children.


Even their homecoming was almost exactly like it was in her dream

"I can't believe we're home Jason. I missed the kids so much." The couple was in the car, headed back home.

"I know, but we did manage to keep busy... Very busy" Jason had a suggestive smile on his face as he pulled Sam closer to him.

"You do know how to pass the time... " Sam went up on her tip-toes and pressed her body into Jason's

"Sam as much as I would love to have you, if we start anything now then we won't be able to get the kids until tomorrow. That would mean a whole nother day that Carly has them."

Sam smiled and thought about it for a minute "I guess you're right... We don't need them any more corrupted than they probably already are. God only knows what Carly has taught them." This made them both laugh as they pulled into the gate and up the drive way

They got out of the car and walked up to the front door.

Before they could even knock, the door swung open and Lila and Ania practically knocked their parents over.

"Mommy, Daddy... You're home! Are we going to Disney now?" It was quite obvious that Carly had their oldest twins all hoped up on sugar.

"Sweeties, Mommy and Daddy just got home from their trip. We're not going to Disney for another week." Jason had gotten down on his knees and picked both kids up while Sam went into the penthouse.

"Where are my other little monsters?" Sam thought for sure that Jaylen and Charlie would have joined their older sisters in the parental attack.

"Sonny is bringing the boys down, they just woke up from a nap... and Melanie is in the kitchen with Spinelli"

"Where's my little pumpkin?" Sam walked into the kitchen and the infant's face lit up upon seeing her mother coming towards her.

"Fair Samantha, how was your trip?"

"It was nice being alone with Jason, but I missed my kids."

"Well, the youngest of the mini goddesses was most well behaved."

"Thanks for helping out Spinelli. I know how much these guys love you... You're like their big brother"

Sam saw that the little girl was babbling and reaching for her mother

"Come here sweetie" Sam picked up her daughter and tickled her little belly. She looked more like her daddy every day... She had long blonde, curly hair and a pair of crystal blue eyes. Her personality was all Sam, though. She was extremely stubborn and loved to talk, well babble in her case. Melanie could do anything she set her mind to. At six months old she was already toddling around, taking up to 3 steps at a time

"Daddy!" Jason saw his sons running at him full speed.

"There's my little guys" Sam heard Jason and turned to see him scoop their now 3 1/2 year old boys into his arms.

"Alright guys, say good bye to Aunt Carly and Uncle Sonny. Mommy and Daddy brought you some stuff back from their trip" This caused the older four to run out of the house and over to their own.

"Thanks for the sugar rush Carly"

"Anytime Sam, anytime"

The family returned to their own home and got back into their routine. In just a couple of days they would once again be on the go... This time they would be chasing their 4 older children around Disney World.


They had spent 2 weeks in Florida and were now returning to the freezing cold temperatures that made up January in Port Charles. Jason and Sam had decided to stay the extra week for New Years before heading home.

It was now almost Valentine's Day and Sam was extremely cranky and moody. She had the flu and that just added to her displeasure.

"Come on Jason! We're going to be late... I am finally feeling better and I want to get the hell out of this house!"

"I'm coming Sam... What is with you lately? It's almost like you're pregnant again... Remind me never to get you sick"

Sam thought for a moment about Jason's comment. "You know, it's almost exactly like when I pregnant with Melanie... I'm sick, I'm crabby, I'm moody as hell... We did spend more than two weeks alone in the Caribbean... Maybe I should go see Dr. Lee?"

"Maybe you should... I mean what's adding one more?" Jason was excited at the thought of Sam being pregnant again.

"We'll deal with that tomorrow... Now where are the kids so we can go, Carly will kill us if we're late"

"Kids, let's go! Aunt Carly is waiting!"


"I mean it this time Jason! No more kissing... no more touching... hell, I want separate bedrooms!" Jason had been right, Sam had gotten pregnant again on their honeymoon and now she was in labor; about to bring their third son into the world.

"You said that with Melanie too, I don't think you mean it... I think that it is just the pain talking" Unfortunately Jason had not learned from Melanie that teasing a woman in labor was a death wish.

"Oh, I am dead serious Jason! Try me!"

"I see you still haven't learned Jason... Labor is hell and the pain is a bitch. I suggest you leave now before I do something to guarantee that you can't do this to me again!"

"Alright Sam, I need you to focus your anger towards Jason on giving me another big push... That's it, and another... good. Sam I have the head, just one more big push. There you go, you're doing great... Almost there..." A shrill cry was heard indicating the infants displeasure of being removed from the warmth of Sam's belly.

After he was cleaned and wrapped, the baby was placed in Sam's arms

"Welcome to the family Tyler Daniel Morgan"


Looking back, Sam couldn't believe how far she had come in 6 short years. Upon arrival in Port Charles she was pregnant and alone. Now she had a loving husband, six beautiful children, and family and friends that loved her. She was amazed that one town and a few strangers could heal her broken heart.