The Seasons: 1 - Spring

Rating: M

Genere: Romance, angst, comedy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Furuba. I know, it's a bummer.


When had all this started? Hatsuharu couldn't even remember. It had been almost a year, hadn't it, since the very first time?

Well, it's not like you write these things down on a calendar.

Flowers were dying. Grass was turning brown at the tips. Leaves were yellowing and starting to drop from the limbs of the trees they'd once so lovingly clung to. He could see it all from his bedroom window. It reminded Haru of himself and Yuki, and the decay that their relationship was starting to come upon. Not even a year and things were already browning at the edges. His multicolour hair was going in all directions, nose pressed to the glass as well as his hands, and his eyes were wide and staring at all the changes that were coming with the new season. Autumn.

The Sohma boy shut his brown eyes slowly, shaking aside the coldness around him and going back to a warmer time, in Spring... yes, that was the beginning. Spring.

The flowers were beginning to blossom again, and the sun was bright and smiling, the best weather for such a perfect day. Haru could have asked for nothing more, as he yawned and flopped down on the grass in the garden behind Shigure's house. Tohru was inside cooking, and the smell was wafting out to them from a cracked window. Yuki sat beside him, writing History notes about some emperor. This was bliss. Aside from the homework, of course - but Haru never bothered with that stuff, anyway.

"Yuuuki." He called, reaching out to close the book his cousin's nose was buried in. "Put aside your work - what's the point of school even ending if we have work to do later?" The rat blanched and yanked the book back, blinking at Hatsuharu incredulously.

"I happen to care about my grades, Haru, and so should you." Yuki chastised, but his scoldings couldn't mask the small smile that was always on his lips whenever he was around the cow. Haru shook his head, tsk-tsking, and rolled over to pluck the petals from a newly-bloomed flower. With each petal, he thought, 'do the homework, don't do the homework, do the homework, don't do the homework...'

Of course, the very last one ended on 'do the homework.' The flower was just like Yuki - getting on to Haru for not wanting to work. And it was so pretty and pale, too. He sat up automatically and stuck the flower behind Yuki's ear, making a photo-frame motion with his fingers and looking through it. "Aaah, a perfect picture." He said, calmly, as his cousin stared at him.

"Haru..." The rat blushed, reaching up to lightly touch the flower. While he was distracted, his cousin suddenly grabbed the book he'd been taking notes from and got up, running off into the woods. "HARU!" Yuki said again, only this time his voice was full of shock rather than timidity. He rose to his feet and ran after him, following the other Sohma deep into the trees and bushes. "Come back with my book! Stop!" He tried to be angry, but all of the words he yelled were interrupted by laughter. This was a game they used to play as children. Now they were teenagers, and for some reason, it was still fun.

Hatsuharu hid behind a tree, and listened to the sound of Yuki running up after him. "Haruuuu...?" Yuki called softly, walking, light footsteps sounding against the soft grass. Suddenly there was no noise. Had he gone away? Haru turned to look around the tree only to be met face-to-face with Yuki.

"Ah." The cow said, and the book was ripped away.

The silver-haired boy grinned and said, panting a little from the running, "You and I need to go back to the hou--" but was unable to finish his sentence, because Haru had tackled him. They rolled in the grass, onto a bed of flowers and then into taller grass again, fighting for the book. Well, it had been about the book at first, but eventually the book was left behind somewhere and they just kept play-fighting. They weren't sure how long they did that for, but it must have been a long time, because suddenly they were laying there, breathing ragged, Haru on top of Yuki and pinning him down, with the sun starting to set.

Yuki smiled up at him, struggling just a little before relaxing again, having no more energy to fight. He expected Haru to get off and declare his victory, but the cow did not, rather, he continued to look down at the boy beneath him. There was something strange in his eyes that Yuki could not place, something almost like a glaze, or a fog, and though both of them had relaxed, their breathing was still loud. The rat found himself gazing at Haru's lips before his eyes flickered back up to meet the other's.

For what felt like forever, their eyes were locked like that, until finally Haru moved, and his fingers traced the curve of Yuki's bottom lip, making the rat shudder, though his gaze still did not stray. Finally, they both moved toward eachother and their lips met, at first unmoving. Soon though, they were kissing carefully, lips meeting then parting slowly, Yuki's hands in Haru's hair and the cow's hands on either side of the other's waist.

Haru cut himself off from the memory, buring his face in his hands and rocking back and forth. Eventually, he forced himself to rise, shutting the curtains of his window and slipping into bed, going off into a dark, dreamless sleep where he didn't have to remember how happy everything had once been.


Hey, Rain here. So, did you like the first chapter? It's mostly an introduction to what is to come. Yeah, it's all sad at the end, but trust me, there's lots of romance and humour to come. But I can't avoid the angst. -slams head into keyboard-

Hm. Well, there's lemon in the next chapter.