The Seasons: 6 - It's Over.

Rating: M

Genere: Romance, angst, comedy.

Disclaimer: For the last time, I don't own Fruits Basket. But I think you have that memorized, now. =]



I could see him, moving toward me in the dark.

"Yuki," I breathed, backing away without thinking. My voice was blank, but I felt confused. I didn't know whether I wanted to tell him to leave, or hold him, or throw him into the wall. Why was he here? To cause me more pain? It seemed to be the only possible reason, in my ever-pessimistic mind.

The rat moved fast, catching me by the hands. He pulled me foward, and I didn't resist this time, just watched his face, which I could see a little better now that he was closer. In the halflight from my window, cast by the moon, he almost seemed like a ghost. I wondered for a moment if he was just that, a ghost from my imagination. Either way, his touch was almost torturous.

"Haru, I can't... I shouldn't have." He murmured. I flinched as he let go of one of my hands to touch my cheek.

"But you did." I stated, voice still emtionless. I didn't want him to sense my anger and confusion. In my head, I actually heard myself saying, 'he might use it against you.' Had I really decided Yuki was that manipulative? And why shouldn't I? Hadn't he used me until he found something better?

All those questions when unanswered as the rat briefly shut his eyes. He drew closer and kissed me. I did nothing, keeping my eyes open, watching him as though he was a viper ready to rear its head and bite. He looked at me and seemed to notice my caution, and sighing, his head drooped and pressed against my chest. I felt something hot and wet touch me, and trickle down my skin. His tears. I tried hard to look disgusted, but failed as my arms instinctively went around his body. Some part of me, no matter what, would always be ready to comfort Yuki.

"Haru," Yuki said again, voice a little shaky. He sniffed, obviously trying to pull himself together, wiping at his eyes. And then he tried to speak again. "Haru." His voice was stronger. "I've come to try and apologise. You don't even know... whenever I looked at her, I only thought of you. When I couldn't touch her, or hold her, I thought of being in your arms. Please," the rat raised his head again, mouth close to mine. His breath tickled. "I need you to forgive me. I need you."

I remained silent, body unmoving though my mind was abuzz. Yuki's lips grazed my skin, down my neck, to my shoulder, in small butterfly kisses. I knew that if I didn't accept Yuki and take him back, I would feel miserable. It would remain as though this moment had never happened. Me, upset, constantly thinking of the rat, dwelling on what-might-have-beens. Falling off of my bike and landing in a careless heap. Throwing a fit. Getting migraines from thinking too much on such a moody subject.

And if I took him back? I could only hope for the best. Who was to say he wouldn't just do this again? Take me, hurt me, let me leave, then drag me back. I didn't want to feel used again. But I had to trust Yuki, at least one more time. I had to know if he could be what I wanted him to be: Mine.

He was waiting, hardly breathing. When I felt him press another kiss to my lips, I conceded, kissing back. He prickled like an excited animal and pushed me toward the wall, fingers going from my wet hair down to my chest and stomache.

"I miss your touch," He told me, the words whispered against my ear as his hand felt me up through my boxers. I gasped, head tilting back when he grabbed me. Soon I felt cool air, and was kicking the boxers off. He dragged me down, my hands fumbling with his clothes as we went. We became a tangled mess on the floor, pausing only to reach up and make sure my door was locked. He kept whispering to me. "I miss your mouth." We kissed again. "I miss your neck." His tongue flicked over sensitive spots on my skin. "I miss your..." He grabbed my cock again, this time with no fabric between us. And I touched him back, moaning softly.

He pushed my chest lightly, making me lay down. I obeyed, and watched as he straddled me. Vaguely, I recalled our memories in the woods close to Shigure's house. My teeth sank into my lip as he began to lower himself onto my erection, feeling intense pleasure I'd almost forgotten existed, since the presence of misery.

Watching him rock up and down over me, his face collecting a small blush, pale skin luminscent in my moon-lit room, I felt as though I was in a dream. This was perfection. I couldn't be happy any other way. Or at least, I wouldn't let myself believe otherwise.

I hoped that the rat in Yuki wouldn't use me again. I hoped that this would never end.

We'll see.