Title: Harley's Secret

Rating: K

Summary: A bundle and note is left at Gotham Police Station. How will Batman react when he finds out that the Doctor's sick moment months ago would lead to this? Of course the child's life is never the same. Harley/Batman.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: I saw an episode of Batman when the Doctor changed Catwoman into a true cat. I thought he was a sick, but interesting, character and I always wondered what other villains would he mess with and how would it affect Batman as a person. The story was formed from this idea.


            The officer that found the bundle when he came back from the bathroom was shocked. In all his time as an officer with Gotham Police Department he never had a baby dropped off. He picked it up and that's when he saw the note, hidden among the folds. When he saw who it was too he raced to the Commissioner.

   "And are you sure that you didn't see anyone," Gordon said.

   "Positive, sir," the officer said. "What do you want me to do with it?"

   "Whatever Batman wants after he reads the letter," Gordon answered.

            He signaled for Batman to come and he arrived ten minutes later. Gordon handed him the note and he opened it. Of course it turned out to be really a letter.

Dear Batman,

            I really hate doing this but I just couldn't live with the shame that I would bring on such a sweet child if she ever found out the truth about her mother and how she had been brought forth. Nine months ago, when the Doctor kidnapped me, he did something to my body that I can never forgive. He changed me into something that wasn't human and then he caused me to get pregnant.

            It doesn't take much imagination to know who the father is. I want you, as her father, to raise her and to show her love. I know you can show it to her because you care so much about the people here, even to little freaks like me. I'm not going to tell you where I am because you'll try and save me. I'm beyond saving, I'm a monster, but I'm not going to act like one.

            I named her Lily, after the flowers that I saw when I was alone and scared. Please take care of her, like I've asked. I just hope the Doctor didn't give her anything that was horrible.

With love,

Harley Quinn

   "So what does it say?" Gordon asked.

Batman put it away.

   "The child is mine," Batman told him. "I'll take her from here."

And wrapping her up he was gone.

            Lily grew up to be a proud and responsible young lady. She had the best of everything and treated people with respect. Of course Batman always believed that she had someone to watch over her when she took the mantle as Batwoman. And deep down he knew that Harley Quinn, wherever she was, loved her daughter to death.