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Chapter 24: Explosion

"Today is it, my dear. Did you have a good time yesterday?"


"He seemed happy when we saw him. Nice to know he had a good last day."


"Are you ready?"

I looked up at the three ancients with sorrow, "No."

An evil smirk crossed his face. "Good. Caius will tell you what to do."

Caius walked up to me, "Here's how this goes, Anna. Right now Alec is in his room. You will sneak up behind him and rip his head off first. He won't be able to concentrate on blocking you out if you do it that way." He nodded, "Everything else is standard. Just burn him."




He looked at me with cold eyes, "Yes. Now. Go."

His door was open as I slowly tiptoed through the door. He was concentrating on something. I slowly snuck up behind him and realized it was a picture of him and I on the ferris wheel.

This is too much to bear.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I leaned down.

Please, Dear God, don't make me do this.

I grabbed his head slowly.

Your life is over, child.

His head turned a bit, "Anna?"


The shrieking noise emitted from his mouth, the ripping of his head, and the sound it made as it made the ground was too much. I put my hands up to my mouth as I watched it roll. The eyes stared at me in horror.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" I shrieked as I ripped limbs off the beheaded body. My sobs were painful; my mind was red with fury as I finished it off. The pieces were in a pile, the head on the top.

"Why?" His head croaked in horror. It let out a sob.

I started crying, "I'm so sorry." I lit the match and dashed out of the room, picture in hand.

I ran blindly out of the burning room and dashed to a random hallway. I fell to the ground and couldn't get up. The pain of it all was just too much.

Another shriek.

"ALEC! ALEC!" Jane rushed out of the room and made a mad dash for me. Two of the guards tackled her down as I dashed to my room.

I had to get out of there. I'd grab Marcus' and my stuff and we'd leave somewhere, just until the fury had calmed. I used my mind to grab the clothing and put it in a bag for me. Running to the window, my locket fell off.

My mother's locket.

I jumped under the bed for it and blindly put it on. I opened my eyes and saw something.

A small wooden triangle.

I picked it up and sat on the bed, keeping my mind packing as I stared at the pic.

No, Marcus would not come with me. No, I would never come back.

Because in that small wooden D I saw someone I had forgotten.


My memories flooded through me quickly. The moment I met him, the moment I left for Volterra, everything.


"Anna!" Marcus rushed through the doors and my mind got lost. My bags dropped to the floor. He froze when he saw the pic in my hand.

"Marcus," I whispered, and faced the D to him.

His eyes turned to pain, and he looked at me, "Him?"

I nodded.

"He's human, Anna."


He looked away, "Where are you going?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. I can't stay here."

"Yes you can,"


"I'll protect you."

"It won't matter."

"You don't need to do this!" He was yelling now.

I shook my head, "And my other option? Staying here? With a girl out to kill me and a man who could never love me was much as he loves his dead wife?!"


"Anna," His eyes were black and pained. It broke my heart. I jumped up and ran into his arms.

"Don't leave me."

The words stung.

I looked up at him, and then to the pic, "You love her more, you know that."


"I need him, Marcus. He's my Didyme."

He held me tighter.

"You have to understand, Marcus."

He nodded, "I do."

"This is goodbye."


"I'm sorry."

He looked into my eyes and sighed, "Okay. But let me at least give you something." He grabbed his ruby ring off his hand and put it on my finger. "Wear it always."

I held him as tight as I could, "I promise."

"I love you."

"I know."

He kissed my forehead before letting me go, "Now go," He said, "You're running out of time."

I nodded and grabbed my bags. I looked at him one last time, standing there with his arms outstretched to me. I closed my eyes and ran. Bursting through the doors, running through the sewers, and busting out into the dark streets. I was running.

Running to escape.

Running to live.

Running to find my Daniel.

End of Act I