Ashley stood by the pond in a lovely green dress that flowed behind her.
Her black hair swaying smoothly with the wind and her beautiful green eyes where shining. With a loving smile on her
face, she beckoned me towards her.
"Hello my love," she said.
"How I thought I'd never hear you say that," I replied.
I then grabbed her and kissed her with all my might, and she didn't refuse.
"Wake up Draco," she said.
"Wake up," she said, only with Crabbe's voice.
"Huh? What do you want?," I sneered.

"Uh..Prof. Snape..ummm..told this," he said as he waved a letter in the air. I snatched it from him.

Dear Draco,
Me and my uncle have finalized the plans for Friday. My lessons have been rearranged so that this is considered a lesson. See you Friday! :)
Love ya, Ashley
PS. 2 AM my room is when we meet. Silly me forgot to put that!

"Well, what does Snape want?," asked another 4th year Slytherin.
"Oh, just telling me that father wants me to take private potion lessons, it's just my schedule," I lied.

The Day went by fast. It was finally thine for potions! I went into the classroom to find Potty already there. 'If I wasn't happy before, I'll sure be happy now' I thought as
I set my cauldron up next to his and Weasle's.
"So, potty, still trying the ice potion?," I said coldly.
"No, Mrs. Snape, I'm being adopted by Snape and marrying his niece," Potty said, not relizing that
it was true...well, the part about Snape having a Niece.
"Mrs. Snape, am I? We'll see who Mrs. Snape is once 1st quarters reports are released. I suspect, Potty, that Weasel will finally beat you at something," I retorted.
Weasel and Potty looked furious. Ms. Granger, probably sensing danger, went over to Weasel and Potty and told them to ignore me.BR
"So, Potty, still hanging around MudBloods?"
Potty was about to curse me when Prof. Snape ('My furture father in law' the thought crept up) walked into the room.
"25 points from Gryffindor, be glad it's not more. Ever since you've came here you've stepped out of line...," Prof. Snape started, then stopped when Professor McGonagall walked in and handed Prof. Snape a note.

The Lesson went by rather quickly, though, Prof. Snape wasn't as attentive as he usually was, Potty got away with more then usual. Before I knew it, it was time for supper, then bed.


I woke up earlier then usual, but my uncle was ready.
"Today, you'll be learning some curses & hexes for Defense Against the Dark Arts," he
My uncle is very good at the Dark arts and Defense Against them, but when I ask where
he learned it, he just doesn't answer.

After DATDA was done, he led me down to the lake. The lake was so lovely at night,
some merpeople came out at night to see land.
"Ashley, I need to talk to you," he started and paused.
I nodded to show him to proceed, that was how we usually communicated when the
situation was tense...
"The reason why I'm pushing you to socialize with more kids your age is because
Dumbledore and the rest of the staff want you to be able to attend Hogwarts, they think
you're lonely," he said.
"But, uncle, I'm not lonely, I like my life," I said, but it was a half hearted reply.
Ever since I was 11 and of age to attend Hogwarts, I had dreamed of being at Hogwarts
like a regular person. I'd imagine myself in the Slytherin robes walking around with people
like Draco and Crabbe, my uncle called them. But, I also knew it could never happen...
But, why now? Why half way during the year? Questions arouse in my head-some good,
some bad.

"Ashley, do you want to do this?," he said, though, not with his usual kind voice, but a
darker was almost cold.
"I guess I can try it," I said.

He told me to wait at the pond and that he'd be right back. I chose this time to ponder
some things that have been bothering me.
I eventually drifted off to sleep.

"No, No, please no! Alen, Stop it! Stop it!"
"Alen, she's just a baby"
"Alen....don't please"

A man, my father, was standing in front of me. I didn't hear what he was saying, all I heard
was my mother. How she cradled me and protected me, and how she died holding me.

I then sat up crying..
"I hate him, I wish I was never related to him...I wish he was dead!," I said, only, it wasn't
my voice. It was a mean, vengeful voice that scared me.

My uncle then returned, with Draco.
"It's 2 already?," I shouted at them.
They finally made there way to me. It seems that Draco was a little bit more civilized,
probably the results of a good lecture my uncle gave him about how delicate I was.

"Hello, Ashley, may I have the honor of escorting you to your room," he asked politely.
"Yes, kind sir," I said in a mock voice.
I grabbed his arm and we went off towards my room. For some reason, my uncle stayed
behind. When we entered Hogwarts, Minerva, I mean, Professor McGonagall, as I would
have to call her when I started Hogwarts, was passing by the door.
"Mr. Malfoy, What are you doing with Ms. Snape, who told you about her?," She
Stammered in disbelief.
"Don't worry, ma'am, my uncle set this up. And, Mr. Malfoy here is escorting me back to
my room for our study time together. It's all in my new schedule, if you care to look at the
memo he sent," I said.
"Yes, fine, but Mr. Malfoy shouldn't be up this late, now, hurry on you guys," she said,
more sternly then usual.
What's up with all the different behavior lately, I thought.

We finally made it to my room using a few shortcuts I knew.
"Oh, shoot, I left a few books in my room," he said.
He left and returned with not only some books, but a smile on his face.
"Why you so happy?," I muttered as I started my Herbology homework (Describe in detail
the 4 uses of the Hillywiggle plant)
"My father sent me a new book 'Hexes, Curses, and Bewitching''s all about how to do
some advanced Hexes and curses. Also tells on how to Bewitch somebody," he said.
"So, thats why my uncle was so keen to have me mingle with you before..," I stopped
"Before what?," he asked, "Are you going away?"
"No, it's just that my Uncle said that Dumbledore and ther rest of the staff want me to
attened classes and get sorted like to rest of you where, only I'd start out, I'm assuming,
as a 4th or 5th year," I said with a small mixture of bitterness and joy.
I then noticed the small stack of books and parchment he had.
"Well, we should get started, they'd skin us alive if we only talked," I said as I went back
to my Herbology work.

The 2 hours went by quickly, we had managed to finish all of our weeks work.
"See you next week, same time," I said as he left.
"Yeah, bye," I said trying to hold back a yawn.

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I assume no credit for them

**Note** Ok, I've gotten some corrections from people saying that in the 2nd part, that
the cook wouldn't be there bcuz of the house elves, well, to that, I wrote that part before I
read the 4th book

-Malfoy is falling for Ashley
-Snape got a note from McGonagall, what is it about?
-Ashley is going to be going to Hogwarts with kids her age, instead of taking classes at
night, will she cope.

All this and more coming in the next few parts.