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"Separate Worlds"

"The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy."

"Mom… Dad…"

I whispered as I saw the corpses on the middle of the training room. A puddle of blood surrounded the bodies of two of my precious people. "Who did this?" I asked myself over and over again, as I backed from my parents' corpses. I couldn't help but stare at my mother's once beautiful face staring back at me, any of the warmth they always held had disappeared. I let a whimper escape my mouth. "Mom…"

"Sasuke-kun…" – said a whisper I knew very well, with an emotionless air coming from it.

"Nii-san… What happened? Mom… Dad… They're…" – I sobbed, turning my eyes away from my parents' corpses to search for my missing older brother.

"Dead." – said the emotionless voice.

After the statement, I couldn't help but cry even louder than before. Itachi didn't care about my mom and dad's death. Why? What's the matter with him?

He appeared in front of me, kunai in hand, looking at me with an emotionless expression I never expected to see on my older brother's face. He opened his mouth and whispered, paralyzing me from every movement I could try. I perceived the hatred in his voice:

"Are you afraid, little brother?"

I whimpered. I felt his breath tickling on my neck, sending shivers up and down my spine. Afraid. "Yes! I am afraid, nii-san! Mom and dad died." I stared at the ground, full of shame. I accepted my parents' deaths. What kind of son am I?

He grasped my chin with his left hand, while the right one kept holding the kunai to my throat. "Don't be sad, Sasuke-kun. You must hate the one who killed our family."

Surprise suddenly shook my whole body. Hate? I must? Why is he holding the kunai that way?

"Nii-san… Please… L-lower your k-kunai. You're scaring me."

Itachi smirked at me, as he lowered the hand that was holding my chin, but kept hold of the kunai with the right hand.

"I'm scaring you, Sasuke-kun? Don't you hate me a little bit?"

HATE?! Why must I hate you nii-san?

"I killed the entire Uchiha clan. Only you and I remain."

I'm such a foolish kid. Just a kid. As a kid, I ran away from Itachi, as fast as I could. As a kid, I didn't notice the death omens that surrounded the Uchiha manor. As a kid, I wanted to run away from reality.


It couldn't be true.

Itachi didn't kill mom and dad…

He wouldn't dare… Would he?

Suddenly, everything made sense to me. Why he disappeared from the daily meals with our parents, why he rejected the idea of helping me train my shuriken skills, why he kept his distance from all of us.

I stopped running in the middle of the aisle, finally believing I had lost my brother. I looked around me, searching for Itachi's presence, as my tears kept falling over and over again.

Suddenly, the scene in front of me disappeared and everything was darkness.

In the middle of nowhere, I saw a woman's silhouette surrounded by a heavenly light. She was twirling and dancing with both of her small feet, her long hair following each and every move of her body.

The vision enchanted me.

I felt the need to close the distance between us and, as I managed to get closer to her…

I woke up.


Mom had finally sent me an angel to take care of me during my sleep, and that angel had to disappear.

I muttered incomprehensible and incoherent words to the world.

"This better be a fucking lie."

"Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart."

Winter breeze entered through my room's window, freezing every fiber of hair I combed as part of my daily routine. I hummed the soft melody my mom used to sing, as she combed my hair every morning.


I stopped moving the brush up and down. My mother's death has always been a difficult subject to remember for me. I've never been able to overcome her early death. She was 30, I was 5.

I sighed.

I resumed the combing of my hair, this time in complete silence. Life has never been easy for me after my kaa-san's death. Dad became cold-hearted with me and always preferred my younger sister, Hanabi, over me. I don't blame him. My mother was my dad's happiness and I resembled her in every wrinkle and expression she had. Our eyes, our hands, even our nose were the same. We were alike in every single physical and emotional aspect.

As I remembered every moment I spent with my mother, I didn't notice the thousand tears that escaped my eyes.

We loved cooking desserts for my father every night after I returned from the Academy. We used to play with the sugar and make a mess on the kitchen. We also used to take care of the small garden during the weekends. She used to teach me how to make beautiful flower arrangements and useful oilments that were able to cure every scratch otto-san inflicted on himself after every training he had with his brother, Hizashi, when he was alive.

Uncle Hizashi.

He is the reason Neji-nii-san hated me during most of his lifetime. He is the reason my father and Neji could have a better relationship. Thanks to Uncle Hizashi, my father is still alive.

I sighed.

I stopped crying as time passed by. Those memories I cherished made me decide I would pay a visit to my loved ones' graves.

It is that time of the year, after all.

I gathered my lavender jacket and my winter boots, without messing my tidy room. I grasped my room's doorknob, more memories traveling my body at the touch with the cold metal. I closed the door and ran towards the main door that was an exit from the cold-hearted Hyuuga Manor.

"Hinata." – A stern voice said my name, making me freeze just as I was about to exit my so called home. I turned around and saw my father's severe gaze fall over me, the same eyes that have always intimidated me.

I bowed in acknowledgement to my father. The Hyuuga position is first, then the family position. First he's the head of the clan, and then he's my father.

"Where are you going?" – he asked, both of his arms crossed in front of his chest, his posture always emanating the strong and serious feeling a clan leader must follow.

"A-Ano…" – I said. Damn it! Why did I stutter? – "I'm h-heading t-towards K-Kaa-san's grave." – At the mention of my mother, everything around us grew quiet. My father turned around and started walking quietly, never looking back. Before disappearing he whispered: "Say hi to your mom from me."

A simple whisper that left me wide eyed.

A simple whisper that made me realize my father still had a heart, that he wasn't a coldhearted person as I believed.

He's a human, and he misses my mom.

I gratefully smiled at the sudden realization. I could still recover my dad from the sadness and corruption that he was surrounded in, thanks to the Hyuuga Traditions!

I exited the Hyuuga manor, deciding that I will stop at Ino's Flower Shop to buy a present to Kaa-san.

Beautiful lavenders, lilies, and roses will suit her grave.

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