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Chapter 11: Tears of hope

"Love is a cycle, only time will tell if you win or lose."

A blue haired young woman sat in her bed, her hands in her lap and her pearl eyes resting on the purple carpet of her bedroom's floor. She felt a strong and constant hammering against her head after the twisted way her life had become. She was to marry her dear cousin, the prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, but she wondered if that was exactly what both of them wanted. A pair of onyx eyes continued making constant appearances on her mind as she thought more and more of her marriage.


She clutched the hem of her jacket as more thoughts of the raven haired man invaded her against her will. Silent tears started softly pouring out of her pale eyes, leaving a trail of their presence on her cheeks before falling on her clenched fists. Deep inside her, she knew she liked him, even though he had only used her. No use though… I'm marrying Neji-nii-san in two months…

She heard a loud knocking on her door. The constant sound against the entrance to her hideout could only come from one person – Hanabi. She must be worried about me… Even though her own heart tried to escape from what was said during her meeting with her father, Hanabi had listened everything and was angry at him. Sure, her younger sister was stronger and confident than her, but Hanabi cared for her, enough to take her side against their father, even if Hinata just shrugged it off.

"Hinata! Please, open the door!" – exclaimed the younger sister, who waited at the other side of the door. The Hyuuga heiress hugged her knees as Hanabi's loud thundering turned into a more silent one.

"Hinata…" – whispered her sister from the other side of the door – "Don't give up, nee-san…" Her body started trembling as Hanabi's words echoed in her mind. She was indeed giving up, going against her ninja way. I'm only failing myself… I probably should…

"I said I like you." – Sasuke's velvet voice resounded in her mind. Only his words remained in her mind, serenading her into a peaceful sleep, where a pair of passionate onyx eyes gazed at her.

She's marrying that bastard! I always thought she was different… guess I was wrong. Dammit!

Thoughts like those caused confusion and anger in a raven haired young woman who sat in his dark bedroom, his hands clenched in strong fists, causing blood to slowly drip its way to the floor.

The full moon's light filtered through the large window that stood next to his bed. Still, he could feel the usual darkness filling the old and tragic Uchiha compound.

Mom told me… She is the one…

Sasuke smiled bitterly as memories of his happiest moments appeared on his mind. All of those memories included Itachi and himself when they were younger. A lonely tear was shed unwillingly by the last Uchiha who sat in his room with past, painful memories helping him to remind himself he was still alive.

It was a bright sunny day when she spotted them. She had been doing some grocery shopping for the kitchen as she walked by Konoha's main street and saw them together. Both of them were sitting on a bench, holding each other in a shy embrace and talking in hushed voices. Hinata's lips formed a thin, sad smile at the sight in front of her. How could fate be so cruel? What had they done to deserve what was to come?

Sighing, she clutched her bags tighter to her body and continued walking towards her home. Her eyes never looked back to where Neji and Ten-ten held each other in one of their last embraces.

Otto-san… why do you do this?

"Hinata-chan!" – exclaimed a loud voice, that could only belong to the one and only Uzumaki Naruto, as she finally reached her home's street. She turned around to meet his running form, her face turning bright red as she realized she had become the center of attention of all the villagers around them.

The blonde in question smiled at her when he finally reached her side. He took a deep breath as to stabilize himself from the full marathon he had done after spotting the Hyuuga heiress walking around the streets.

"Hey Hinata-chan! It's been a long time!" – He said, with his usual cheerful aura surrounding him. She smiled at him and nodded silently.

"Hai, N-Naruto-kun… I-is there anything I-I can d-do for you, N-Naruto-kun?" – She asked shyly, holding her bags closer to her chest, her eyes looking right into his, something she wouldn't have dared to do years before. And, for the first time, Naruto noticed. He saw Hinata's new confidence and finally, after years of knowing her, he saw her as she really was. He saw her the way years before she would've killed to be seen by him.

"Uuh, you see…" – muttered Naruto nervously before clearing his throat and continuing – "I was wondering if you would like to have some ramen with me! Not like last time but… you know… just us."

Hinata blinked with confusion evident in her features. N-Naruto-kun is asking me on a date? W-Why? Why now?

"I'll take that as a big no. Hehe, no worries then, Hinata-chan… I guess I'll see you later." – He muttered nervously, trying to make a run before the situation turned into a more awkward one.

You loved him didn't you? Go for it!

Without thinking, she yelled his name in a longing way for the first time in months, paralyzing him as he was about to turn the corner. There, standing in the shadows, he met the cold red eyes of his best friend and rival.

"I'll go out with you, N-Naruto-kun…" – she said loud enough for both young males to listen to her response. Both of them stood in complete silence facing each other with surprise in their eyes, even in the stoic face of the last Uchiha.

With her nervousness caressing every inch of her body, Hinata walked awkwardly into the Hyuuga household without noticing the Uchiha's presence and the coldness that was evident in those red pools of his.

The only thing the raven haired man thought was how stupid he felt for ever thinking she really liked him back.

"Sasuke…" – muttered the blonde, sadness for his friend hinted in his eyes and voice. The Uchiha turned around and ignored the nervous calls from his former teammate.

He carried his weight heavily to a secluded area in the training grounds. Sasuke dropped himself in the ground. He closed his eyes and started punching the ground. Once… twice… he lost the times he did so, trying to clear his mind of every thought that surrounded his last hope, a certain white-eyed young woman.

"Love makes us lose our minds, Sasuke-kun…"



Another Valentine's Day had gone by and I, by miracle, had survived the attack of my female classmates; especially the ferocious attack from one Haruno Sakura and her best friend, Yamanaka Ino. I dropped my bag by the door entrance to my home and ran towards my room, hiding underneath a blue blanket that rested on top of my bed.

I heard my mom's soft footsteps approach my door and the delicate jasmine smell that reached my nose with which my room was filled in, indicated that my mother had joined me at my room. I childishly screamed into my pillow, annoyed at how I could still smell the chocolates the girls had intended to give me or hear their loud voices in my ear even though they were trying to be "quiet".

"Sasuke-kun… What's wrong? Another attack by those girls today?" – asked my mother, Uchiha Mikoto. I could feel the sweet smile on her face and her motherly hold on his right shoulder, squeezing it lightly as if saying "I'm here, Sasuke-kun…" even though my face was facing the comfortable blue pillow on my bed.

"Go away…" – I muttered, still annoyed for everything those girls had done to me that day. They had chased me around… they hadn't even allowed me to do my usual shuriken practice! I remember thinking at that moment: Without my practice, Itachi will continue being otto-san's favourite…

With delicate movements, my mom took me in her lap and started caressing my hair. She hummed softly and kept her eyes on me as she tried to erase my annoyance. She smiled at me and softly said: "You can't blame them, Sasuke-kun… You're really cute after all."

I remember crossing my arms on top of my chest, which made a melodic giggle escape from my mother's lips. With a grin still plastered on her face, she continued: "And… it's Valentine's Day. They want you to love them..."

"But I don't love!" – I muttered angrily. Her smile faded for a moment, before returning to her beautiful face. She held my hands in one of hers and gazed into my eyes that resembled hers. "Love… Love makes us lose our minds, Sasuke-kun… And everyone loves someone. I love you, like you love me right?" – She said softly, her eyes never leaving mine.

I blushed slightly as I embarrassed myself and muttered rather quickly: "Yeah, I love you mom…" She hugged me tightly and sat me on my bed, before standing up and walking to my door. She paused and turned to look at me with that same loving smile adorning her face and said with a voice full of affection before leaving my room:

"And I will always love you, Sasuke-kun… Always."

-End of Flashback-

And now, all those memories just caused me pain and suffering. My heart ached as I remembered all of those moments shared with the ones I loved… with my family. I always felt the black hole where my heart used to be after their death. But then, she had appeared in my life. She had been my hope, now everything was gone. She was marrying Neji and even dating that baka of Naruto...

I looked up at the sky and noticed it was already in complete darkness, just like I felt at the moment. At that moment, I felt the tears quickly falling down my face as I remembered the faces of my dear ones, especially my mother's and that particular memory. But that was until I heard a soft voice from behind a tree that paralyzed me completely.

A voice that called my name…

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