In retrospect, I am insane for starting this fic tonight. Its one a.m. and I have to be awake by seven to catch the bus to university. Argh! What am I thinking? Oh well. It needs to be written. Who else but me would dare dabble in Jock/Greaser relations?

Obviously: Johnny/Mandy
I suppose its a crack pairing..
Rated for language possible themes later.
Be warned: Possible Johnny-angst. I can't help it.

Johnny's POV..

Yeah. Alright. So I guess I got a little carried away when I found out Lola was cheatin' on me again. So sue me, ain't my fault she's gotta do that. I don't ask much- just for her to love me. Is that so wrong? I mean, apparently it is, seein' as that little slut keeps goin' 'hind my back. Know who I cuaght her with this time? Go on. Guess. Yeah, I knew you'd never guess it- 'cause he was the last prick on my list.

So she did the Prep thing- Chad n' Gord, and even did the Nerd thing with Piss-stain, and then even went off to Jimmy-fuckin-Hopkins! Hell, you seen that kid? Looks like a pig. So what cliques left? Jocks n' Bullies, Well, no, bitch couldn't even go after a Jock. Don't get me wrong, I hate the jocks, but anything is better than Wade Martin! Why's Wade the worst choice? Becuase'a his sister! Christy! I can't even hit the bitch and make her stop spreading those frickin' rumors!

What? You haven't heard 'em? You must be deaf. Where do I begin?

Well, one is: "Johnny Vincent's girlfriend found out that Johnny Vincent isn't fertile- so she wants a real man to impregnate her" Notice how its only MY name in that rumor?

Another popular one: "Wade and Lola are gonna run off together and her jealous ex went gay over it" Yeah, I'm the 'gay jealous ex' in this. Who the hell am I goin' gay with? Vance? No.

The worst is: "Johnny Vincent stays holed up in the Auto-Shop because he's scared of having a mental breakdown if he see's all the other, more attractive guys, Lola could have" ain't that just a kick in the head? More attractive than me?!

Lately Christy's been taking my prolonged absence as a right-of-passage, sortta, she actually asked Peanut if it was true that I liked it when he held me? What the shit is that about? Okay- I'm gettin' too worked up talkin' 'bout this. I need to let this aggression out- but how? I dunno. Wailin' on Preps worked wonders back last year when Hopkins lured Gord an' his cronies to the bike park.. but Hopkins is tight with the Bullies- and there ain't no way I'm gonna ask him for help again. Last time was enough!

So wha'd I do? Well.. the Bullies hang out behind the Shop.. Ricky says he ain't scared of goin' out there, and Norton has his hammer all ready, and Peanut just keeps bein' a frickin' genius and tellin' me to move on. Dammit! Don't they know thats exactly what I do.. and don't... wanna do?! Its so frickin' complicated- I can't stand it! Tryin' to make it into words is impossible. I get worked up too fast for that.

Okay- I'll try again. I love her; I'm pretty sure I love her. But she don't love me- at least, she says she don't love me 'exclusivley' but she does love me. Thats what kept me crawlin' back. Wantin' that.. I dunno exactly. I think when I was with her it was just.. okay, I could be me and she'd never, ever push me off. No matter what I was up to- wantin' action, or just to talk, callin' her at random hours of the night. Anything was okay. I guess I just needed that sort of- that unconditional tolerance. Maybe it wasn't love on her part, but I loved her all the same.

See, thats where it gets confusin' and I stop. Peanut says not t'question it an' move on. I hate the idea but he's probably right.

Anyway, back to the present. Its senior year- I'm scared shitless! Lola n' I been split for about two weeks- this is the longest we've ever been on break and I can't go to school- if I do and I see her.. I dunno how I'll cope. I'll probably beg- and I don't want to beg her back anymore. So, there I was on my ass in New Coventry thinkin' 'bout playin' that stupid monkey game- in the end I'm not in the mood. When, I get to thinkin' "what's stoppin' me from destroying that Wade kid?" and I got to tellin' m'self that it don't matter because she'll come back to me anyway.

So- I'm all in a fuss and I go to school with a bat- and Peanut, Ricky, Hal, Norton, Lefty, Lucky, and Vance all see me comin' up. I tell 'em what's on my mind and they're all ready for a rumble. So we go- and I tell ya' we were whoopin' 'em good.. when all of a sudden Norton's trying to ward off that Russell kid and Hal's tryin' t'get him into one of those squeeze hug things, but it doesn't work. The other Bullies are mostly out- except Wade and Trent- and the others got Trent cornered to I rush at Wade. Then Lola's there.

"Johnny Vincent!" she yelled gabbing me in the shoulder with her fingers "I cannot believe how petty you are to get worked up over something soo innocent!"

"Innocent?!" I sputter, "INNOCENT?! You're kiddin' me Lola!"

"I am not! Johnny! But, you know what?! I think you're pety jealousy is what's tearing us apart! So, I'm through with you Johnny! I don't want this anymore!"

I think my heart just dropped into my stomach. I could hardly breath or think, she's said it before and I been crushed over it but this time is was final. I knew this was it- she said it so seriously. She was defending this Bully. Then I snapped and shoved he and just beat the prick with my bat until he started to run- and I chased him- and eventually he turned and slugged me in the face. I was exhausted, broken-hearted, and sick of these games. I fell then and he ran back to the others. I managed to pull myself into the shadows of the bleachers.. and, I started to cry.

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