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Mandys POV..

Johnny was cute- everyhting about him is cute. He is a tough guy, he's strong- I can feel the mussels flex in his arm when he tightens his hold on me- I know his 'bad boy act' isn't really an act. He is rough, and rowdy, and strong, and brave- he is. But he's also very kind and very sweet. Right now you want to know whats going on? Of course you do.

Well, it was getting really chilly so we were huddled close under his big, thick jacket- his arm around my shoulder, my arms around his waist. His thin, tone waist. I couldn't believe I, Mandy Wiles, the Pom-pom Princess, was holding Johnny "The Greaser King" Vincent. It was like something out of a dream but it was real. I'm not sure about what time it was, I know it was dark but there were no cops running at us, gonna kill us for being out pass curfew. So, I wasn't worried. Then I realized his breathing had changed. My eyes widened and I sat up- I nearly squealed when I realized he'd fallen asleep. He was just too cute.

I moved to sit and it worked smoothly because without my support he sort of fell, but it was okay because his head landed right in my lap. I smiled down at him. His face was soft, the harsh lines usually drawn tight over his face were gone. He's always had such a little boy face but it was hardened when he was awake- now when he was asleep you wouldn't believe he was seventeen. Nope, he looks younger, fifteen about. He's so content- his lower lip, it's always been slightly pouty and right now it sort of stuck out. If I didn't think it would wake him I'd kiss him.

I ran my fingers through his hair- yeah, there's grease in it but not so much as the others. You can tell when there's too much grease. Ricky, Hal and Lefty use too much grease, Johnny uses enough to keep his hair out of his eyes but not enough to turn his hair like a big greasey mess. He's got soft hair- if he'd wash out the grease it might come down more in the front- Johnny with bangs. Aw. I smiled and continued to just pet him- I think he liked it because his breathing got even deeper when I started. God, he's cute.

All good things have to come to an end, I suppose.

"Hey, you, kid!" someone shouts, "What're you doin'?" I look up, its the black cop, Williams. Rumor is that he's Norton's uncle. Yeah- he is because the moment he see's Johnny he grns at me and kneels down.

"Aw," he starts, "You're his new girl, huh?"

I nod, "But its a secret"

"Right, 'cause you're not a Greaser, huh?" he's really nice, and he's still smiling

"Yeah" I nod again

"Well, its nearly curfew, sweety, you think you 'ought to get back to school?" he asks

"How can I?" I ask and motion to the sleeping boy in my lap- the much heavier than I can ever dream of picking up- boy in my lap.

He laughs at that and puts his hand on Johnny's shoulder and wakes him- Johnny makes a noise and turns away from the touch. We both smile- how can he be just that darn cute? Williams shakes him again, and Johnny tries to curl up closer to me.

"Oh, now, baby, you come on" Williams laughs shaking him again, "You know you gotta be off the streets soon. Wake up, now."

I looked up at him, "You know him?" I asked, "I mean- you're Norton's uncle so yeah but you really know him that well?"

He nods, "Sure do. I known Johnny ever since he was six and--" he stopped abruptly, "And yes. Yes- I've known him a long time. Long enough that he should know I don't mind picking his ass up and tossing it in the freezing cold water!" he said the last bit slowly but firmly and I didn't doubt him a second. Apparently Johnny didn't either because he woke right up.

"eh!? No- don' do tha' 'gain.." he muttered quickly, "I'll go. I'll go."

I smiled and pecked him on the cheek as he yawned. "Hey, I'm going to start back to school now- you wanna meet by the bleachers after class tomorrow?"

He shook his head, "I'd love t' but Galloway gave me detention"

"What you do?" Williams asked and Johnny just threw him a look I knew I wasn't supposed to see. I'm not sure what it meant but Williams took the hint and stopped questioning. Johnny stood and helped me up.

"Your jakcet" I said removing it from my shoulders to hand it to him

He sighed, "Take this.." he then proceeded to pull off the long-sleeved Bullworth sweater and hand it to me, "Keep it- say ya' bought it."

I sighed and took it as he shrugged his leather jacket back on he kissed me again. I knew he was still sleepy because he was slower than usual- so I went slow too. Williams offered me a ride back to school after that, Johnny made me take it.

I got into the police car and we watched a moment as Johnny suntered off towards New Coventry. There was a long silence as he started the car, but finally Williams turned to me.

"Baby, I know you got good intentions- I think ya' really like him, and he likes you too, but I'm tellin' ya' somethin' I never got to tell Lola. He's got a heart of gold- he's a good kid, deep down- but his hearts been broken a lot, and its tarnished. You better be careful with him."

I blinked, "Lola hurt him that bad?"

He sighed, "He wants to think its all Lola, but it ain't. Starts with his parents. I suppose you heard all them stories, right?"

I nodded, feeling really cold now, "Are they true?"

"Yup" he sighs, "They killed a man- left Johnny and then went and got themselves killed. I was the one who was assigned to search their apartment- I go in and there's this scared, little boy, all alone. Had to have been two weeks since his parents had last seen him. I had to take him to his grandma's. She's done her best, but she ain't gonna live forever."

I couldn't believe it. Those rumors had been true?! I nodded at him. I felt a new love for Johnny, or maybe it was our love just taking on new dimensions. I felt protective now- like I had to keep him safe.

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