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This happens four years after the end of the original, putting ages at (quick calculations) Lavi & Kanda- 25, Lenalee-23, Allen- 22, Jim- 19 and nobody else really matters…

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A Twisted World II- Changing Lives

Chapter One- Certain Death?

"Dammit Moyashi! Watch what you're doing for fuck's sake!"

"BaKanda, it's not my fault you're getting in my way!"

An oversized hammer thudded to the ground next to the bickering couple, sending a cloud of dust into the air and breaking up the fight. "Not that watching you argue isn't the highlight of my day" the redheaded wielder of the hammer said, almost conversationally, "but WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE HERE!"

"Tch." Kanda rolled his eyes and took a few steps back away from Allen, whom he had just bumped into. "Idiot Rabbit."

Jim landed with a thump behind them, panting heavily. Lenalee landed a little more gracefully, though her hair was in disarray and her uniform in tatters.

"We've got the barrier sorted out anyway," she said as she straightened up. "But I still can't tell where they're all coming from." She looked round wearily.

"What I want to know is why they all happened to be here at the exact time and in the exact place we were meeting." Allen turned in a slow circle, his left eye whirring under the effect of the number of Akuma gathering beyond Jim's barrier. His eye fell upon four exorcists huddled together like penguins, all of whom looked frankly terrified. Despite the gravity of the situation, Allen had to fight down the urge to laugh, wondering if he was ever that green. Probably at some point, but not for many, many years now. He sighed to himself a little sadly, feeling that he was being somewhat harsh. After all, none of them had expected this to happen, and the newest recruits had ever right to be scared. It was their first mission, and could quite possibly be their last. That was a sobering thought, but it didn't stop him from nudging Kanda and pointing out the dithering exorcists.

Kanda was not impressed. "Idiot boy!" he shouted, making the tall gangly ginger youth of the group jump in surprise. "Girl!" he shouted again, being slightly more polite to the female. The young woman also jumped, startled and they both turned cringing to face the glowering samurai. "Don't just stand there!"

Jim chuckled at the look of horror on the younger exorcists' faces, stopping when Kanda turned his scorching glare on him. He held up his hands in defence, but he was still grinning, mainly because Lavi was doing a rather accurate Kanda impression behind his back.

Allen and Lenalee continued to watch the gathering Akuma, ignoring everything else that was going on around them. The Chinese girl grasped Allen's arm tightly. "We're going to get out of this aren't we?"

Allen looked at her oddly. "Of course we are! We've got two generals, three experienced exorcists and four…less experienced ones against a few thousand Akuma" he grimaced slightly. "Ok, the odds could be better, but we'll be fine, really."

Lenalee laughed despite the situation, turning to where Kanda was scolding the two newbies. "He really cares about them doesn't he?"

Allen chuckled. Only those who had known Kanda for so long could tell what was concern and what was general pissed off. "Not that he'd admit it."

Jim turned from watching Kanda yell at his students to face Allen, his expression serious. "We're in trouble here Allen. I don't know what else to do to hold them back, and I can't keep this up forever."

Allen studied the defences that Jim had imagined into being. Over the past few years Jim's manifestations had improved hundredfold and he was able to maintain them for much longer periods of time thanks to his increased synchronisation rate. He turned to his first student, scrutinizing him closely for any sign of weakness. Other than the very fine sheen of sweat trickling down his tanned face Jim looked fine, the pulse from his innocence was strong and steady, glowing under the curtain of his hair and the green tinge in his dark eyes showed he was still in control. "I'm fine for now" he assured his general and Allen nodded briskly, trusting Jim to know not to push himself too far. He turned back to the field, watching the Akuma gathering beyond the barrier. When Jim finally deactivated, they would all come charging in at once. It didn't look good, no matter what he had told Lenalee minutes before.

"Hannah, Chris." Allen called the other two exorcists over, bitterness and guilt rising like bile in his throat as he thought about what could happen in the next hour. It was supposed to have been a simple mission, and for the most part it had been. It was only in the final stages, when all danger was supposed to have passed that it had truly struck. Three exorcist teams meeting up before travelling back to headquarters together via the Ark, using a connection situated in the nearby town. Now it would be a miracle if anyone made it home.

The two exorcists stood before him, patiently waiting, but their fear was so palpable he could taste it and terror shone from their eyes.

"Just stay close for now" he said offering them a reassuring smile, even though he knew how fake it must have seemed. Kanda came and stood behind him, a hand on his shoulder. "This is going to be tough" he admitted, making Allen flinch. If Kanda was worried it was official- they were royally screwed.

Allen turned and threw his arms around Kanda, not caring who was watching. "This is like a horrible nightmare. I just want to wake up now."

Kanda returned the embrace. "It'll be fine."

Allen made an odd wet sound, half sob, half laugh. "You're such an idiot." He lowered his voice so only Kanda could hear him, whispering in his ear which was next to his mouth. "We're all going to die aren't we?"

Kanda chewed his lip. "It seems likely" then he sighed "at least it'll be quick."

"Not for us. Or Jim," Allen said, eyes focused over Kanda's shoulder, watching a rather stupid Akuma try and ram it's way through Jim's barrier. "Jim and I will heal the virus, so we'll have to wait to be blown to pieces. You'll just keep healing and healing until 'poof' your life runs out." His voice was low and monotonous.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Moyashi. If that's your idea of a pep talk no wonder your students look so scared" Kanda muttered, though he knew what Allen had said was true. Even if he did somehow make it through this, he'd use up so much life energy that his curse would kill him anyway.

A win-win situation all round."

"We can't keep hiding in here. Jim's getting exhausted. Any longer and he'll either die or be so worn out he'd be useless in a fight anyway. The newbies are scared…Lenalee could possibly out fly them…maybe she could get away…" Allen murmured to himself distractedly. He was drawn back to reality by the sound of Jim's knees hitting the ground, the effort proving too much for him as he struggled to maintain his invocation.

The others gathered round, looking at each other, not saying anything. There was nothing to say.

Kanda pulled Allen into one last crushing kiss, putting everything into it he knew he would never be able to say. Allen moved away first, eyes shining with unshed tears. He knelt next to Jim, whose breathing had become laboured under the strain. "Let it go now, there's nothing more you can do."

Jim nodded sadly, his eyes glazed over with the pain, and released the invocation.

All the barriers dropped and the Akuma rushed in.

The gathered exorcists stood in a circle, facing outwards towards the attacking machines.

"I'm taking as many of those souls with me when I go" Kanda said as he activated Mugen, watching as the silver blade turned black for the final time.

"Just don't go without me" Allen ordered, his face hidden behind his mask. He squeezed Kanda's hand briefly with his right, before drawing his exorcism sword.

"Well, it was nice knowing you all. Sorry I never told you all how much I love you" quipped Lavi, hefting his hammer to a more comfortable position.

The Akuma were drawing in. This was the end.

Allen closed his eyes for a moment, throwing one last desperate prayer to the sky.

'Please, if anyone's listening, do something! I'll do anything! Just don't let my friends die!'

He just opened his eyes in time to see the flash of light descending form above before everything went away.


Bugger. I did it again. One day I'll write something that doesn't involve the main character being in a near death situation by the end of the first chapter. Sorry peeps!