"If this is going to work, we have to take it seriously; it has to be flawless, through and through." Helga said, focusing on the ceiling, despite the lack of light in the room. Her tone was serious, unlike that of her current companion.

"Affirmative, captain."

"That's exactly what I mean!" she said, running her hands through her hair. "This is all some big joke to you…"

"No, it's not. But if you're too serious about it, people will know that you're trying too hard. Just be natural." Gerald suggested, watching her from the side.

Helga exhaled loudly, and continued staring at the wall. "Maybe this is a bad idea.." she said, to no one in particular.

"Well, whether or not this is a good idea, I think you made progress tonight."

Helga scoffed at this. "Tonight was a brief lapse of judgment…" she joked ,covering her face with her hands at the memory of the night. The two left the party not long ago so it was still fresh in her mind.

"Regardless, it was genius. Kissing your ex-boyfriend's ex-best friend in front of him and his new skank of a girlfriend was nothing short of brilliant. Although, next time, I wouldn't mind a warning." Gerald said, nudging Helga with his arm.

"Hey, I hardly got a warning myself. One second I'm looking for the bathroom, and the next, I look up and there's Arnold and his Skanky McSkankHoe, standing right in front of me. What was I supposed to do?" she asked, laughing.

Gerald shrugged, which was somewhat difficult, given his current position. "Hey, I'm not complaining."

Helga remained silent, letting a pause grow between the two. She had many questions, but only one concern still plagued her. "You never did tell me why you two aren't friends anymore…"

"And you never did tell me why you two broke up…"

The lighting of the room was entirely insufficient for attempting to look for answers in another person's face, but Helga tried nonetheless. There was something that Gerald wasn't telling her, and the sooner that she found out, the sooner their "fake" relationship could be built upon trust as opposed to convenience.

"…well, anyway, I was thinking," Gerald continued, breaking the silence and distracting Helga from her current thoughts. "Sean Gomez is having a party next Saturday. And in light of your 'brief lapses in judgment', I think that it would only be appropriate to practice beforehand."

Helga raised a weary eyebrow at his statement. For as long as she knew Gerald, he was quite possibly the oly person she knew that might be as good with words as herself. At any rate, it was late, and there was much work to be done. Rolling over so the her back was to him, and she was now laying on her side, she muttered a "Good night, Gerald." thus ending the conversation.

"Goodnight, Helga." he replied into the darkness.

First of all, don't ask me why they're in a bed together. I don't know why. Let's just say after the party they crashed at her house, or something. It just made sense in my brain of brains to have them in bed. I have no idea.

Second, having already tackled the world of fan fiction (and doing so, quite well, I might add), I believe that the authoress, Blonde Cecile should start a cult. And it shall be called, "The Cult For People Who Are Diehard Arnold/Helga Fans, But Who Have Been Enticed Into The World Of Gerald/Helga By Blonde Cecile" Because, I don't know about you guys, but I would be a charter member. Homegirl has mad influence…it's not fair.

Nevertheless, she's fantastic and any inspiration that I garner from her is pretty fantastic too. Even if it's against my will.

I guess I owe you that cheesecake, huh?