The Promise
A fanfic By Rainy Days
All right reserved by Clamp

Chapter Seven

It was the day after and Sakura was sober. But the pain she fell in her heart was more than she could bear. Syaoran was mad at her. But there was no one madder at her, than she herself.

She walked groggily on set wiping the sleep from her eyes. They were hopefully going to shoot the rest of the film that day. Or at least, that was her hopes because she was truly done with doing movies or at least with 'Eric'.

"Morning Kara," said Jeremy sipping his coffee.

"Yeah sure," said Sakura walking past him and straight into her trailer. She came out an hour later ready to start filming, a bit more awake, but not nearly as much as she would have liked.

"Morning Kara," said Tomoyo walking past her to watch from the side.

"Yeah, morning 'Moyo," said Sakura walking on set to start the next scene, starting with flashbacks to 'Alex' and what happened afterwards.

"Alright, action!" said Jeremy from his seat.

It has been a few months since Jennifer had chosen Aaron over Alex. Alex feeling horribly betrayed later slept with some friend of his named Mary Webber. She had, had feelings for him for a long time and didn't think of the reasons why he wanted her. Two weeks later she found out she was pregnant. Aaron didn't take the news well and took his car and some belongings and later drove away never returning leaving the bar he had once loved behind. Mary having no family or relatives in the country left to stay with her aunt in France. Jennifer however was still in the same bar, doing the same thing, but for the mean time, she was with Aaron, who had also gotten a job there.

"Get to work you lazy lummox," yelled Mr. Finnigan to Aaron who had stopped to give Jennifer a quick kiss.

"Is he always this cranky?" asked Aaron drying up some of the glasses.

"I heard that," said Mr. Finnigan from the kitchen sounding even grumpier.

As Aaron rushed back to the kitchen to clean dishes, Jennifer called out, "yeah he is, get used to it."

"You want your job?" said Mr. Finnigan poking his head out of the kitchen.

"For the mean time," said Jennifer getting back to serving drinks.

Jennifer hurried pouring drinks for all who asked, and those few rude ones that demanded.

Soon her and Aaron's shift was over and it was time to close up the shop of which they were both thankful for.

Jennifer quickly swept up around the pub and went to lock to pub up. The two stood outside the pub looking at it.

"Who'd have ever thought I'd be working in a kitchen all day cooking food," said Aaron rubbing his hands together for warmth.

"Who'd have ever thought you'd find me again," said Jennifer wrapping her arms around Aaron and kissing him passionately.

The camera at first is up on a close up as it slowly back away showing the two in front of the pub, to seeing the whole pub and them to the whole city. As it backs away you hear Jennifer and Aaron's childhood promise in the background:

"I promise, I'll be back someday," said Aaron.

"And I promise, I'll wait," said Jennifer.

"Love you always," said Aaron.

"And I'll always love you," said Jennifer.

The end, roll credits.

"Cut! Yes that was perfect," said Jeremy doing a little victory dance from his chair, "yeah the movie's over, yeah the movie's over."

Sakura broke gently away from the kiss. She looked like she was going to cry, but all she did was slowly turn around and walk away. She couldn't look at Syaoran. She knew there was more than just acting in that kiss. There was the love they had felt when they were kids and the love they felt now that neither would admit.

"Wow you guys have such chemistry," said one of the extras, "you must have some relationship off screen."

"Errm…Well…Ya know…" said Syaoran stuttering trying to find words.

"That's for us to know and you to find out," said Sakura coolly walking back to get a bottle of water.

"Sorry, you'll have to excuse me," said Syaoran to the extra as he went after Sakura.

"What do you want?" asked Sakura as he came up beside her, her wiping her lip where she had spilled some water.

"I want you in my life," said Syaoran turning her to face him.

"I want not to be an alcoholic, but that's not exactly happening is it?" said Sakura coldly drinking her water turning back away from him.

"Why are you always like this? I searched for you for years; I spent dollars after dollars just trying to find you. You know what I found? Absolutely nothing. There was no Sakura Kinomoto and when I found you again, you wouldn't even let me have you. I know you want me as much I want you so you should just cut the bull. This isn't getting either of us anywhere," said Syaoran grabbing the back of his head as he always did when he was frustrated.

"I don't want another broken heart. It hurt to lose you once, I couldn't bear to lose you again," said Sakura looking straight in his eyes making sure he felt the emotion in everyone one of her words, "don't play bull, I know you can see the pain in my eyes, but take a closer look if you can't. There's pain, the pain of years waiting and hoping just to have that hope crushed. I have very little faith right now in humanity. People are cruel and conniving and will do anything for their own personal gain. Now I want you to look straight and me and give me one good reason why I should take you back."

Syaoran put his hands on her shoulders and looked right in her eyes, "I see the pain, but I also saw the faint glitter when I made you laugh or when I took you place before you knew who I was. Now I want you to look into my eyes. If you look right into them, you'll see the love that was there the first time I kissed you or told you I loved you. You can't admit you can't see that. I know that when I love you, your pain goes away. I'm not trying to be cocky, but I know that you love me because every time you kiss me, on screen or not that you put that love into your kisses. So don't give me bull."

"I hate you," said Sakura looking down at the ground trying to convince herself of her words.

"You love me," said Syaoran lifting her chin towards him to look him in his eyes.

"I loath you," said Sakura looking deep into his eyes, trying to sound convincing.

"Prove it," said Syaoran leaning into towards her and kissing her passionately on the lips.

"I hate you," said Sakura pulling away from the kiss, "when you're right."

"Finally," said Tomoyo walking out with a video camera in her hand.

"What? You taped the whole thing?" said Sakura looking confused looking around the set.

"Of course, a tape for the collection," said Tomoyo smiling happily looking over the scene she had just taken.

"Yep, love her dearly, but she has the strangest hobbies," said Eriol scratching the back of his head.

"Some things never change," said Syaoran shaking his head surprised that Tomoyo still kept up her old habits.

"Anyways, all of you listen up because what I have to say is important," said Jeremy coming up along side them.

"Yes Jeremy?" asked Syaoran turning to face him.

"Alright with all the filming done and over with, there will be of course edits, all the stuff turned from Raw to film quality and that should take, oh hell however long it takes and then it'll be ready for screening. In the meantime there will be tons of PR for the movie, you know, photo shoots, magazine interviews, T.V interviews, ect ect. So please have fun with those," said Jeremy running off to do something else.

"Lovely, people in our faces with camera's taking pictures of us and butting into our lives," said Sakura looking at her nails, "what a joyous day isn't it?"

"The fun is only starting," said Syaoran wrapping his arm around her waist, "wait till they get big on our relationship. In every tabloid."

"Oh," said Jeremy coming back towards them, "if you want you guys can all fly back to America now to resume your normal lives."

"Great," said Sakura with a twinkle in her eye, "shopping time."

"Does Tomoyo make you go shopping with her?" asked Syaoran leaning towards Eriol.

"No, she goes with Sakura," said Eriol looking puzzled, "why."

"I hate shopping," said Syaoran feeling relieved that he wouldn't have to shop.

"Me too," said Eriol patting him on the back.

"We should go to the bar and catch a game sometime," said Syaoran to Eriol.

"Sounds good," said Eriol shaking his hand, "it's a deal."

"Well let's get packed and leave. I wanna go home!" said Sakura running off the set to go to her hotel.

"I better go back too then," said Syaoran waving goodbye to Eriol and Tomoyo and running off after Sakura.

"You know that took way too long," said Tomoyo putting her hands on her hips.

"I know," said Eriol wrapping his arms around her stomach from behind, "but at least we didn't take that long."

"I think the wait alone would have killed me," said Tomoyo dramatically fainting against Eriol.

"Let's say we go back home too?" said Eriol grinning.

"Better find some place where no one's gonna see," said Tomoyo looking around from side to side.

"No one can see us now," said Eriol seeing that no one was even near them.

"You you're a sneaky devil aren't you," said Tomoyo walking alongside him.

"The sneakiest," said Eriol as they disappeared.

Meanwhile Syaoran was already packed up and waiting downstairs in the limo waiting for Sakura to finish up.

Sakura walked down the stairs with her bags and handed them to the chauffer who put them in the trunk. Sakura sighed looking over her hotel and over the town.

"I'm sad to leave here, it's sort of become like home," said Sakura leaning against Syaoran in the limo.

"But we're going back to our homes in America where everything is familiar and busier," said Syaoran opening the window to let in the air.

"I'm starting to think I don't like the big life anymore and I'd rather just have a quiet home," said Sakura the wind flapping through her hair as they drove

"We can always move out here eventually," said Syaoran kissing her forehead.

"Could we?" said Sakura turning to face him

"Yeah, but I'm still into the whole movie glamour stuff," said Syaoran wanting to go home to places where things were familiar.

"Yeah, but you'll get sick of it one day. I assure you," said Sakura watching out the window as the town flew past her.

"But being back in familiar surroundings. That'll be good right?" said Syaoran thinking of his California home, "where are you going anyways?"

"Well one of my main home is in Florida, what about you?" asked Sakura yawning.

"I have a home in California I'm rather fond of," said Syaoran as clouds rolled in over the town of dublin.

"So I guess we'll probably be going out separate ways then," said Sakura sighing in disappointment.

"Not necessarily. I want you to come with me to my home," said Syaoran, "it's huge and you'll love it I'm sure."

"Alright then," said Sakura holding Syaoran's hand firmly in hers.

"We're at the airport, my jet our yours?" asked Syaoran as he looked out the window at the airport ahead of them.

"Can we take my jet?" asked Sakura wanting to at least have her own jet for the comfort.

"Fine, I'll send mine off," said Syaoran getting out of the limousine.

"The paparazzi is going to have a field day when we get back," said Sakura walking alongside him down the terminal to her jet, the chauffer carrying their luggage down.

"Oh yeah, but it's gonna be a hell of a lot of fun," said Syaoran, showing ID to board with Sakura, hand in hand.

"Are we going to tell them what really happened?" asked Sakura as they walked down the hallway to enter the jet.

"Definitely, we can sell it and make millions off of the book," said Syaoran joking with her as she sat down beside him on her couch.

"I can see that, it being turned into a movie," said Sakura leaning her head on his shoulder.

"A multi million dollar one," said Syaoran as he leaned his head against Sakura's, both falling into a pleasant sleep for the remainder of their trip home back to the states.

"We are now arriving in California," said a voice over the loudspeaker, "the paparattzi is there, already having taken hold of the Irish rumours. Have fun."

"You ready?" said Sakura gripping Syaoran's hand tightly as they stood at the entrance to get off the jet.

"As ready as I'll ever be," said Syaoran having Sakura's hand in his as they walked down the hall to the terminal.

As they stepped out, flashes of cameras flashed around them as they smiled widely, keeping the hands together.

"Is it true that you both are dating now?" asked one of the reporters.

"Yes it is," answered Syaoran, "And we are very much in love."

"Is it true that you two shared a steamy kiss on set? But not while the cameras were rolling?" asked another reporter.

"Yes that's true," said Sakura.

"Is it also true that you, Kara, are currently in a program for you alcohol problem," said another one of the reporters.

"You don't have to answer that," whispered Syaoran in her ear.

"Yes it is," said Sakura, "But don't worry, I don't think I'll have that problem now that I've found the love I've been looking for, for years."

"Please no more questions," said Syaoran's agent coming up alongside the couple hushing them off down the terminal.

"A field day they're having today," he said to himself.

"So you names were once Syaoran and Sakura correct?" asked the talk show host.

"Yeah," said Sakura and Syaoran at the same time smiling at each other.

"Why change?" asked the host.

"We both went into different things. It worked for acting, but also made it very hard for either of us to find each other," said Syaoran.

"But in the end true love wins out in the end?" asked the host.

"Definitely," said Sakura looking deep into Syaoran's eyes.

"Love will find a way always," said Syaoran.

The weeks pasted and the couple had many press conferences regarding their relationship, they even had their story published and turned into a movie, of which they did not star in. They eventually got back into doing movies and were America's sweethearts for years. Everyone loved that they played couples in movies, and everyone loved that they were couple's in real life. Sakura even got over her alcohol problem and had been sober for the past four years. Her best friend Tomoyo also came out with a new record and was currently working on her 'best of' record with one new song. Syaoran had proposed to Sakura and they had decided to stay out of the acting business for awhile to start a family. When asked all over the world why they think of all the couples, they got together in the end, they always replied,

"We made a promise. Fate used that promise to unite as one as we used to be and will always be for eternity and forever."