Just a short ficlet. I've wanted to write about Dixie for a while and this seemed like the perfect oppertunity. Constructive criticism, is as always, appriciated. Enjoy.

As she sat down even the cool evening air constricted. Numbness leaked its way into her body; deafening silence beating down upon her despite the lively department behind her. She sought solace from the sky and flinched as a rain drop was drawn to her face.

A defiant hand wiped the bead of water away, smudging the soot upon her face. Three more water droplets landed and meandered their way over her lightly weathered features leaving only murky trails behind. She raised her head to the heavens as the night sky opened. Eyes closed, hands lamely placed across her lap as the deluge soaked her to the core.

A bolt of lightening staked its claim of the sky, illuminating the outline of the hospitals profile. Thunder rolled around, inwardly shaking her. Black and white images flashed through her mind in slow motion. Her body involuntarily shook as she relived that moment. That unchangeable moment.

Thunder hit again; the echo bouncing between buildings. Her eyes flashed open as a hand landed on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. Catching her off guard. His form moulded to the bench beside her and they sat in silence for an instant.

She tried to stifle the pent up emotion that had gathered in her soul but a strangled sob escaped her lips. His hand cupped hers, engulfing it in comforting warmth as he gently rubbed his thumb over the back of it. Her body broke; fell into pieces as tears revolted and spilled down her face. She never, never cried. Hands escaped the warmth he gave and furiously swiped at her face trying to stop the tears - despite her reddened eyes holding no secrets.

His hands rose, holding her hands still as she went to rub her face once more, "…Stop."

She tried to pull her hands away in protest, but his grip remained firm. He knew she needed this. She couldn't keep this in; he wouldn't let her.

As her head sunk to her chest, strong arms embraced her and pulled her to his side. She wept silently into his shoulder as her body quaked.

"Shhh… It'll be okay, we will get through this," He murmured, gently stroking her damp tousled hair.

He was a man of his word; he would help her through.