Title: The Verisimilitude between Tangled Sheets

Summary: Zuko and Toph are friends. Sometimes lovers, but only when it's convenient. No questions asked, no strings attached—but of course, that was inevitable.

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The Verisimilitude between Tangled Sheets

Prologue – One Thousand Days Later

The period immediately following the war was filled with the rebellions, the diplomats, and the vein-pulsing politics that came with the long process of restoration. The negotiations for population relocation, product exchange, and war reparations took its toll on the representatives from the different nations. Being cooped up in the same room for hours on end (where tension often ran high), and then usually in the same general area afterwards, an illicit affair or two was bound to happen.

Truthfully, the attraction between the two wasn't always there. That applied more between him and Katara, but she was with the Avatar, and it wasn't his place to take her away, especially after the fact that Aang saved the world. Not to say he hasn't thought about it, but the more he did, the more he was reminded of his isolation, and how his duty required him to sacrifice the pursuit of romance.

The other relished freedom and viewed relationships as just another form of captivity. Of course, it probably didn't help the feelings of bitterness that was growing within her since Sokka's rejection and the rest of the group left her feel alienated and distant. She told herself she didn't need to be in a relationship to be happy and she didn't need a man to make her feel beautiful. As long as she had healthy coating of earth on her clothes, and dirt under her fingernails, she felt good. Or at least, that's what she told herself in her mind. But it's in her biological built to want the kind of lip-biting, heart-thumping, butterflies-in-stomach relationship. It's down to the last strand of her double X chromosomes to want to feel beautiful.


Toph let the elixir inside her wine glass swirl as she looked over it towards the Fire Lord sitting across her. He had invited her over to his room for a late-night drink, knowing they both could use it after a particularly strenuous day at the meetings. It has been almost three years after their victory, but defeating Ozai proved to be an easy task compared to reaching a compromise between all the nations.

The soft candle light flickered over Zuko's features. His amber eyes glinted gold and his hair hung messily on his head as a small, forced, pained grin etched itself on his lips. Toph had made a crude comment about Aang's and Katara's PDA. Her lopsided grin fell, as she recognized the bitterness in his eyes that was all too familiar. She apologized quietly.

In one swift motion, Zuko drained the rest of his drink and joined Toph on the plush couch, one arm over her shoulders, the other cupping her chin.

"Nothing to be sorry for, beautiful," his voice was husky, and their lips were almost touching. She could smell the alcohol in his breath, and though she couldn't see it, his eyes were hazy. She felt him inch even closer, finally closing the small gap between them.

Toph's breath hitched in her throat as Zuko's lips pressed against her own softly. "Z—Zuko…?"

"Shh," he muttered as he traced kisses from her lips, through her jawline, to the back of her ears where he licked and teased.

A moan escaped her lips, letting one hand grip the where the back of his neck met his strong shoulders, and the other to caress his firm chest.

Zuko let himself forget all his troubles as he pushed aside the fabrics of Toph's robes to reveal the skin that shone porcelain in the moonlight.

Even in his intoxicated state, Zuko still kept the manners that were ingrained in him. He hovered over Toph whose cheeks were flushed and whose lips were swollen. "Do you want to do this?"

Toph felt Zuko's rapid heartbeat and his wavering determination to control himself. She remembered the time she was rejected for not being girlie enough. She shoved all those thoughts aside and breathed, "Yes."

In an instant, Zuko's lips crashed down upon hers, his tongue fearlessly delving into her mouth, exploring its depth.

On the floor, the wine bottle rolled to a stop as its last drop fell to the floor. The two had emptied a bottle between themselves, and its effects were apparent on two bodies eagerly kissing and touching unknown territory.


No, Zuko and Toph's attraction was merely the fruit of loneliness and with a subtle hint of desperation. It came from a place where both were vulnerable—where, whenever convenient, they let the other bandage the wounds that marred their hearts. It was a superficial escape that helped pass the time. For the moments they were together, the chaos of the outside world disappeared and all they were left to deal with was the chaos within their hearts.

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