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Time seemed to flow very fast. Nothing really happened during class hours. The students just corrected their exams and did whatever they like. Roxas didn't seem to be satisfied about his scores. He almost failed most of them. Every time they were finished checking, Roxas played his guitar and sang quietly to forget about his disappointment.

Naminé and Sora even switched places so they could talk to their friends. Like always, Naminé got perfect scores from her exams, but she still looked sad, making Roxas wonder about it even more.

"So," Sora told Roxas the moment he sat on Naminé's armchair. "Looks like you and Naminé are finally close."

"A bit close, actually," Roxas corrected him as he put his guitar down. "She's writing everything she wanted to say, but it's still better than nothing, right?"

"Don't worry about it," Sora answered confidently. "That's the way she communicate with others, especially to those she really like a lot."

"Meaning?" Roxas said, hoping that what he's thinking was right.

"Meaning she's slowly opening up to you," Sora said with a smile.

Roxas sighed in relief while Sora chuckled. "Good job, dude," he acknowledged his friend, patting him on the shoulder.

Music, Roxas' favorite subject, finally came. Though he knew that he answered all of the questions with ease, Roxas couldn't help but feel nervous. He feared that he might get a wrong answer in the Music exam, which never happened to him. That was the only subject he's really good at, besides English.

The checking started, with Roxas feeling more and more nervous. After Ms. Lockhart read each question, he whispered the answers to himself, proving that he knew them.

When it was finally time to return the papers, he waited, drumming his desk with his fingers. He glanced at Naminé's paper and saw that she got another perfect score, making him more nervous to see his.

Finally, someone gave it back to him. Taking a deep breathe, he stared down at it.

Fifty out of fifty.

"Yes!" he whispered to himself in delight, clenching his fist.

Sora and Riku saw this. "Hmm…" Riku started. "I wonder what Roxas' reaction will be when he didn't get a perfect score?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Sora joked. "He'll definitely freak out and go wild!"

"Yeah, right," Roxas answered while Naminé, Kairi, and Xion giggled.

"Anyone got a perfect score?" Ms. Lockhart suddenly asked.

No one raised their hands except Roxas and Naminé. Ms. Lockhart smiled at them. "I already expected you two to raise your hands," she said. "I assume you're already excited for the announcement, aren't you, Roxas?"

"Uh, yeah," Roxas responded, scratching his head and not knowing what to say. "Kinda, I guess…"

"But he's really excited about it," Sora muttered, but Roxas still heard him and gave him a "shut up" look.

Ms. Lockhart smiled even more. "Okay!" she told the class. "One more hour and you'll finally know what the announcement is. I'm just hoping you'll like it."

"Can you give us at least one clue, Ms. Lockhart?" Pence said out loud.

The other students agreed with him. The teacher looked surprised for while. Suddenly, she smiled slyly. "Okay…" she said. "I guess it wouldn't hurt if I tell you a clue…"

Some students cheered. Roxas sat up straight when he heard this, eager to listen. Ms. Lockhart became serious. "My clue is…" she began. Everyone looked at her expectantly, even Naminé. Her sly smile came back. "It's related to our Music subject."

The students groaned in disappointment. "Thanks for telling us the most obvious thing," Hayner muttered sarcastically while Ms. Lockhart laughed.

"Of course, I can't tell you what it is," she said. "I'm the head of the Music Club, after all. Just wait for it. It will be really fun." She got out of the door. "See you on Monday, everyone!"

"Gee, I really thought she'll say what it is," Riku said as everyone discussed about the said announcement.

"Yeah," Sora agreed, crossing his arms. "But Ms. Lockhart's still right. One hour is not a long wait at all."

"You're right about that," Roxas joined in. "But only if you're busy doing something."

"Then sing a song," Riku answered.

"But… doesn't his throat hurt already?" Kairi asked. "He's been singing for almost the whole day."

"Nah, I don't think so," Sora said, smirking at Roxas. "Roxas is not that type of guy. He's a music lover, so it's not a problem for him to sing all day."

"Plus, he's singing in a soft voice," Naminé suddenly added in a mutter.

"Yeah, you're right about that, cousin."

In just a few minutes, they checked their English exams. Roxas got yet another perfect that Riku switched places with Naminé so he could talk to his two friends. "Get ready, Roxas," Riku said. "In just a few minutes, we'll finally know what this 'announcement' is."

"Yeah," Roxas answered. "I can't wait anymore."

"Hmm…" Sora began, thinking of another topic. He suddenly smiled at Riku. "Hey, Riku. How's your 'date' with Xion?"

"What do you mean by that?" Riku exclaimed while Roxas rubbed his forehead and shook his head in disbelief. Sometimes, Sora could be too straightforward about something.

"Okay, okay, I'm only kidding," Sora explained with a laugh. "How's your… um… time with Xion?" He looked at his blond friend. "Is that better?"

Roxas just nodded as Riku thought for a while. "Well, I just showed her around, that's all," he said. "We talked about some things like her old hometown and stuff like that." He suddenly glared at Sora. "You can't call that a date."

"I kind of agree with you there, Riku," Roxas interrupted. He smiled all of a sudden. "And to make everything fair and square, I'll tell you what happened to Sora and Kairi while you're gone."

Riku sat up straight. "Okay, spill it," he said, a bit excited.

Sora gaped at the two of them. "Darn it, Roxas," he muttered.

"During recess," Roxas started. "He and Kairi didn't even notice that it was already our break time. You wanna know why? It's because they were busy talking to each other."

"Nice," Riku said, smirking at Sora, who was beginning to blush.

"You'll pay for this, Roxas," the brown-haired boy said, glaring at his friend.

Meanwhile, the girls were chatting as well. To make things better, Naminé even started talking to Xion. "Wow," Xion said. "You have a nice voice, Naminé. Why aren't you talking to anyone?"

"Well…" Naminé began with hesitation.

Kairi came to rescue her friend. "She has a secret, actually," she interrupted.

"Oh… I think I know what it is," Xion said with a smile.

Naminé and Kairi looked at her in surprise. Xion smiled wider. "You see, I can easily tell what a person's secret is," she continued. "But don't worry. I don't tell those secrets to other people, so I'll keep it to myself."

"Thank you, Xion," Naminé said, smiling.

A few minutes later, the school bell rang. Everyone cheered and got out of the room quickly, except the class officers. Being the treasurer of the class, Roxas had no other choice but to stay, together with Riku, Naminé (the class secretary), and some other students. Xion even stayed to help them. "It's okay with me," she explained. "I love cleaning very much!"

Roxas erased the board absent-mindedly. He was thinking really hard about the Music Club's announcement. He couldn't wait anymore to know what it is. Looks like I gotta wait a bit longer, he told himself. I just have to finish my work first…

Without even knowing it, the eraser he was holding bumped onto another one. This drew him back to his senses. He looked at the other eraser, shifted his eyes to the person holding it, and was surprised to see…

"Sora?" Roxas finally said in disbelief. His friend was not an officer and never liked cleaning, so it surprised him to see Sora standing beside him, eraser in hand, and cleaning the board.

The brown-haired boy grinned at him. "I'll take care of this," he told Roxas. "I know you're really excited about that announcement, so go."

"But –" Roxas complained.

"No more buts," Sora interrupted. "Would you rather have me push you out of this room?"

There was silence between the two friends. Roxas finally smiled. "Thanks, dude," he said, making Sora smile back to him. He quickly ran to his chair, grabbed his bag, and got out of the room.

His friends watched him, with Sora still smiling. "Now that's a real music lover," Riku said out loud. Xion nodded in agreement.

Roxas stopped running, catching his breath. He looked up and a crowd right in front of the bulletin board. He tried to see what was on it, but failed. He sighed in defeat. "Looks like I'm still going to wait," he said out loud with a laugh.

He waited and waited. The crowd decreased slowly. He was about to give up and go home when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What's up?" a familiar voice said. "Haven't you seen it yet?"

He looked up and saw Ven. "Bro," he muttered.

"Hmm…" Ven started, observing his younger brother. He smiled. "Looks like you still haven't." He put an arm around his shoulders and walked with him towards the crowd. "Come on.

"Okay! Okay!" he shouted to the crowd. "Make way, make way! Someone's coming through!"

The people got out of the way while they passed. Finally, Roxas saw the poster. MUSICAL FESTIVAL, the title read.

Roxas looked at Ven blankly. "What's so special about it?" he asked.

Ven responded by pushing his brother's face away so he could face the poster again. "Read it," he ordered.

Roxas did. Some of them were the usual stuff. But what really caught his attention was about a musical play.

"Holy…" he muttered as he continued to stare at the note. Ven smirked.

"They're looking for music composers," his elder brother explained. "About five compositions will be chosen. Anyone who wants to join can make one or two music compositions. And they can team-up with anyone so it won't be that hard for them."

"Yeah, I know," Roxas answered. "Everything you're saying's written here."

Ven laughed. "Well, I just thought you might don't understand some of the details," he said.

They got out of the crowd. "So," the older blond boy continued. "Are you gonna team-up with someone?"

"I think I will," Roxas said. "I may be a composer, but it will really help if I'm working with someone."

"Well," his brother said with a smile. "You can always audition –"

"What?" Roxas exclaimed. "Whoa, whoa, wait a sec, Bro. I'm not an actor like you, so no way! And I'll never audition for any role. Ever."

"I'm not yet finished," Ven demanded. "What I was trying to say is you can always audition as an extra."

Roxas stared at him blankly. Ven sighed, a bit annoyed. "You don't need to audition if you're an extra," he explained.

"Oh," Roxas said, surprised. "Maybe I will, but I'll still think about it."

They both watched the crowd for a while. Roxas could hardly believe that a lot of people were quite interested in Music, too. He was surprised to see Seifer and his two friends, Rai, and Fuu. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine were there too. The moment Roxas saw Yuna, he hid behind his elder brother. Luckily, Yuna didn't see him and thought that Ven was Roxas. She waved and smiled at Ven instead. Ven couldn't help but stare at her in disbelief. "Do we really look alike?" he finally told Roxas when Yuna and friends walked away from the crowd and Roxas got out of his hiding place.

"I guess so," Roxas answered. He saw Ven raised his brow at him in disbelief. "But, don't worry, you're more good-looking than me," he finally added in defeat, knowing that those were the words his brother wanted to hear.

Ven laughed, patting Roxas on the back, which almost made the younger blond boy fall. "Thanks a lot, Rox," he said thankfully. "You're the best brother ever."

"Yeah, right," Roxas muttered so Ven could not hear him. "That's because I'm the only brother you have."

He continued to watch the crowd and saw Aqua and Terra watching as well. They both waved at him while he smiled at them. Ven even muttered to him that he left the two so they could have some more time alone, making Roxas chuckle. He saw lots of familiar faces like Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Naminé.

Wait a sec, he told himself in surprise. Naminé?

He stared at the girl even more. Blond hair, white long-sleeved shirt, a long skirt, and a pair of eyeglasses… It was definitely Naminé. Roxas began to walk towards her. Without a warning, he heard Ven say, "Where are you going?"

He turned his head to him. "Huh?" he started. "I thought I just saw someone. I just I gotta make sure if it's really her."

"Okey-dokey," Ven said.

As Roxas turned once again, he saw that Naminé was gone. He looked around him, but there was no trace of any blond-haired girl anywhere. Sighing in defeat and annoyance, he cursed under his breath as he turned to his brother again.

"Did you see her?" Ven asked. Roxas shook his head. "That's too bad. Who were you looking for, anyway?"

"Never mind me," Roxas murmured.

"O… kay," Ven answered, not sure what to say. "Well, let's go home."

Roxas nodded, following him. When they got out of the school gate, he finally spoke up. "Terra and Aqua are not yet going home?" he asked.

"Nah," Ven replied. "The Dance Troupe has a practice for the Music Festival. You know those two. They're the 'Dancing Duo'. While me..." He laughed proudly. "I'm the 'Sole Singer'!"

"Right," Roxas muttered, rolling his eyes. Among the Trinity, Ven was the only one who was good in singing, while Terra and Aqua were good in dancing.

Ven cleared his throat. "So, what do you think?"

"About what?" Roxas asked.

"About the music composing contest thing. What do you think about it?"

"Well… I was… really surprised, and happy, I guess…"

"You'd better be," Ven said with a laugh. "I was the one who suggested it." He put an arm around Roxas' shoulders. "You see? That's how much I love you, little brother."

"Whatever," Roxas exclaimed, taking his arm off of him and walking faster to hide his smile from Ven.

In a few minutes, they were finally home. Mrs. Elliots asked them about their day. "I learned a new joke," Ven announced proudly.

"Oh really? That's great," Roxas said lazily, figuring out that it was a corny one again. He stood up from his chair. "I'm out of here, I don't wanna hear it."

"Oh, come on, Rox!" he heard his brother say as he grabbed his bag and guitar and went upstairs to change his clothes. The moment he arrived in his room, he closed the windows and locked the door. As he changed into his T-shirt and pants, his mind was focused on the voice he heard while he was singing that morning. What if the owner of the voice was good in music too? What if she, the owner, can help him?

When he was completely dressed up, he opened the window again and unlocked the door. He sat on his bed, took out his guitar, and began playing it. He hummed, focusing his mind on the guitar and the piece he was playing ("I Gotta Find You" by Joe Jonas). He heard footsteps coming from Ven's room. He stopped playing, waiting for him to enter. Ven peeked inside. "What?" he asked. Roxas just stared at him. "Keep going. That's one of my favorite songs."

Roxas shook his head in disbelief, but he continued. He even heard Ven singing softly as he entered the room and sat beside him. They both started nodding their heads to the rhythm. Roxas even started to sing along. It's been a while since he and his brother had a jam session because of their schoolwork.

When Roxas was finally finished playing the guitar, Ven spoke up. "So," he began. "You're looking for someone?"

Roxas, who was returning his guitar on its case, stopped and looked at his brother in surprise. "How did you know?"

Ven smirked. "Big brother's instincts," he replied.

"Well…" Roxas hesitated. He nodded and told his elder brother the whole story. Ven nodded in understanding while listening to him, sometimes saying "Okay", "Uh-huh", and "Go on."

"Hmm…" Ven said when Roxas finished, thinking hard. He smiled at him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Follow your heart, Roxas. If you want to find her, then find her. Who knows, maybe you will."

"Yeah," Roxas agreed, smiling back. "You're right. Thanks a lot, Big Bro."

"Don't mention it," Ven replied, patting him on the shoulder. "And remember this: Everything I say always comes true. Don't ever forget about that."

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