Cheering was what Naruto and Elaine heard around them but they could hardly noticed. Elaine just smiled up at Naruto, hand pressed against his cheek as she kissed him again. She couldn't help it, she heard what Gar said and it just fit. "It's about time, mister Uzumaki."

"Forgive me for taking so long?"

"No, but I can think of a few things you can do to make up for it after this is over."

Naruto and the other Seekers began heading back to the front lines. Astrid, once more wearing her ring, threw her arms around the necks of both of them. "So…when can I tie the knot too?" She grinned suggestively.

"Astrid?" Surprisingly, neither of them said it but it made the woman pale to almost ice blue from her usual sky blue. "Astrid Icearrow, where have you been!"

Astrid let go of them, pulled the ring off, and turned around, nervous. "H-Hello, m-mother," she said meekly.

"I asked 'where have you been', young lady," a Hyldnir woman roared, leading one of the larger blue protodrakes over to them. She, like Astrid, had a dark eggplant colored hair, except hers wasn't in a ponytail. It fell straight with two bangs framing her face reaching down to her shoulders while the rest of her hair went to the small of her back. She looked much like her daughter and was very beautiful. She even had the same pale blue, pupil-less eyes. "You were only supposed to be gone for a few months at the most!"

"W-Well, you see, m-mother…I, I…"

"And don't you dare lie to me," her mother warned. "And who are these two you were just hanging on!"

"M-Mother, these are Elaine and Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto, Elaine, th-this is my mother, Freya."

Naruto's first instinct was to give her a kind smile and warm greetings. Remembering how that worked with Astrid, he gave a hard look and a nod, remaining silent. "An honor," Elaine said.

"I'm sure," Freya said dryly. "So, instead of doing what the wise woman ordered, you were gallivanting around with some hotlander friends!"

"N-No mother, I…"

Naruto sighed, he was going to regret this. He just hoped what he knew about Vrykul culture was correct. "Freya, leave her be," he said sternly. "You're daughter challenged me to tak'gol and lost. As such, you will refer all your questions to me." Astrid would have smiled at him if not for the stunned gaping that now turned on him.

In that moment, Freya's anger to Astrid vanished and she was once more a mother happy to see her daughter. Her anger though, was just heightened and focused on Naruto now. "YOU WHAT!" She grabbed Naruto by the collar. "You think you can speak to me as such, male!"

"I believe I have proven myself capable in combat, which has given me the right. Unless you disagree."

"Why you arrogant, weak, pathetic, little runt! I should tear your heart out and eat it! I'll take your tongue as a trophy!"

"I didn't fear your daughter, Freya, I don't fear you." Naruto looked down and dropped his weight and to Freya's surprise, she couldn't hold him up. Naruto's feet touched ground and he swiped his arm across, forcing her to let go of him.

"No, don't Naruto…" Astrid whispered in near horror. He was all but shouting he was Alpha now. While most knew that, none of the Hyldnir knew that nor who or what he was. If he didn't stop pushing he just might…

"Your challenge is accepted," Freya shouted, pulling her spear from the saddle on the protodrake. She gave a throaty growl which the drake returned. Astrid groaned and pulled Elaine back.

"What are you doing," Elaine demanded.

"Trying to stop this from turning into one challenge after another," she said harshly. "Because if I don't, Naruto is going to end up with all the Hyldnir as his wives!"

Elaine widened her eyes and said, "She thinks he's challenging her authority."

"Which he is, as he should, but my mother…tends to take things too far."

"Get him," Freya snarled and the Protodrake lunged in first. Only to meet Naruto's gaze. Naruto didn't glare, he didn't snarl, he just looked him in the eyes with a stern, unforgiving look. It didn't take five seconds before the drake calmed and backed up with its head lowered in compliance. Freya stared in shock, nothing could cow a trained war protodrake! Astrid and Elaine watched as many other Hildnir took notice. Naruto pulled his swords and looked to Freya.

"Astrid, are all your people this headstrong?"

"Not all of them," she admitted.

"I see where you get it then." Naruto's face fell blank as he watched Astrid glance down and press two fingers together. Naruto blinked, suddenly seeing another woman he knew in her place. Was Astrid this world's Hinata? Without even looking, he dropped to duck the halberd ax blade that nearly took his head off. He slid around her back and kicked her to the ground. "First rule of combat, Taijutsu, hand to hand. After all, only a fool trusts their life to a weapon." Swinging both blades, he had them dancing left and right. Forcing Freya to push herself to defend with the spear until Naruto suddenly caught the spear on the underside, throwing it from her grip, and sheathed his weapons. Enraged, Freya dismissed the halberd and came right at him wildly. Naruto, completely willing to take advantage of his smaller size, slipped between her attacks, striking but pulling out of each before they hit her. Freya went into a round house punch that ended with him behind her back. "You shouldn't show your back so much to an enemy." Naruto gave a jumping, spin kick to her rear, pushing her face first into the snow. It wasn't a 'thousand years of pain' but he hoped it got the same point across.

Freya pushed herself back to her feet but Astrid interfered. "Enough mother," Astrid growled. "You lost. Naruto has earned his respect and rank."

Freya stood back up and looked like she wanted to argue that but nodded after a moment. "I trust my daughter's choices and council. I lost so…"

"He won't take you as a Gai'shain, mother."

"But he…"

"Was proving his point! It wasn't a challenge to the death to begin with anyway!"

"Uh… Gai'shain?" Naruto asked, unfamiliar with the term.

"Any fool can take a life," Freya told him. "Just as any fool can die! Thus, in combat, killing grants the least honor. It is touching without hurting that grants the most… It also means that I owe you…Toh."

Naruto looked to Astrid. "Obligation," she translated. "Mother, we are on the eve of battle! The Shield Maidens can't lose one now, right before the start!"

"Tradition says I must! Naruto! As my daughter's husband and my defeater, I demand that I be made a Gai'shain… Where are you going!"

"I am the leader of an army. We are going to war, and like your daughter said, we don't have time. If you want to go through with this, see me afterwards!"

Freya nearly growled as her daughter moved beside her. "That runt infuriates me."

"That 'runt' is a half dragon, dragon aspect, general as well as the king of one of the largest kingdoms in the Hotlands. Oh, and he infuriates me too. But that's the fun part." She smiled to her mother before running after Naruto.


"Pardon me, sir," a death knight wearing the tabard of the guild assaulting Naxxramas called as she came up to him. She was a night elf with a large ax and blue platemail with fins on the helm and pauldrons. "I am Streea, a member of the Roaddogs. We have a…slight problem."

"What is it, Streea?"

She turned around and called, "Bring him up." Two warriors, a paladin, and a ranger came forward, struggling to hold someone. Streea turned back to him. "During our assault, we came across a group called the Four Horsemen. Their numbers included this man."

"…Then why didn't you kill him," Naruto asked.

"Because he wants us to," Streea said, making Naruto confused. "Bring him before the Dragonkeeper," Streea ordered.

"One moment, lass," the dwarf warrior growled. "Even with tha four o' us, it ain't easy!"

"Just kill me already," the man roared, "you must! All your lives are in danger while I live!" Naruto tilted his head as he looked to this person. It was confusing; he felt the holy power of a paladin inside him but also the dark power of a death knight.

"Stand before me and I might," Naruto commanded.

"We dare not let him go," Streea told him. "This is Sir Zeliek, a once paladin that was murdered and raised a Death Knight by Arthas. He is in no control of his body. After our battle with the Four Horsemen, we found him alive and decided to bring him to you. He woke up along the way… Dailin, watch out!"

She noticed it too late, the dwarf's grip on the arm broke loose and the death knight threw him to the side. Streea ran to help but Sir Zeliek wasn't a horsemen for nothing. With his arm free, he disabled the paladin, slamming his fist into the back of his neck, dropping him to the ground. Both arms free, a hammer of light of appeared in both before hitting the last two. All this happened before anyone could react. Jumping back to his feet, he caught Streea by her arm and tossed her to the ground. "Quick! Kill me before I hurt anyone else!" He grabbed her ax and was about to kill her when he felt someone grab his arm with strength even greater than his own.

"That's quite enough," Naruto said, squeezing his wrist until the ax fell to the ground. "Sylvos, would you please restrain him?"

"At once, my lord." Magic chains bound Sir Zeliek, freezing him in place.

"…You, Arthas has been looking for you," Sir Zeliek said to Naruto. "Uzumaki Naruto, yes? An honor to meet one strong enough to fight his will as you have. I would bow to you but…"

"I understand. Tell me, how are you like this?"

"I had the strength of will not to be like the others, my mind enslaved to the Lich King, but I cannot control my body. I can feel him guiding it like a puppet with strings. I…kept my abilities because of how much I hate myself. The Holy Light burns all undead that try to use it, even death knights."

Naruto nodded, "I know."

"I hoped that one day it would burn me away, it has not."

Naruto watched him a moment before saying, "Freeze him in place until we can free him of Arthas. Ka'nes, Sylvos, I want you two to make an enchantment that will let him act on his own."

The two looked to him and each other. "…Maybe," Sylvos stated. "The Plague is magical in origin. I would assume that all commands to the Lich King's servants are also magical. I guess we could figure out how to block it."

Ka'nes was more enthusiastic. "Anything that can be done can be undone. It's just a matter of figuring out how." She hissed to the side and two naga, her guards now that the final assault has begun, came up and grabbed Sir Zeliek. "…I must admit, I'm a little curious. I haven't had a chance to work with an actual member of the Scourge."

Sir Zeliek looked at them as them picked him up and carried him off. "Where are you taking me?"

"Well, obviously we can't do it here. If something goes wrong and the spell explodes or something, we'd want it far from others. Gore covered soldiers before a battle is just bad luck. Coming, Sylvos?"

"…Yes, right away." Sylvos walked after her.

Astrid looked to her gauntlet and the blade. "Wait! Before you do, let's try something." She took off the gauntlet and held it out to them. "This stops all magic aimed specifically at that person. Maybe it will help."

Sylvos looked to the gauntlet and sent a small firebolt at it only for it to fizzle out when it hit. "Interesting. Let's try it." Taking it, he went over to Sir Zeliek. "Hold him tight, if it doesn't work, he'll be free and immune to magic." They took off the corresponding glove and slipped it on. Immediately, the chains fell away and everyone, even Sir Zeliek, held their breath.

"…I think it worked," the paladin said, willing his fingers to move and that's what happened. "Can…you set me down?" The naga still held him but they did let him stand. "Right knee." The knee bent, lifting the foot off the ground. "…Left?" That limb moved as well. He looked to the naga at his right and slowly it let go. Sir Zeliek brought his hand up to his face, flexing and tightening it. "…In the name of the holy light," he said softly when he looked at the closest weapon and didn't lunge at it. When the other naga let him go, Sir Zeliek walked over to Astrid and knelt to her. "My lady, you have spared me a terrible fate. I pledge myself and my blade to whatever cause you would have of me."

Astrid blinked in surprise. "What?"

"I believe he is saying he owes you Toh, daughter," Freya said to her. "Only I somehow doubt he means to be made gai'shain."

Astrid looked to her mother than back to the still kneeling Sir Zeliek. "…How strong is he," she asked Streea.

Streea removed her tabard to show her armor was broken in several places. "This is armor forged by the Knights of the Ebon Blade, some of the strongest out there. He broke it easily."

Astrid looked back to Sir Zeliek and pulled out Charron's Claw before stabbing it into the ground. "This sword is a powerful weapon but with a will of its own. It won't let any wield it without a great power of their own. Defeat its will, Sir Zeliek," she ordered.

"At once, milady." He placed the hand not wearing the gauntlet on it and his jaw clenched with a snap. The blue frost that came from his eyes turned red as he growled. But several moments went by and still he lived. It was near ten seconds before Sir Zeliek let out a sigh of relief. "It is done, milady."

"Then stand, we have much to do very soon." Astrid turned to go take her place and Sir Zeliek hesitated only a moment. He pursed his lips and let out a shrill whistle. The sound of a charging horse was heard before a Death Knight's deathcharger came running up to him. "…Even in death you still come, Imperial." Taking the horse by the reins, he followed after Astrid.

Naruto watched them go and said, "What an interesting day this is turning out."


The Lich King walked into the chamber that held his sword, Frostmourne, and gazed upon it. It was shaking, its sister was coming. He could feel it as well; one that rivaled him in power wielded that blade. Around the Citadel, he could feel his servants dying one by one. For the first time since his defeat of Illidan, he was losing. Even the last of his Horseman was now gone. "Can you feel it my son," a long forgotten voice said. Across the pedestal, King Teranas Menethil appeared. Other ghost appeared as well from within the sword. "Closing in all around you? The Light's justice has been awakened. The sins of the past have finally caught up to you. You will be called to account for all the atrocities you've committed, the unspeakable horrors you've let loose upon this world, and the dark, ancient powers you've enslaved. Though my soul was one of the first to be devoured by your evil, there are thousands more bound within this blade, and they cry out for release. Look now to your defenses, my son, for the champions of justice gather at your gates!"

The Lich King raised his hand and took up his sword, banishing the souls back into the blade. "Let them come, Frostmourne hungers!" He turned around and looked in the distance where he knew his counterpart was also looking back to him. "Come, Uzumaki, and challenge me if you dare. There can only be one King."


Naruto was staring at Icecrown Citadel and suddenly found himself saying, "Until he is taken down. For those that time has left behind, transient guests are we." He looked to Elaine, "Sound attack." He summoned Sliephnir and climbed up on him while Elaine climbed up on her horse.

"And so it comes to this," Elaine said after giving the order. Horns called into the night as men and women formed up in ranks. The Knights of the Dragon's Flame, the Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Argent Crusade, the soldiers of the Alliance, the grunts of the Horde, and the warriors of the Naga and Hyldnir, all intermixed and guarding one another's flanks. Naruto and Tirion Fordring had pushed hard to make sure they were mixed. This victory would not belong to a single group; it would be credited to all. She looked around before noticing several riding to them. "Husband, we have guest."

Naruto looked to where she motioned and saw the respective leaders coming to him now. "Gentlemen, ladies," Naruto said, bowing his head.

"Lord Dragonkeeper," Sylvanas Windrunner said, returning the bow.

"Naruto," Varian said as he pulled his horse to a stop.

"Hello again, pup," Thrall said with a smile before looking at the Citadel. "…Hard to believe."

"What, that we're here or that we're here not fighting," High Lord Mograine asked. "Naruto, we, the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade have been working on something. Bring it forth!" he called over his shoulder. A ghoul, the personal servant of Mograine, carried a wrapped bundle up to him. Mograine took it and held it out for Naruto to take. "A gift to the one that is most deserving of it." Naruto took it and unwrapped it to reveal an ax, the finest he had ever seen. "It is called Shadowmourne."

He could feel the power coming from it and felt that Frozenfury was almost challenging the weapon, shaking in its scabbard as it was. "I…would be honored to carry such a weapon. But I know it is not for me to carry."

"You were always too humble," Sylvanas muttered.

"I must agree," Tyrande replied. "Uzumaki Naruto, you are the hero of the world. This is possible only through you."

"That does not change that I am not the one for this blade. The correct question would be who?" Naruto smiled as he passed it off to Elaine. "…Seems about right."

"Me, my lord?"

"Yes, my queen." Naruto smiled kindly to her before looking to Thrall. "Before we start, I have a question for you, Warchief."

"Speak then."

"With Garrosh gone, who will succeed you should you, heaven forbid, fall or must attend duties elsewhere?"

"I have not thought it. I had hoped that Garrosh would see his error."

"Then may I make a suggestion?"

"Of course."

"…Cairne," he said motioning to the old Tauren chieften.


"I could think o' none better, mahn," Vol'jin said.

"I agree," Thrall said after a moment. "Warchief of the Horde, should I be unable to do my duties, will be Cairne."

"I…am honored, my friend."

"As entertaining as this is," Ka'nes said, still a little disappointed at not having a member of the Scourge to experiment on, "are we not here to destroy that and all that is within?"

"The Princess is correct," Fordring said, placing his helm upon his head. "The Ashen Verdict has done some scouting inside and has distributed the information to the generals. There are four floors with the Frozen Throne at the top of the Forth. I have little doubt that is where Arthas is." Above them, the two warships began to fire upon Icecrown itself. The saronite building was resisting damage but it also shook a great deal with each hit. "There is also an entrance to the third floor guarded by what looks to be a single death knight."

"It's Saurfang," Mograine told them.

Thrall looked like he wanted to protest that as High Lord Saurfang was one of his generals here today. Then he remembered that Varok Saurfang wasn't the only Saurfang commander he had. "Dranosh…"

"He died a hero's death," Varian stated, having felt that even before the peace talks. "He shouldn't have had this done to him."

"It will be a mistake that is corrected," Sylvanas promised.

"Higher up we know little," Fordring told them.

"You know little," Naruto corrected. "Ramen."

From out of nowhere, Ramen appeared by him. "Yes?"

"Have the ninja returned?"

"Yes," Ramen told them. "Among the many countless lower Scourge inside the Citadel, there are a number of greater Scourge. First is Lord Marrowgar. He was created from the bones of thousands of adventurers that challenged Arthas and lost and is the guardian of the Spire. Second is Lady Deathwhisper, a lich and Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned. Those are the only ones on the first floor. The Second foor is only Deathbringer Saurfang. He is proclaimed to be the strongest Death Knight to ever serve the Lich King. Considering the bastard here never served him, I guess that might be true."

Naruto gave a great laugh. "Are you still mad that you have no luck with the ladies and I have more luck than I can handle?"

"Damn right I am!" Ramen shouted, pointing a finger at him accusingly. "Look at you, you have the General Elaine Whisperwind as your wife! But were you satisfied with that? NO!" He turned away and grumbled for a moment.

Naruto chuckled helplessly. "Believe it or not, I used to act just like him," Naruto told the others. "Ramen, please continue with the report."

"Fine, fine, bastard. Third floor is guarded by three chambers, the Plague Works, the Crimson Hall, and the Frostwing Halls. Inside the Plague Works, Professor Putricide creates potions, vials, etcetera, etcetera, of the Plague as well as many different kinds of new monsters for the Scourge. Four of which is more powerful than anything outside of Icecrown. The Crimson Hall is the home of the San'layn, a sect of the Scourge that is made up completely of blood drinking undead elves. Many of them are the warriors that went there with Illidan to kill Arthas."

"Even after death Arthas torments my people," Kael'thas growls.

"They are led by the Blood Council, Princes Taldaram, Keleseth, and Valanar, who in turn serve Blood Queen Lana'thel," Ramen finished. "Finally, the Frostwing Halls. Frostwyrns, almost all of them that are left, can be found there. First is a Val'kyr named Sister Svalna with a few dozen frost Vrykul. Right now, they are trying to kill and then raise an emerald dragon, which I don't know but she is there. There is Sindragosa, former queen of the Blue Dragonflight, Rimefang, and Spinestalker, the most powerful frost wyrms that ever existed. Then the Spire leads up to Arthas. The only way to get to him without all three of these rooms coming up behind you is to kill them all first or keep them busy."

"We will handle that," Varian said. "Lord Naruto, Thrall and I shall handle the rest of the Citadel, you and your friends, Fordring, and Mograine should be the ones to kill Arthas."

"I need to be there as well," Kael'thas said to them. "I have been hesitating to mention this but Illidan has taken an interest in Lord Naruto. To be precise, a gift to him from the dragons Mystra and Gorebash." Overhead, said dragons slammed into a large frost wyrm, first one than the other, bringing it down to the ground and tearing it apart. "He means to claim it and the Undead Scourge as his own."

Naruto tightened down his right gauntlet and said, "Then we shall deal with him when the time comes." He looked up at the gunships Orgim's Hammer and the Skybreaker began to fire their cannons upon the Citadel. "Well, we have much to do before the end of this day, I believe it's time to do it. Elaine, if you would, please."

Elaine nodded, "With pleasure." Elaine turned her horse and charged to the front of the army. "Steady," she shouted as she rode side to side. "In a moment, we are about to begin the largest assault ever to be undertaken by any of our many people! Against an enemy that has been thought undefeatable, unkillable, and invincible! Many have sold their very souls to be at his side rather than in his way! And yet, all have fallen to our blades but the Lich King himself! He hides inside his citadel knowing that to come here now, before our banners, would mean death for him! A citadel of pure Saronite! We have beaten it like a drum, destroying defenses but still he hides! The time has come that we must go inside to face him!"

"Lok'tar ogar!" thousands of orcs cheered along with many of the Horde.

"And strike him down we will!" Elaine turned around once more as she passed before them, her voiced carried to even the farthest soldier. "My king Anastarian said once before a battle, 'This story shall the good man teach his son and Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by! From this day to the ending of the world but we in it shall be remember'd! We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers! For he to-day who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother, be he ne'er so vile! This day shall gentle his condition! And gentlemen in all lands now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not here and hold their manhood cheap while any speaks that fought with us on Saint Crispin's Day!' Look around you now! This is your band of brothers! And let any man that hears that we fought here today hold their manhood cheap that they were not here to help!" Cheering rose from one end to the other. "The Undead Scourge stand between us and Arthas! NO! LONGER!" As she finished, she pointed Shadowmourne right at the gate of the Citadel right before several Dragon Slaves slammed right into it, destroying it and parts of the wall.

Varian let out a whistle and said, "Elaine still has it."

"Fall into ranks! This ends today!" Elaine held her position as the first rank went in while other attacked through what small openings they could find. The clash of battle came from within the citadel as Elaine came back to the Seekers of Peace. "Naruto, time to begin."

"Then let us begin," Naruto stated.

"Orgrim's Hammer will carry us up to the landing," Thrall said, getting ready to call the gunship down to them.

"Not needed," Elaine said as she raised a hand. A large blue dragon landed behind her hard enough to crack the ice.

"You summoned me, milady?"

"Yes, we need to be carried up to that landing," Elaine instructed.

"At once milady," he said, crouching so they all could climb up.

Kael'thas looked up at the dragon and then to Elaine, "I've missed a bit, haven't I?"

"Just a bit," she confirmed.


The dragon set down on the landing and everyone dropped down. "Go help the others," Elaine ordered.

"At once," the dragon said before moving back and dropping away.

"Inside," Varian said only to stop as a Death Knight stepped out of the door. "Dranosh Saurfang," he said as his lifted his sword.

"I will handle him, my king," Sir Zeliek said, Charon's Claw in one hand and a shield in the other.

"As will I," Overlord Saurfang said, axe in hand as he moved beside him.

"Father, it is good to see you," Deathbringer Saurfang said with a twisted smile. "Here to join me, perhaps?"

"You are not my son, he died in battle," Saurfang growled at him.

"…Hmph. What do you suppose you can do," Dranosh asked. "I am the greatest Death Knight my king has ever created! Even greater than the Dragonkeeper!"

"None is greater than my lady's lord," Sir Ziliek said.

"…You. What…are you? A paladin or death knight? Speak now before I destroy you!"

"I am Sir Zeliek and I am your death, nothing more. My lady Astrid, you and your party may continue forward, he will not bar your enterance."

Dranosh began to growl and he hefted his axe once more. "The way is shut! This citadel was made by the dead and the dead keep it! The way is shut!"

"No longer," Sir Zeliek while raising his hand and casting his aura. Wings of light, one of sacred white, the other of profane black, spread from his back. "You think you are the greatest Death Knight ever? You barely rank." Sir Zeliek, a paladin in life, death knight in death, ran forward with Saurfang right behind him.

"I'm coming," Ilphbryn tried to say as he went to join the fray.

"No," Tirion said, catching his shoulder. "This is their battle, the father must reclaim the son and the paladin must fight for redemption. They will not fail, hurry through the door!"

"You heard him," Darion Mograine called while leading the way. In the center of the room before them stood a spiral staircase guarded by all manner of undead monstrosities. "Naruto, we'll handle this, honor the pact you made with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and kill Arthas!" Stabbing his swords into a val'kyr, he almost missed the vrykul death knight about to spear him with a lance. He wasn't concerned about it because he knew someone had his back.

Ashbringer cut the giant in half as Tirion stood close to Darion. "Move, now! The Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade shall be here soon to aid us!"

"Not to mention the rest of the Alliance," Varian reminded.

"And Horde," Thrall shouted, the Doomhammer destroying undead with each swing.

As if to attest to that fact, a great voice beneath them shouted "Bone Sto…" BOOM! The entire citadel shook with that explosion.

"Dagnabbit, Suncatcher, easy with the explosives," Gar demanded.

The gnome shook himself in surprise, "I didn't cause that one!"

"It is the soldiers beneath us," Talinth yelled.

"Then let us move," Sylvos said before him, Kael'thas, and Ka'nes sent forth huge burst of fire to burn clear their path.

"Battlemaiden Nar'jira," Ka'nes called to her honor guards.

"Yesss, my lady," Narjira said, puller her trident from the corpse of one of the Scourge to show one of the prongs had been broken.

"You and the guards will stay here, aid our allies, and prevent any thing that has already died before to climb those stairs! Direct Lady Naz'jar to also do the same once she arrives!"

"It will be done, princess! Honor Guard, to me! Push these creatures back into their graves and into Umberlee's grip!" Naruto winced, Umberlee or the Bitch Queen as even her followers know her as, was the sea goddess and like her domain, her temper can be most destructive at times.

Spells, arrows, and a breath weapon or two were being thrown around in that small space, for a moment it could have been described as hell on earth but Naruto never looked anywhere but that staircase. His foot touched the first step and the undead seemed to part from him and his friends. "Not good," Astrid growled, Edge of Ruin in had at the moment.

"He wants us to come to him," Elaine said, Shadowmourne held tight in her grasp.

"Then we will," Nara said before following Naruto up top. They came to a landing expecting a fight but the entire room was clear save for one man on a throne of crystal ice.

"Arthas," Kael'thas whispered, hardly able to believe the moment he had been waiting for so long had finally arrived.

Naruto looked to him and Arthas looked back, a smile under the Helm of Domination. "…Those that time had left behind, Death shall once again come back to thee. For all that to earth you may bind, Transient Guest are We."

Arthas chuckled at him and said, "And that was about?"

"That nothing is forever, not even 'immortality'."

"Mortality? Isn't that something you yourself have transcended?" He stood up and laughed. "Oh Naruto, you worked better than I ever imagined."

"What are you talking about, murderer," Nara demanded.

He looked at them with a look that said he knew something they didn't. "Young heroes," he said, looking at them all from his throne. "I was once like you. You have come to this place seeking to bring judgment to the damned. You have ventured deep into forgotten lands, seen wonders and horrors beyond imagining. And yet you never even realized you have been following in my footsteps all along." He began to step down from the dais still only looking at Naruto. "When I realized what I had in you, I decided not to bind you, I decided to let you leave, and for one single purpose. I knew you would seek to destroy me and you would find the strongest heroes in the world and pull them together to do it. And look what results my decision has yielded. You stand before me now, two dragon aspects, the strongest of all the vrykuls, a shaman comparable to Thrall himself, some of the strongest heroes from the Second War, a paladin with a stronger connection to the Light than even Uther had, the prince of all Blood Elves, a ranger as skilled as Sylvanas herself, all my enemies on the floors beneath us, the princess of the naga, a priestess comparable to Tyrande, and a dragonling that will one day grow to rival the power of even Alexstrasza. Oh, I think I did incredibly well for myself."

"…I think he just skipped mentioning me," Suncatcher groaned. "Gnomes get no respect."

Arthas looked to him and shrugged. "Credit where credit is due, you have been a source of major annoyance as well. I will raise you as a Death Knight. All of this has surpassed my expectations. And when you all die and I raise you as my servants, you will go and kill the very armies you have brought together, leaving the world…" He stopped out of annoyance when an arrow entered his right eye. Pulling it out, he looked to Nara as he crushed her arrow in his hand.

"I got tired of the speech," she said with a shrug.

"Take him down," Naruto shouted, running forward with Soulburner blazing and Frozenfury a storm of frost.

The collision of the two hitting one another would have knocked down all the room had they been weaker. Frozenfury and Frostmourne crossed while Naruto brought Soulburner to the side in an attempt to stab him. Arthas slammed his free hand into Naruto's head and it felt like it would be getting hit by a boulder back when he was in the academy. A kick to his chest and Naruto was pushed back enough for Arthas to move again. Holding out a hand, he caught the worg Logosh as the beast lunged at him. He was about to stab it when his sword hit a barrier, sending shimmers along it. He couldn't do anything more as a shout of "Tempos" declared Ilphbryn was about to hit Aegis'Fang into his back. Ilphbryn did hit and he didn't hold back. The ice under his feet buckled from the strength in that hit and Arthas couldn't keep his grip on the worg, letting it slip free. Moving clear to avoid a counter attack, Ilphbryn rolled to the side just as a flash of lightning pushed right into Arthas' chest. It was an arrow from Glakrond's Wing, held once more by Astrid.

"You shouldn't be hurting my wolf," she told him.

Being pelted by spells from Ka'nes, Sylvos, and Kael'thas, Arthas raised his arm to block them a moment and smile again. He had been right. "Raise soldier of the Scourge!" Claws burst from the ice, pulling undead vry'kul to stand on it. The Seeker were outnumbered three to one now.

"Good," Talinth said, looking at them all. "Things are back to normal."


Saurfang was pushed back and onto one knee by Dranosh, holding back an axe of burning ice with his. "Hammer of the Rightous!" A hammer of light hit Dranosh, pushing him aside. Sir Zeliek came in, charging him with his shield. He hit him and pushed him almost to the edge. Dranosh got his standing again and dug his feet it, halting the push.

"Die, fool!" Dranosh grabbed him by the back and black chains pulled tight around his throat. Sir Zeliek grimaced in pain by ignored it, slashing at him with Charon's Claw. The blade cut through his armlet only a little but the it didn't begin to burn his soul. He had already lost that.

"Gagh!" Not that even a small cut from the sword didn't hurt. Dranosh hit Sir Zeliek in the gut with the handle and then swung the blades at him. Zeliek caught the attack with the Shield and it threw him from his feet.

"Ha…ha…Forgot…how strong my son is," Saurfang said on the other side of Dranosh.

"I…would be proud," Sir Zeliek stated.

Dranosh looked to the two, his chest raising and falling hard like theirs. He took another breath before rushing Sir Zeliek. Almost catching him unprepared, Sir Zeliek raised his shield while going for a stab in counter. But the axe came in high, the lip of it catching the shield and pulling. Almost ripping the arm off with it, Dranosh picked up the shield and disc threw it right at Saurfang. That did surprise him. The blow had knocked Saurfang from his feet and Dranosh went after him. He was still running as he brought the axe up over his head and down in the most powerful chop he could. Saurfang thought himself dead before the axe was stopped by a bubble shield. It hit that and bounced off. While he was pulling back from it, Sir Zeliek came at him from behind and stabbing him right through the midsection.

"Death Coil," Sir Zeliek called as he sent the attack right through the sword. Ripping the blade out, stabbed the tip of it into the ground. "Death and Decay!"

Blood came out of Dranosh's mouth as he held his wound. "H-How!"

"I am Sir Zeliek, the only paladin death knight in the world."

"But the Light…it burns…all undead."

"But we can still use it," Sir Zeliek said as he picked his shield back up and helped Saurfang. "It hurts but if you have the will to withstand the pain, it will come if you call it." Light covered his hands before flowing into Saurfang, healing his wounds. "And I fought the Lich King's will for a very long time." Saurfang couldn't help but chuckle, compared to that his son really did barely rank.

The father charged at his son followed by the paladin, locking axes together. The two were up close when Charon's Claw came down on Dranosh's should, cutting down into his chest. Dranosh looked to the eyes of his father as the arm became lamed and stopped pushing against the axe. "…F-Father…could you…bury me next to…mother?"

"Yes, my son," Saurfang promised.

"…Good fight, friend," Dranosh said while looking at Sir Zeliek.

"May the Light take you into its embrace," Zeliek prayed as Dranosh fell down a last time and this time he didn't get up. "Take your son home, Saurfang."

"Thank you," Saurfang said softly. "…I will meet you again, my son." Saurfang picked him up and began to carrying him to where a wyvern waited. The way now clear, soldiers and grunts and others began to charge through, none of which bothered Saurfang or Sir Zeliek. Once the old warrior had left, Sir Zeliek moved his shield and frowned at a gash in his side. Healing it the best he could, he turned to the citadel and went inside. The fighting in the main chamber had dwindled but there were still pockets of it here and there. Seeing the spiral staircase, he knew that was where his sworn lady was and ran for it.

"Ssstop!" Nar'jira said, coming from the other side of it, her trident help to block off the path. "I cannot allow you to passss, Sssir Zeliek."

"I must, milady," he replied.

"Ssstill I cannot. Princesss Ka'nesss has ordered no one isss allowed to follow them up."

Zeliek looked at her a moment before saying, "The woman I have sworn my life to is up those stair. I cannot and will not be kept from her if ever her life is endangered. I have no doubt that my oath means just as much to me as your oath to your princess means to you. Please, I must get through."

Nar'jira frowned and looked away a moment. "Honor guard, the SSScourge try to take back the SSSpire from the Frostdrake Wing! Destroy them!" Her soldiers all began to move to attack the ones she said. "The path is still shut to all, Sir Zeliek. I trust while I attend to them you won't climb it."

She slithered after them, leaving the Spire unguarded for just a moment. "My thanks, milady," Sir Zeliek said before climbing it.


Infurace, Sylvos' Pheonix, came down on one of his vargul, a zombie vry'kul, burning it away. Fenrir and Logosh had each jumped on one and began tearing it apart. Mycen and Narse were flying above them, breathing fire down on any they could, while the Seekers themselves were fighting the vargul at a distance or up close. Naruto was pushing through the fray, cutting down undead as they blocked his path, he wanted Arthas and he meant to get him. Arthas saw him coming and was waiting for him. "Die Arthas," Astrid called, breaking free first and charging him with Edge of Ruin. Bringing it down as hard as she could on him, Arthas slashed Frostmourne to the side, pushing the axe away and was about to kill her. His blade was coming down when someone pushed Astrid from its path.

She looked up to see Sir Zeliek had done it, standing there as he tried to block Frostmourne with his shield. The runeblade cut broke right through the shield and cut through his chest and armor. "What!" Arthas demanded, seeing on of his Four Horsemen here.

Zeliek took a few steps back, casting aside the ruined shield and holding his chest. "Surprised? I never willingly served you." Light came off his hand as the cut began to close. "You didn't…" The spell failed and it reopened, dropping him to the ground. "Why…"

"You may have died before but you can still feed Frostmourne!"

Arrows from Galacrond's Wing began to hit him in the chest. "Stay away from him," Astrid growled.

"Make that stay away from all my friends," Naruto said, slamming into him from behind and pushing him away. His sword slammed into Arthas' armor, pushing hard to break through their enchantments. This time when Arthas tried to punch him again, Naruto ducked it and brought Frozenfury down on the arm, trying to cut it off. Arthas was just able to bring his hand up and catch the sword while locking Frostmourne with Soulburner.

"You will never beat me! You will serve!"

"Somehow with all those that said something that stupid in my past and failed, I doubt I will!" Arthas never saw Elaine come from behind, swing her axe down on his back. Arthas' entire body shook with that hit and for a moment he stood only on force of will.


"Now," someone watching that attack said before jumping from the ledge. Falling, he spread his wings and landed with the force to shake the ground. Illidan had joined the battle.


"Now Ka'nes," Kael'thas shouted at seeing his former master.

Ka'nes looked to the man she once viewed as an uncle and felt sorrow for what she now had to do. "Source of all souls the dwell in the eternal and the infinite."

"Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows," Kael'thas also chanted.

"Everlasting flame of blue!"

"I pledge myself to thee, place your power in my unworthy hand!"

"Let the hidden power of my soul call forth power from the Infinite!"

"With the power you and I possess, all things before us shall be destroyed!"


"Dragon Slave!"

The two attacks hit Illidan and began to mix. In an explosion of power that threw everyone from their feet, smoke covered Illidan. Arthas and Naruto both looked up and saw it clear to reveal Illidan still standing, his warglaives held out to block the attacks. "A worthy effort…but futile," Illidan taunted. "Hello Ka'nes, is that any way to treat an uncle? And you Kael'thas, I had thought better of you. Such a waste."

"…Princesss, Kael," Lady Vashj said as she teleported only the platform. "Why are you here, fighting Lord Illidan?"

"I could no longer serve him," Kael'thas said. "Demon power corrupts and I couldn't allow it to corrupt my people any longer. Nor could I allow Illidan to kill someone I know and trust just for his scepter."

Vashj looked between them, unsure who to follow now. "Do you stand with us, Vashj my friend," Ka'nes asked.

"…Yes, princess. I am sorry, Lord Illidan, but I must do what is best for my people."

Illidan growled at her and said, "Then you shall die as well."

Naruto and Arthas looked from him to each other. "We can kill each other after we kill him," Arthas offered.

"Agreed." Getting back to his feet, Naruto took a few steps and used the shushin to appear in the air above Illidan. Landing on his back, he stabbed the blades into him. Roaring in pain and thrashing around to throw him off, Illidan was open for Arthas to come in the front and stab him in the stomach.

"I will not be denied!" Seeing the wound on Arthas' back, Illidan raised on of his warglaives and brought it down right in the wound, pushing all the way to his front. Raising his other weapon in a swing to take his head off, Naruto was tempted to let him do it. Pushing his feet into Illidan's back, Naruto grabbed the wings and pulled, ripping them out of his back. Naruto landed on the ground behind Illidan while Arthas ducked the attack, pulled free Frostmourne, and swung across. Illidan dropped his warglaives and began to step back. He barely got two feet before falling over, cut in half at the waist.

Breathing hard, Naruto looked over to Arthas and said, "That was interesting."

"It was. Somehow, I expected it to be tougher. Now where were we?"

"I was about to cut you apart myself," Naruto offered.

"Then it's a good thing you're swords are in his back," Arthas said, motioning to Illidan's corpse.

"…That might be a problem," Naruto stated. Arthas ran at him, sword raised when Naruto jerked his hands. The two swords were pulled from Illidan's back and flew back to his hands where he brought them both down on Frostmourne, shattering it. "Got to love ninja wire," Naruto said with a smirk.

Arthas looked at the hilt he still held to the swords in Naruto's hands. There, tied to the hilts, were wire that went up his sleeves. "Should've expected that from you," Arthas lamented as souls began to escape the broken sword.

"Yeah," Naruto said as he sheathed his blades. "Should've expected this as well."

"Lightning," Talinth called, hitting Arthas with the spell. Naruto moved back a little, this was their victory. The Lich King had hurt them all so it was meant for them.

Suncatcher slipped between his legs, hamstringing him on both legs. Arthas fell to a knee just as Gar smashed his hammer and ax into his chest, pushing him to the ground. "Who wants to finish him off?"

Ilphbryn didn't wait; he went over to him, raised the Aegis'Fang and brought it down right on his back, crushing his ribs. He pulled back and was about to do it again but Naruto stopped him. "He's done." He knelt down and pulled the Helm of Domination off Arthas and tossed it aside. His eyes stopped glowing blue frost and for a moment, he looked like Arthas Menethil again.

"Why didn't you…let him?"

"The good man that was Arthas was freed from that sword as well. He deserves a moment."

"…Thank you. Naruto, try to find a way to undo the plague, please. Some of the original plague is within my veins. All others are made from it."

Naruto nodded, pulled out a potion, drank its contents, and used the bottle to collect the blood coming from his wounds. Looking over at the helm, Naruto stepped over to it, catching the attention of his friends. He just stared at it a moment before picking it up again. "Naruto…" Elaine said, wondering what he was doing.

"Rasengan!" The orb of chakra hit that helm and completely destroyed it. "There is no way I'm going to let anyone have a chance to become the Lich King again."

"But now all those monsters will have…" Arthas said looking at the ruined helm.

"Don't worry my son," the ghost of King Terenas III said, walking up to him. "The friends of these heroes have already killed them."

"Then…it's finally over."

"Yes," King Terenas told him, lifting him up and taking his hand. "No king rules forever, my son."

"At last." Arthas closed his eyes with one last deep breath and finally died.

Naruto looked to them as Terenas lowered Arthas to the ground and vanished. "…Nara, find Bolvar, if the Lich King brought back Dranosh I can guaranty he brought him back as well."

"It will be done," she said before slipping away.

Eilistraee came over and tapped on Naruto's shoulder. "Look over there," she whispered. Naruto did and saw Astrid kneeling next to Sir Zeliek, helping him.


"See something different about her?"

"…Something but I'm not sure what."

"Heh, I'll go give her a hand." She walked over and knelt by them. "Everything okay?"

"I shall be, priestess," Sir Zeliek replied.

"This wound…It will take time to heal but I can keep you from dying here. You shall live to see another day, Sir Zeliek.

"Then I shall continue to serve my lady."

Eilistraee cast a few spells on him and when he fell asleep, she said, "You okay, Astrid? You look a little uncertain."

"I'm…just shocked. He purposely put himself in harm's way and almost died for it. All just for me giving him a gauntlet?"

"He is a knight, what a true knight should be. Sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue, his blade defends the helpless, his might upholds the weak, his words speak only truth, his wrath undoes the wicked. All paladins and knights adhere to a strict code but to him, his life is the code and he has sworn himself to you on that very code."

Astrid continued to watch Zeliek for a while, surprised by what she was told. "Can you tell me more about this code?"

"I can't but I'm sure Ilphbryn can. But later, we need to clean up around here, get the wounded to help, and make sure all the undead are dead. I'm sure though Ilphbryn or Naruto would be willing to carry him out."

"No," Astrid said a little too quickly. "I mean I'm the strongest here, I'll do it."

"Very well," Eilistraee said with a smile.


One Week Later.


Naruto, Anveena, and M'uru stood in a circle around the vial of blood. "Are you sure this will work," Anveena asked.

"Honestly, no. But you two prove that it could be done. So has the Ashbringer so I think it can." Naruto held the Scepter of Domination in his hand and even complimented it with his own power. He had asked the two of them to do something with him. Using a sample of the original plague, destroy it and the rest of it. It would no doubt take all the power they could give and Kael'thas had even made a five tier circle of power to augment their spell. Around them stood priest and priestesses and shamans to lend what aid they can, Talinth and Eilistraee among them.

Naruto had to consider this the most impossible thing he would ever try to do. He felt up to the task. M'uru started it, a low chime almost like singing signaling he was chanting. Anveena followed, more of praying with an intense desire for that plague and all other like it to be destroyed. Naruto was next, chanting the words in ancient elven to a spell that would bind it all together and reverse it. Those that were magically tuned couldn't come near them from how powerful the spell was. Light covered them trice magical, divine, and shamanistic.

Nara was watching it closely; almost afraid of what would happen. No matter what she would be affected by this, she and the Forsaken. The plague that created most of the Forsaken would be destroyed and where would that leave them. When the vial floated into the air, the contents boiling, she held her bow tight. No, there was no almost, she was afraid.

The bottle shattered and all but the three were still. Then Nara fell to her knees, clutching at her chest with one hand and trying to hold herself up with the other. She burned, it was more painful than even dying had been. Someone was above her, shouting something but she couldn't make out what. She heaved several times trying to get something from her stomach and lungs but it was like it was all through her. Something green came from her mouth and hit the ground, smoking as it withered and faded away. Her lungs hurt for the first time in years and she didn't know why and could do nothing for it. Someone slapped her on the back and she took a deep lungful of air. Her heaving turned to coughing as she breathed in more and more air. "…ara! Nara, speak to me!" She looked up into Ilphbryn's concerned face. "Can you hear me! Say something, please!"

"Cough, cough! Something," she wheezed. "Light, I'm going to kill Naruto for that!"

Ilphbryn smiled at her and said, "I don't know if you'll want to."

"What could possibly…" Ilphbryn raised her hand to her face and her voice trailed off. It wasn't gray anymore, it was a pale pink. Not only that but she was actually breathing. She grabbed a dagger and cut a finger with it. What came out was red, not bright green. She put the finger in her mouth and she didn't taste ash, she tasted the coppery tang of blood. "I'm…alive?" Ilphbryn nodded with a smile and the world turned black for Nara, she fainted. Something shared by every member of the Forsaken as they to awoke alive.


It was just those raised by the plague were revived, none of those raised through magical means like the vry'kul or Knights of the Ebon Blade were restored. But all their creations like the abominations were destroyed. It was very surprising to say the least. That night, Naruto had one last thing to do to finally end the Scourge. He was meditating with Frozenfury resting on his lap. He and the fox avatar of the blade met and Naruto said, "Meet again, old fox."

"So we do," he said as the two began to walk. "So…"


"Finally did it, Arthas and the Scourge is dead."

"Almost, what little remains is being hunted down. All that truly does though is the sword."

"Us," Frozenfury stated.


"So what do you plan to do," they asked.

"Only one thing to do, really. Break the sword."

Frozenfury stopped moving. "Break…the sword. That is your brilliant plan?"

"Well, not quite but that is what it boils down to. I'm not letting Kyuubi go just yet, nor the demons. The sword will be their prison. But the souls will be freed and the runes changed so that only demons will be bound within."

"But your power…"

"You all know that the power I gain will still be here and even if it wasn't, locking each person I kill inside a sword for eternity? I can't do it, I won't do it."

"So we will no longer be a soul eater."

"Nope, you won't. What I plan to do it alter the runes to that you will only eat a specific class of enemy."


"And the like," Naruto said, nodded. "That way they can't be reborn. Inside you, they will be dissolved until it would be impossible to be reborn even if the sword is broken again. You will literally eat them."

"So that's it," the fox said, sitting down.

"That's it. I may have never raised my weapon against those that didn't deserve it but they're dead. Time to let their imprisonment end."

"But what about the 'whom so ever holds this blade shall know knowledge eternal'?"

"Sylvos has been studying you, remember? He knows had to grant the same thing without eating the soul."

"Then…most of us will go away."

"That a bad thing?"

"…No. But will we lose our sentience?"

"You shouldn't, old friend. Kyuubi has been with more since I was born and I think he shall be with me from here to eternity."

Frozenfury nodded. "We…he finds that acceptable and urges to accept. He looks forward to devouring the very being of these weaklings that dare call themselves demons."

"And Old Gods," Naruto said, stretching. "I plan to lock them and their servants within you as well if I get the chance."

Frozenfury began to laugh. "To our next great meal then, our friend." Frozyfury's mind was made up of the souls it had eaten. Now the time had come to free them.


"Former Lordaeron, Silverpine falls, and Hillsbrad have all become part of Konoha," Fairbanks said, reading from a scroll. "Also in the two monthes since the Lich King was killed, all sightings of Scourge or undead have dropped to almost zero with what sightings have been sighted being handles quickly and efficiently." He was reading to two bored figures sitting on thrones inside Sterling Silver. Naruto and Elaine sat there, one or the other or both yawning every now and then. "Princess Ka'nes sent word that she will be dropping by soon to exchange information about the Old Gods. She's hoping we have something new." Naruto shook his head and slapped his cheeks a few times to help stay awake. "King and Queen Wrynn with their son and daughter have requested to come in a month's time to celebrate our victory against the Scourge."

"Kami, another celebration," Naruto muttered while rubbing his temples.

"Hush, Naruto," Elaine said with a smile.

"Elaine, at this rate we'll drink the vineyards dry! Kami knows how we still have enough cows left for milk."

"Actually, my king, that was going to be later in my report," Fairbanks said with a smile. Naruto slapped a hand to his face and dragged it down in desperation. "Lady Sylvanas, send good news about the recovery of the former undead and…"

"I'm sorry to interrupt," an elf Dragoon said upon entering. "But Mycen and Pamela both would talk to one of their parents."

"I'll handle it," Naruto and Elaine said, jumping to their feet and rushing from the room.

"Oh, you don't have to, love," Naruto said, trying to get ahead of her. "I'll handle whatever it is, you just stay here and relax."

"No, no, no," Elaine countered. "This is a job for the mother, dear husband. You just sit down and finish hearing out the reports."

"I insist," Naruto said as the two walked out the room.

Fairbanks couldn't help but laugh at the two. He could tell they missed their old life compared to this. "You can make a warrior into a king but never take to the warrior out of him. But I didn't even get the chance to tell him about the earthquakes."

"Earthquakes," the Dragoon asked.

"Yes," Fairbanks said, offering the woman his arm. "You see, young lady, all of Konoha is covered by a barrier that prevents any major catastrophe like earthquakes so no one in Konoha has even noticed them. But they are happening, one every hour now, a short shake that might rock a chair or table. But they are increasing in strength and frequency at a very slow rate. Something is happening."

"Eh, we'll tell them later," the elf replied. "Just give them a moment."


"Mycen, Pamela," Naruto called as they entered the courtyard.

"Daddy, mommy," Pamela called as she jumped in their arms.

"Dad, mom! Astrid got cooties!" Mycen said, landing on Naruto's shoulder between them.

The two adults looked between the two children and then each other. "What do you mean," Elaine asked.

"We were playing with aunty Astrid when that man, the one that always follows her, came up, gave her some flowers!"

Naruto smirked. "Zeliek gave Astrid flowers?"

"Yes, yes, he did," Mycen continued. "And then she kissed him, just grabbed him and locked lips together! Yuck!"

"Yeah, yuck! He gave aunty Astrid cooties!"

"Cooties," Elaine asked while looking to Naruto for explanation. It certainly wasn't an elven custom.

"I have no clue," Naruto replied with a shrug.

"Daddy, you got to teach him a lesson for giving aunty cooties," Pamela said, trying to push him in their direction. "Oh, aunty also said something about him needing lessons from you daddy, after they kissed."

"Lessons from daddy," Elaine said with a raised eyebrow.

"It's nothing," Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Sure it is. Not that I could blame her," Elaine said with her own chuckle.

Naruto kissed her, making the two children say yuck again, before Naruto picked Pamela up and said, "Don't worry about cooties, they aren't bad."

"Really," the two asked.

"Really, really," Naruto replied. "Elaine, how about we skip the rest of the meetings today?"

"We can't," she said with a sigh. "There is a meeting with the mason's guild and questions about taxes and decisions about royal…" Naruto placed a finger on her lips.

"What's the point of being King and Queen if we don't get to take a holiday every now and then?"

"Quite right my liege," Fairbanks said from a few feet away. "I'll handle everything for the rest of the day. You two spend time with your daughter…s and enjoy the fine weather. But I feel I should warn you that we are receiving reports of a worldwide chain of earthquakes. Something is causing trouble once more."

"Thank kami," Naruto said in Japanese. "We'll handle that."

"Oh no, my king, the rest of the Seekers is already looking into it. Why Talinth herself sent a report that will be waiting for you once your holiday is done. I believe it entails the elements she has talked to being in pain."

"But," Elaine tried to say.

"No buts, whatever is threatening the world will be there tomorrow, relax. That's an order." Fairbanks turned away and went about his duties.

"…Don't we outrank him," Naruto asked Elaine.

"I thought so… Come here you!" Elaine grabbed Pamela and threw her up in the air and caught her before setting her down and just playing with her. Naruto was quick to join as well.


Deathwing roared in pain as the elementium plates were fused to his skin. He roared again with a single cry. "THE TIME OF MORTALS IS OVER!"


Inside its sheath in front of the stand holding Naruto's armor, Frozenfury shook. It looked down at Deathwing and gave it a fox grin. We don't think so. Even you are a transient guest and we will enjoy eating you!



For credits, insert your favorite song. Me, I would prefer 'Open Arms' by Journey.

Nara Pathfinder- Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. Dark Ranger. Fate: resurrected and married to Ilphbryn, mother of seven children.

Ilphbryn Zen'Nathas- original. Paladin. Fate: Would marry Nara Pathfinder and lead to the creation of the paladin order of the Peace Keepers within Konoha. Oath: Peace will never just happen, you must actively seek it and protect it.

Sylvos Windrunner- Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. Bloodmage. Fate: He and his sister, Vereesa and the resurrected Sylvanas, would eventually return to Silvermoon and raise their families in Windrunner Village. Becoming an arch-mage, he would go to Outlands in search of his missing sister, looking all places there and even beyond. Five years after the death of the Lich King, he will succeed and bring Alleria and Turalyon back home and to their son.

Talinth Lightsworn- original. Shaman. Fate: Talinth will join Thrall in supporting Azeroth when the World Pillar is destroyed by Deathwing. She will go on to be the Naruto's most trusted confident concerning the Elements in Konoha and would take on over a hundred apprentices before her days have ended. Convinced Elaine and Naruto to help her have one child from Naruto. She would hold that over the rest of the women among the Seekers until the end.

Eilistraee Oakvale- original. Priestess. Fate: Eilistraee will be among the many considered to be the head priestess of the Elune faith but will turn it down. She believed much as Ilphbryn that peace must be sought and spent her life travelling and helping those she could. She settled down in Konoha to be near her friends and loved ones.

Regis Suncatcher- original. Warrior. Fate: Suncatcher will become renown as the Commoner Mage with the creation of a device that will let people talk to one another over a vast distance with just copper wires and metal transducers. A feat previously only accomplishable by mages. Originally made so he could keep in touch with his friends from Gnomergan. Eventually moved there anyway.

Gar Doomforge- Warcraft 3. Mountain King. Fate: During the Cataclysm, King Magni will try to use a tablet to save Ironforge. Gar, having a heightened sense of magic then his brethren, knew something was about to happen so he pushed aside his king and accepted the magic into himself. He saved Ironforge only to turn into diamond. His body was placed inside Old Ironforge and there it was kept until two hundred years afterwards when his body vanished.

Astrid Icearrow-NPC in World of Warcraft. Hunter. Fate: Astrid will travel the world with Sir Zeliek, learning his code and growing into a hero as Zeliek refered her as. She never married yet had four children with the man she first found annoying. She never did get back to the Hyldsmeet but her mother did meet her grandchildren and approved of Sir Zeliek. Much more agreeable than Naruto. She would go between Northrend and Konoha constantly. Naruto would always laugh how she forgot her tak'gol.

Ka'nes Olathvelve- original. Mage. Fate: Ka'nes will continue to strive to completely free her people from the Old Gods, never stopping. She would always be among the first to fight against their advances. She would become even more beloved a leader than even Azshara at the height of her rule. Her first concern was always her people and their improvement.

Pamela Redpath Uzumaki- NPC in World of Warcraft. Fate: being raised as the princess of Konoha, she never felt the part and would prefer to run through the forest instead. When her younger brother was born, she left the throne for him and joined the Konoha Farstriders. After fifty years, she would retire and return to her home in New Darrowshire. She tried several times to not be the mayor of the town but eventually she would accept. She would with her sister Mycen until death.

Uzumaki Naruto- Naruto. Death Knight. Uzumaki Elaine- original. Hunter. Fate: unknown. They were king and queen of Konoha for two hundred years. At that point they left and went traveling again. Making one stop in Ironforge. Last seen in a post card on a beach saying 'Hello from sunny Pandaria'.