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Mad props to TakersGirl for giving me the idea to do a sort of flash back on the past – way, way past of differing wrestlers.

I know I was writing Fire With Fire but I hit a damned writer's block, so to at least keep my juices flowing, I'm writing this. So enjoy.

This is rated M because of language and sexual content. (I'll give ya a warning in case you don't want to picture Mark in all his glory –wink-)

July 1994

Wrenn sat cautiously beside her uncle Bill looking from wrestler to wrestler, she suddenly felt so small and claustrophobic being with so many big men in one room. It was the summer before her freshman year of college and her Uncle had invited her to be on the road for a week or two to see if she really wanted to follow in his foot steps in sports management.

Wrenn absolutely adored her uncle, but where he found these people she wasn't sure. She knew he and Mr. Calaway went a long ways back, a long ways – but why in God's name did he want to portray such a dark character? And her uncle's character wasn't much better, with all the pasty make up and he had died his dirty blonde hair to a midnight black and wore dark shadows around his eyes the size of a saucer.

"Wrenn? Wrenn, sweety? You okay?" Wrenn looked up at her uncle in the mirror as he applied his make up.

"Yeah, just thinking."

"About what?"

"Being in front of the camera, it's optional, right?" Her uncle stopped applying his foundation and chuckled at her worried look.

"Sweety, of course, but it makes good money."

"I'd rather make less money but keep my dignity." Wrenn shrugged at her uncle and crossed her arms over her chest. This business was weird.

Bill had been watching his niece as she took in the wonderful world of wrestling; he had been touched that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but he worried about her. She was too shy to be in front of the camera but she was business savvy, he only hoped college brought her out of her shell a bit. He looked at his niece again and noted her features. She constantly kept her hair in a pony tail, he wasn't even sure how long it exactly was, the only thing he knew was that it was black and pencil straight, her face was adorned with a few freckles here and there and she didn't wear any make up; her violet eyes were hidden behind glasses that were way to big for her face and she was forever wearing too modest of clothing. He guessed his brother keeping her in private schools her whole life had given her a sort of complex.

No his niece would not do good in front of the camera, this business was moving steadily towards "sex sells" with the likes of Sunny and Sable; Wrenn wouldn't fair well. Most of the guys he worked with couldn't believe she actually wanted to pursue it, most of them snorted and took bets on whether or not she'd make it. Her biggest critic seemed to be his good friend, Mark. Mark and he had been a team since the 80's and their most recent character "The Undertaker" and "Paul Bearer" had hit it big. Mark knew this business and he knew it well, he seemed to think less of Wrenn for trying to pursue it.

"Uncle Bill, I'm heading to the cafeteria for some coffee, you want anything?" Bill glanced up at his niece as she stood up and started to head towards the door.

"No dear, I'm fine." He watched his niece go and saw Mark walk up and sit beside him as the make up artist started to apply his dead man make up. Mark was no good at these things.

"Bill, she's a good girl, but I just don't think she's got it in her."

"Well, we'll see. She is just starting college, it's not like she's starting work tomorrow. That's why I brought her here for a few weeks, so she could get a better bearing. She'll more than likely change her mind."

"She better, this business will chew her up and spit her out." Bill sighed knowing his friend was right. If only Wrenn had a little more self confidence, even if she didn't want to be in front of the camera, self confidence could help her out a lot.

Mark stood backstage waiting to go outside and give an interview about the Boiler Room Brawl with Mankind. For a week and a half he and Bill had been trailed by his niece, and it wouldn't be so bad if the girl would just open up and stop being such a stiff. You'd cuss around her and she'd clam up, a few times he had done it intentionally just to try to get her used to it, but every time, she'd freeze up. He seriously doubted her potential in sport management, maybe she'd fair better as a librarian or something. Mark looked over at the young girl sitting in front of a monitor; he'll grant her that she did know her stuff, but she was such a prude. He bet by Christmas she changed her major.

January 1998

Glenn looked down at Bill and grinned, even since he had gotten a call from Vince telling him that he hired his niece and Bill couldn't stop smiling. Wrenn had been good student, according to Bill, and had finished a semester early, which put her ahead of a lot of people in her class when it came to job hunting. Now here they sat in the terminal of an air port waiting to pick her up. Glenn had never met Wrenn, but had heard from some of the guys she was a stiff. He was interested in seeing how well she faired.

"I can't believe it Glenn, another Moody in the business!!"

"Man, chill out, she may hate it."

"You know, had you told me this four years ago, probably so. But I'm telling you, she's changed."

"Alright man, alright. Calm down… What time does her flight arrive?"

"Any time now… dammit, where is…" Bill stopped talking and ran towards the terminal towards a young woman and could not believe what he was seeing. According to Mark, Shawn, and Paul she reminded them of a pastor's wife; but what he was seeing was someone completely different. He watched as Bill grabbed a hold of a young woman around five feet, seven inches with an hour glass figure accented by a grey suit with a white blouse. Her raven hair was layered and down to just past her shoulders, and her eyes were the weirdest thing he'd ever seen. He was shaken from this thoughts with Bill tugging on his arm.

"Glenn, I'd like you to meet Wrenn, Wrenn this is Glenn Jacobs – he plays Kane."

"Nice to meet you Glenn!" Glenn took Wrenn's hand and shook it slightly, his was still in awe of her; she was nothing what the rest of the guys painted her out to be.

"Hi. Wow… you have… are your eyes purple?" Glenn listened to her laugh and thought how contagious it was.

"Violet, yes. It's a recessive gene, I know. But ta-da! It was my claim to fame in college."

"I bet… wow… it's nice to meet you. I've heard, uhm, I've heard a lot about you." Glenn wasn't exactly lying, but he sure has hell wasn't going to tell her he had heard she was a prude.

"Glenn, we're going to go down to baggage claim and get her luggage, can you go get the rental and pick us up outside?" Before Glenn could answer Bill had already taken his niece by the arm and was talking her ear off about how much she was going to enjoy this business. Glenn made his way to the rental agency and flipped his cell phone open; he had to tell Mark he owed him money for being wrong about this girl.

"Hello?" Mark's voice was deep on the other line.

"Man, I just got to meet that precious little prude of Bill's."

"Horrible isn't it?"

"Oh. On varying levels."


"Either your definition of prude is way off, or she's changed. That girl is something else now."


"Yeah man, seriously."

"I'll have to see it to believe it. When will ya'll be here?"

"Oh, the next hour or so."

"Call me when you get here." Glenn heard Mark's phone click, and he tucked his cell phone into his pocket. He couldn't wait to see the look on Mark's face.

Wrenn sat in the back seat with her uncle as Glenn drove them to the hotel. Glenn was an attractive man with very distinct facial features, and when he grinned he reminded her of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. His curly hair was tied back in a pony tail and the man seemed absolutely huge. Luckily her Uncle had donned a more normal look now and his hair was back to his dirty blonde and the pasty white make up was done away with.

"So tell me more about the story line that's going on. Between graduation and everything, I'm completely lost."

"Well, I brought Kane back after The Undertaker thought his was dead. Well after that story line got a little dragged out we switched it up and now we're in the whole Kane is Paul Bearers son angle."

"Huh… interesting."

"Yeah, it's a little far fetched, but you know, it works." Glenn looked in the rear view mirror at her with a grin.

"Well, whatever works. Business is business."

They all made small talk until they finally pulled up to the hotel where she saw Mark waiting to help them with the baggage. The guy had changed over the last few years, his hair was now black and longer and his tattooed arms were covered from shoulder to wrist. He still adorned his dark jeans and t-shirts topped off with a bandana tied around his forehead.

"Mark, it's so good to see you again," Wrenn extended her hand to him as she got out of the car. She felt strange under his gaze, almost as if she were looking at a different person, and she's not sure why she couldn't tell before but he was really attractive, but it could be because she most often saw him dressed up in make up. Mark took her hand firmly and shook it, mumbling something she didn't quiet catch. She followed the three men up to her hotel room and watched as they all flung suitcases and bags to her bed. Mark then mumbled something again she couldn't catch and watched him leave, shaking her head she turned and started unpacking with Glenn and her uncle.

Mark bolted out of Wrenn's door in as fast of pace as he could without seeming to be rude. Wrenn really had changed and he felt himself attracted to her. He had just started divorce proceedings with Jodi, and wasn't liking how he was reacting, he really didn't care to be caught in a relationship again; and when Glenn told him she had changed he really didn't believe it, until he saw her. College had really done her good, he couldn't believe how beautiful she had become, and he never remembered her eyes being a purple, that was intriguing. Mark took a few deep breaths and finally turned around and headed back to Wrenn and Paul's hotel room, he was determined to get to know her better, for business purposes, at least that's what he swore to himself.Mark knocked on the hotel room door and was greeted by Bill at the door giving him a quizzical look.


"Um, you guys need any help getting her unpacked?" Bill arched a brow at him and Mark knew he had been found out. Bill stepped out of the hotel room and quietly shut the door and gave him a very stern look.

"Mark, you don't know her. Now listen, I see how you are on the road. I don't mind you because you're my friend. I do mind you nipping at the heels of my niece. She's not some fling, she's not some piece of meat and she sure as hell is not no ring rat. No."

"Geez Bill, I just…"

"You just what?"

"Can I at least get to know her?"

"Maybe, but you even think about using her like you do these other women around here, and you'll live every day regretting it."

"I understand that, so… can I take you guys out dinner tonight?"

"I suppose so, meet us in the lobby in about an hour. Give her time to change and freshen up. I mean it Mark, I love you dearly, but she's my niece."

"I understand Bill, don't worry…" Mark watched his friend leave and he turned quickly and made his way to his hotel room to take a shower and get ready. Maybe he could at least get her interested in him and then it would be a piece of cake. Mark smirked to himself as he turned the key to his door, at least things would be a little but more interesting around here, he thought to himself.