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I went to the London premiere. Jealous much?!

Edwards's hands caressed everywhere. My hands clenched in his beautiful hair.

You cool your bedwarm hands down, on the broken radiator. And you lay them freezing on me.

I run my hands over his shirt, as he presses my back into the bed. Our lips never separate.

You run your hands from my neck to my chest.

He looks perfect, his eyes are gleaming his now-bared chest shining in the moon-lit room. My eyes seem to pick up every contour of his stone skin, each shadow and tone.

Crack the shutters open wide, I wanna bathe you in the light of day.

He tears my shirt open and I giggle at the ripping sensation that caresses my skin for a minute. He trails his fingers over my neck and chest. I arch my back towards him, needing more, as he caresses my breasts with his strong, cold fingers.

His lips depart from mine and he latches onto my nipple. I gasp and feel him smile against me. His kisses trail lower, until he reaches my waistband, where he slowly pulls down my jeans and underwear. He stopped and ran his tongue down me legs and he continued pulling. He ripped them off the end, smoothly.

I gasped as he connected his fingers with my center, pressing, feeling, deeper and deeper. I couldn't feel anything but Edward inside of me, even with my powerful new brain I was having a hard time concentrating.

I watch the rays tangle over your face and body.

Edward stops moving his fingers and I whimper, through fear of stopping the bliss he is creating. He moves his head down and begins licking me gently. I cry out as I feel his cold tongue move around me. I grasp his beautiful hair in my hands and shut my eyes, trying to concentrate, and failing. I can't ignore the tingling that keeps building…and building.

"EDWARD!" I yelled as I am sent into a frenzying orgasm. My mind is ecstatic, I can't think properly, he's everywhere again, hands caressing, tongue searching…

I run my hands over his chest and he brings his head up to face me again.

"I need you Edward. Please…" I trailed off, eyes pleading with him. He nods and his mouth crashes onto mine again. I feel him lower himself onto me and I moan as he presses into me.

"I love you Bella." He said, kissing my neck.

"And I you," I replied.

He smiles and begins thrusting into me, slowly but intensely. I moan and cry out at each thrust, my breathing getting heavier.

Edward is staring at me above and the crooked smile plays around his lips. We melt together in harmony and collapse onto the bed.

"Thank you." I panted, stroking his hand.

"For what?" he replied.

"For love." I said back, kissing his palm.