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"Tanwen Jones"

The first thing she realised was a sharp pain in her arm. Then she realised that the sharp pain was in fact Ioan elbowing her. She wondered for a second why he was doing this… and then she realised Mr Burton was staring at her, hands welded to his hips.

"I'm very sorry Miss Jones, was my lesson interrupting your nap?"

Tanwen sighed quietly. She was in Maths, which was bad enough, but to make matters worse Mr Burton still couldn't remember her name properly.

"It's Tanwen HARKNESS-Jones, sir," she said, emphasising the Harkness part.

"Well Miss Harkness-Jones, you can write up the solution to 3a, can't you… or were you perhaps too busy sleeping? Hmmm?"

Sighing again Tanwen stood up from her seat and plucked the pen from her teacher's hand. She had absolutely no idea what question 3a even was, because she had been sleeping for most of the lesson, but that didn't worry her. She could do maths. Dad often said she must have gotten that skill from Tad.

After quickly glancing at a nearby book she copied the problem out on the board, paused for a second in thought and then scrawled her solution across the whiteboard in vivid red streaks. She then turned back to Mr Burton and grinned at the look of surprise on his face.


"You fell asleep Tan, you've been doing it a lot recently," murmured Ioan beside her as they sat on the wall outside of the main school building, "You sure you're all right? Have you not been sleeping?" Tanwen smiled for a second.

"Dad, I've got the Weevil, took a while, it had run up onto the shopping centre roof. Me and Tad had a hell of a time trying to catch it"

"Guess what Jack, she's just like you. Loves roofs!"

"Well both of you hurry back to the hub, it's nearly one in the morning. I've all ready got Gwen working on a cover-up story"

"Yeah… trouble sleeping" she said.

"It's cos of these exams isn't it. They're bloody stressful. You should have a day out. We could go to the pictures or something…" he coughed quickly, "As mates, you know…" but she wasn't listening. He elbowed her again, "Tan?"

Tanwen looked at her best friend. Ioan was quite tall. Blonde hair, brown eyes, rather geeky… especially with his heavy black rimmed glasses. He was smiling at her weakly, his eyes full of concern for his friend.

"What's wrong Tan?"

"Just stuff, you know…"

He sighed, "You want to come to the cinema then tonight?"

"Mmmmm, not tonight. I've got something to do"



"When are you not busy Tan? What do you do all the time anyway?"

She gazed at him and wanted to tell him. She wanted to confide in him about Torchwood, about aliens and her life. But she couldn't. Not without retconning him and Dad going mental at her.

"Just stuff, with my parents"

"Ahh yes, the mysterious parents. You know I've never met your Dad. Or your Tad for that matter"

"Yeah you have"

"When?" He smiled at her waiting for her response.

"Erm… that time they came to pick me up during school. You met Dad then"

"No I didn't, as far as I remember I nearly got run over by a bloody big black SUV and then a guy rolled down the window, yelled at me to watch where I was going, then told you to get in the back. I thought you were getting kidnapped until you told me it was your Dad the next day," she laughed and he scowled, "It's not funny, I looked like a right idiot after I had to explain that you hadn't been kidnapped by a loud American guy to the police"

"You'll meet them some day, promise," even though she knew he never would, "I'm starved, come down to the shop with me to get some food"

Ioan sighed, "One of these days I'm gonna get bored of following you around everywhere"

She turned to him and grinned, "No you won't"

As the two friends walked through the school grounds they cut their way easily through the crowds of kids. Tanwen was seen as being… odd. With her short, jagged hair cut which had green and white streaking through her dark hair, black jeans and brown leather jacket she was thought of as a very dark person. The only colour she seemed to wear were her converse trainers which today were luminous orange.

Everyone else also knew about her parents. Or at least, she thought to herself, they knew a tiny amount about her parents. That they were both men. And that was mostly where the problems started.


She ignored whoever it was for a second. She just kept walking, making sure to grab Ioan's hand so that he'd keep walking too.

"You ignoring me?"

She glanced back and vaguely recognised a guy from the year above her. Gavin or Gethan or something like that. Either way, she knew he was trouble.

"You are ignoring me, aren't you. I don't like being ignored"

He'd caught up with them now and had dashed in front of them so that he blocked their way forward.

"Look leave us alone mate-" began Ioan, but he was cut off by the guy.

"Hey, you goin out with her?" he asked, jabbing his thumb in Tanwen's direction. When Ioan didn't answer he shrugged, "Then stay out of it. She's fair game"

"'Scuse me!" yelled Tanwen loudly. Both turned to face her, she had her arms folded across her chest, "When did I become a 'She'? Huh?" she took a few steps towards Gavin or Gethan or whoever he was, "My name's Tanwen," she stepped even closer, until their noses almost touched. Behind them Ioan shuffled uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Tanwen, and if you can't remember that," her mouth was mere millimetres from his as she lowered her voice to a whisper, "Then we aren't going to have a very good relationship" She kissed him on the cheek before drawing back, "Then again… you're not really my type. C'mon Ioan"

As they walked away the guy seemed to remember who he was, and slowly realised that he'd been rejected. He raced after the two figures, angry at what had just happened, "Figures!" he yelled as he caught up with them, "They all said I was nuts trying to go after you. Said you probably didn't understand proper dating, not with the sort of parents you have," he spat the last part of his sentence.

Ioan sighed as he noticed Tanwen had stopped walking, she had turned towards the guy.

"Sorry, must have misheard you there, because you can't have just said what I thought you just said" she said, her voice eerily calm.

"Well, I did. Everyone knows you've got two dads, and that's just sick"

She sighed, "Oh dear, you're that sort of person. Well…" she looked him up and down before smirking, "…Mate. You just made one hell of a mistake"

Before he could even react Tanwen swung her left fist towards the guy's face, it connected with his nose with a dull crunch. She smiled as he swore loudly. She and Ioan began to walk through the grounds again, Ioan slightly startled by what had just happened.

"Tanwen Harkness-Jones!" boomed Mr Burton from behind her.

"Typical," she muttered to Ioan, "Now he remembers my name"

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