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Chapter 8

"Are you sure you'll be all right Archie?" asked Jack, "Your ship's safe to fly?"

"Oh yeah," said the Wolvenrath gruffly, "That boy of yours was a wonderful help. Should be a starship mechanic"

Roan grinned at the praise as Jack ruffled his hair, "Can I Dad?"

"Roan there's not going to be any vacancies for starship mechanics on earth for another 36 years," explained Jack.

"Oh… I'll just get the Doc to take then me next time he visits"

Jack rolled his eyes, "Anyway Archie, thanks for the help," he roughly shook Archie's paw. As the Archie shook everyone's hand in turn Jack added, "And if you're ever in Cardiff again… although preferably without the Noctalobon"

"I will make sure and visit you. All of you," Archie added as he reached Ioan. Ioan timidly accepted Archie's paw.

He smiled, "Still get a bit freaked out by this you know"

Archie grinned back, "Ioan you are yet to encounter the wonders of the universe. Believe me a 'Giant Wolf Thing' will not be the oddest thing you'll see"

As Ioan nodded his head Tanwen smiled weakly. As long as he gets to remember it.


"I brought us chips"

Ioan glanced up at Tanwen. She held out the brown paper package to him.


"Yeah, don't under estimate chips Ioan. Dad and Dayton once stopped an invasion of Vliplurians by offering the leader a single bag of chips"


"Oh yeah. Although the fact that Viplurians are about the size of a fly and they were just looking for a way to escape the famine on their planet and one chip could feed them for ages might have had something to do with it," she grinned.

"Oh. What happened to the Viplurians?"

"They're currently pretending to be midges up around Loch Lomond in Scotland. If you're ever up there don't crush one otherwise you may have to fend off a thousand Viplurian warships. They won't kill you or anything but they'll sting. A lot," she sat next to him and offered him the chips again, "Although you could always protect yourself with a bag of chips, but its better, and nicer, not to take the risk"

He was only really half listening to her as the possibilities of the universe raced through his mind. He then got a bit of a headache, so tried to think about something closer to home, or at least Earth. As Tanwen sat next to Ioan on the battered old couch in the hub, her body pressed lightly against his, he tried not to think about the kiss, so he decided she was wearing a very nice jumper.

"That's a very nice jumper"

She glanced at him and raised her eyebrow elegantly, "I have a nice jumper?"

"Well yeah," he shuffled slightly away from her. There was no way she felt the same way as he did. That kiss was just a show of thanks, a sign of her relief at being alive, "It's erm… very nice"

"Right…" she placed the chips on top of some paperwork left on a nearby table.

He flushed, "I mean, it's not just your jumper, I mean, you're very nice, but erm, I mean-"


He paused, "Yeah?"

She closed the distance between them, "Shut up" and she kissed him.

Ioan was shocked at first, and then he realised that Tanwen was kissing him. And that he'd probably better kiss her back.

When they finally broke apart he smiled, "I wasn't expecting that"

"Neither was I. But the best things in life are often unexpected," she reached up and placed another soft kiss on his lips, "I have to go talk to my Dad, wait here"


"Let's get this over with then"

Jack looked up at the sound of his daughter's voice, "What?"

"The retcon. I know how this place works, nobody gets to see it and remember it. So can I do it now, quickly?"

There were slight tears welling up in her eyes and Jack sighed heavily as he reached for the retcon box. He flicked it open carefully and watched as she sighed heavily and bit her lip.

"How much does he know?"

"Pretty much everything. What he hasn't seen I filled him in on, it felt so good to talk to him Dad"

"How long's he been your friend?"

She smiled, "Ages. Ages and ages"

"You really like him don't you?"

She flushed red, "Well… I don't know about… erm…"

"You weren't exactly subtle back there"

The red flush deepened, "Oh! You erm… you didn't see that…" he nodded, "You did…," she sighed, "Perfect!"

"You don't have to do this you know-"

"No Dad, you're not doing it. I want to, well I don't want to, but if it's going to get done-"

"It's not going to get done"

"-I'd rather do it than let you… wait, what?"

"I'm not retconning him"

Her eyes widened, "Really! Why not?"

"Because he likes you, you like him, and you're my daughter. I want you to be happy. Also, he's a smart kid. And brave. Bit of training you never know he might Oomph!"

He couldn't finish his sentence because Tanwen had hugged him hard enough to knock the air from his lungs.

"Thanks Dad"

She raced out of the office nearly knocking Ianto over as he attempted to come in. He quirked an eyebrow and Jack smiled at the familiarity.

"She's happy"

"I'm not retconning him"

Ianto couldn't hide the smile, "Good"

Jack hugged him and kissed him on the forehead as they watched the scene below them.


"Can I come in?" asked Tanwen.

Ioan glanced up from the contents of his mug Ianto had given him which had suddenly become very interesting. But not as interesting as the girl standing before him. He smiled and lifted the blanket he had also been given, allowing her to sit beside him. She cuddled close to him and he placed his arm around her shoulder.

As he laced his fingers through the green streaks in her hair the smile turned into a grin, "Never thought I'd be doing this you know"


"Well, sitting like this with you for one thing. But the whole alien, secret organisation thing. Never expected that either"

She laughed quietly and he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, "I kinda love this place," he said quietly.

"Good," she yawned.

"It's dead cool, or have I already said that? Plus, you're here. Which is a bonus…" he shook her lightly when she didn't respond, "Tan?"

She moaned quietly and curled closer to him, mumbling sleepily to leave her alone.

He smiled again and let her sleep. He wasn't complaining.

One year later

"Damnit, I've lost it!"

"Don't worry Jack, its nearly in our grid refrence"

"Be careful!"

"We'll be all right Dad"

Tanwen watched the screen as the little red circle got closer and closer to their position.

"I see it Tan"

She glanced up to the tall figure edging carefully around the corner of the building, his gun ready to sweep around in front of him for protection. She stood up quickly as she stored the laptop safely away in a backpack. She gave the man's free hand a reassuring squeeze.

"You OK?"

"Course I'm all right. I signed up for this didn't I? And it sure beats a summer job in Starbucks before Uni starts again"

She smiled, "It's almost here"

He leant down and placed a soft kiss on her lips before turning back towards the almost empty street. They both cocked their guns and stepped out in front of the alien.

It snarled and glared at them with deep eyes full of hate.

"Get out of my way pathetic humans!" snarled the Sontaran warrior.

"We can't" called Tanwen.

"Why not? Some ill-conceived act of bravery?"

Ioan laughed softly, "No. It's because we're Torchwood!"

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